use facebook leads ads to grow your business

The evolution of social media has had an enormous impact on our lives. We no longer have to use landlines to connect with relatives and friends. Social media has allowed us to interact with relatives in just a matter of clicks. However, apart from personal influence, social media has also influenced some of our business actions.

If you are a business owner and have used Facebook for a long time, you may have come across the term ‘Facebook leads ads’. Nowadays, many businesses are trying to promote their business through social media. However, most of them are unaware of Facebook leads ads campaigns. If you are in the same bracket, you are missing out on attracting a large audience that can be influenced to buy your products and services.

Many entrepreneurs are going through Facebook leads ads guide to improve their online presence. In addition, they are trying to approach their audience on Facebook in this way.

The concept of lead ads is pretty much the same across all social media platforms. However, as every platform has different layouts and features, your ads organization across various platforms differs.

What is Facebook Leads Ads?

Facebook leads ads are considered an advertisement or campaign that allows businesses to identify the audience interested in buying their products and services. Many businesses are learning how to use Facebook leads ads for their ads. During these advertisement campaigns, companies obtain a lot of information about their target audience. They create customer demographics to establish effective marketing campaigns in the future.

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Usually, businesses can get information about their reach and exposure through advertisement campaigns. They can quickly get customer parameters, such as contact name, email address, location, and phone number. This process is more accessible when the marketing campaign asks the audience to fill out an Instant Form, as with Facebook leads ads.

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You can include common and open-ended questions for your customers to answer in this form. In addition, you can directly ask them to give customer feedback so you can understand what they feel about your products and services.

Facebook leads ads are established in boosted forms and allow entrepreneurs to capture various details from their target audience. Moreover, they give their customers opportunities to interact with their business.

Steps to Create a Facebook Leads Ads Campaign

  1. Go to Ads Manager and click on ‘Create’ in the top left corner.
  2. Select ‘Lead Generation’ as your objective.
  3. Name your marketing campaign to give it an identity.
  4. Select the pages that you must use for lead ads.
  5. Agree on the terms and conditions once you have gone through your chosen pages.

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  1. Select different parameters, such as budget, placements, and schedule. Once you are done with them, you can set your lead ad formats.
  2. As a marketing person, you must note that lead ads cannot have customers under the age of 18.
  3. Add a headline, a body of the content, and a call to action (CTA). A window on the right panel allows you to preview your Facebook leads ad.
  4. Scroll down and click on the contact form, where you can add the following aspects:
  • Intro: Give your customers the reason why they should fill out your form
  • Custom questions: You can ask two types of questions to your customers, i.e., Standard questions and custom questions. Standard questions are about personal information, such as gender and job title. On the other hand, custom questions are related to your business, such as “Why are you buying these shoes?”. We recommend you add a maximum of 15 questions in this section. However, certain government authorities refrain advertisers from requesting certain information.
  • Form type: In this section, you can choose either ‘more volume’ or ‘higher intent.’ If you want the form to be completed by as many people as possible, you can choose ‘more volume.’ If you click on ‘higher intent,’ it adds a step to your form that allows people to finalize their information before submitting.
  • Privacy policy: A Facebook leads ads campaign needs a link to your company’s privacy policy. Being a business owner, you must have a privacy policy page on your business website.
  • Thank you screen: This screen appears after you submit the form. You can also include a call to action button or a download link. Effective Facebook leads ads will always have a call to action button.
  1. After reviewing your Facebook leads ads, you can click on ‘Finish’ in the top-right corner. When ready to publish your Facebook ad, click ‘Confirm.’

Guide to Facebook Leads Ads

1) Offer an Incentive

People would be willing to share their personal information if you offered something in return. Whether it is a free download or a promo code, a good incentive means that you value your customers. Here are some of the popular incentives to include in your Facebook leads ads campaign:

  • Deals and offers
  • Lucky draw
  • Contests
  • Pre-order products
  • Attend an event

2) Be Clear About Your Offer

You must share the value proposition upfront, so your target audience understands what they are signing up for. Although it is optional, Facebook recommends you add this information in your promotional copy and at the beginning of your form. Moreover, you should add branding elements throughout the experience so your customers won’t be confused about who they share their information with.

3) Use Quality Content and Formats

Like any other Facebook advertisement, Facebook leads ads campaigns to work best when the medium fits the message. For example, the carousel format is best if you want to showcase multiple features or products. On the other hand, a short video is the preferred format for visual storytelling and increasing brand awareness.

Just because you are offering an incentive doesn’t mean you should ignore creativity. Being a content creator, you should include high-quality images, videos, CTA buttons, and sharp copy for improved results.

4) Target the Right Audience

Your preferred target audience should correspond with the objectives of your Facebook leads ads campaign. Here are the three audience types from which you can choose your preferences:

  • Similar audiences: If your objective is to increase your customer base, you can create a lookalike audience model that contains your most valuable customers. You can use this model to identify similar users.
  • People close to you: If you have offices in multiple locations and your representative manages your Facebook account, you can use the business locator feature to identify people close to your stores. This audience segment is the best for you if you want to encourage your customers to visit your store or schedule appointments.
  • Custom audiences: Examples of custom audiences include those who are part of your mailing list or visited your website and application.

5) Keep Your Form Simple

The easier you make your customers fill out your form, the higher will be your completion rate. However, according to a study conducted on Facebook, the chance of customers abandoning your form increases with every question you add. Hence, you must only ask relevant questions. If the custom-made questions don’t meet your needs, remove them.

If you have multiple choice questions (MCQs), you can minimize the number of choices between three and four. Don’t include complex questions because it may result in customers having to write lengthy answers.

Once you have completed your Facebook leads ad, ensure you run it with different form lengths to measure completion rates.

Attract Target Audience to Your Strikingly Website

Your brand website is the best place to check out your effective Facebook leads ads. Therefore, the best thing to do is to attract your target audience to your platform. Strikingly is an exquisite website builder that doesn’t just allow you to build a quality website but also helps you in its promotion and getting it high in the search engine rankings. By attracting a target audience to your platform, you can give them more information about your business products and urge them to take decisive action that brings them closer to purchasing.

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If you have a professional website on Strikingly, you won’t have to spend much money running ad campaigns. Strikingly allows you to build attractive landing pages through our user-friendly website editor. Strikingly’s website editor has a drag-and-drop interface and helps those who don’t have coding and programming expertise.

If you are yet to build a website on Strikingly, you can start the development today. Once registered on our platform will only be a few hours before your desired website is in front of your computer screen.

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We allow you to add social media platforms on your website as icons for marketing purposes. Usually, social media platforms are added in the last section of the website homepage. We are happy to see more and more users joining our online community and building appealing websites on our platform.


Many businesses are learning to use Facebook leads ads to accomplish various marketing objectives. These ads are the best in making companies understand their target audience.

Many marketing people assume they know their audience but usually confuse customer data with customer analytics. Unfortunately, in a complex online ecosystem, we typically forget that the best way to learn about customers is by simply asking them questions.

If your objectives include market research, customer feedback, or conversion rate, Facebook leads ads are the perfect fit for you. By defining your goals, you can start creating your campaign and optimize it for success.