The numbers don’t lie. It’s difficult to ignore website statistics because they provide an accurate account of your site’s overall health and how effective it is in fulfilling its digital marketing objectives. Website analytics data enable you to smartly manage your website and make adjustments to your content according to what the numbers say.

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Understanding your users

Website statistics free you from guesswork when it comes to understanding the people who are visiting your site. Knowing the kind of person who goes to your website is crucial to making business decisions, not just for your site but even for the product or service you offer.

A website is designed for human consumption and therefore its content should be designed to appeal to its target users. Website traffic statistics help you enhance your visitor’s user experience. It provides you with information such as the type of device they use to visit your site (i.e. mobile, desktop) or the sites they visited before they landed on your page (i.e. social networks, search engines, other websites). You can also get specific demographic data such as age, gender and language from website analytics.

You can use all this information from site statistics to frame your content according to what your audience would enjoy or find useful. Strikingly has an integrated website analytics tool that shows you your site’s website traffic and the most popular pages on your site.

Improve website content

Website visitor statistics platforms such as Google Analytics can show you which pages on your website get the most visits as well as the average time people spend on these pages. With this information, you get an idea what types of content your visitors like seeing and build more of those on the site. For instance, if you’re running a blog site, understanding the kind of articles that get the most traffic will give you content ideas for future posts.

You can also improve on the other pages of your site that are not doing so well based on web site traffic statistics. For instance, you can consider enhancing user engagement through the addition of visuals, calls to action and purchase links as applicable.

Web statistics help with your digital marketing strategy

website traffic statistics

SEO is a crucial component in a digital marketing strategy. Driving organic traffic to your website is one of the many ways to attract leads and conversions. Websites traffic statistics help you create and implement a successful SEO strategy. For instance, by understanding your audience demographic, you can create content that is relevant to your market. Relevance and content quality gets you good search engine results placements (SERPs). A higher search rank means greater visibility and more chances of engaging customers.

With traffic statistics websites can also identify where referral links to their pages are coming from. This ensures that you maintain the quality of the links going into your website as well as make adjustments on other areas where your referral traffic may not be as strong. For instance, if you see a lot of traffic coming from search engines, it means your SEO game is strong. Meanwhile, you probably need to work on social media marketing to improve your online visibility on social networks if you see that referral traffic from those sites are going down.

Keep track of ecommerce metrics

If you’re running an online store, website statistics can help you keep track of your sales. Google Analytics, for instance, can show you your top selling products, conversion rates and top referral sources. This information can help you adjust your digital marketing campaign to improve your sales.