Social media may be the height of cool right now but let’s face it, websites are here to stay. They have stood the test of time and had stayed up through different digital trends. Websites are adapting to changing user preferences. Here at Strikingly, we constantly keep up with these trends so we can apply them to our growing selection of DJ website templates. We see websites as live putty - versatile and ever-changing so we try to provide as much opportunity for websites under our platform to grow through new features and solutions.


As a performer and an artist, it’s understandable that you want to spend most of your time engaging with your fanbase and creating music. But as a professional whose source of income comes from his craft, it’s important to give the business aspect of being a DJ a bit of time and attention. Creating your own DJ websites allow you to run your business and build your brand effectively. If you’re still unconvinced, here are a few more reasons why you should consider creating a DJ site.

1. A DJ site gives you a professional online space

As a musician, you probably consider yourself more of an artist than a business owner. But if your music is your primary income source, you should have an official online space in the form of a website. A social media page simply will not cut it because your content will be at risk of getting lost in a sea of similar content roaming around Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. These platforms can help you promote your brand but a website makes it more official.

2. Win clients over with your professionalism and credibility

A well-maintained DJ site inspires confidence. It makes you and your brand look professional and reliable. People will want to know that you are serious about what you do and your website, when built well, can convince potential clients of the quality of your work. With a carefully selected DJ web template and strategic design elements implemented on your site, you can build your brand as an authority in the music industry.

3. Land clients and book gigs easily

With DJ web templates by Strikingly, you have the freedom to add sections and features that allows your business to grow. With most clients opting to obtain professional services through the web, having a site where they can book you for events directly will help in landing new customers. A DJ website makes it easy for people to contact you for inquiries and you can also respond to questions in real-time especially if you add a chatbox or a custom message form for this purpose.

4. Build your brand online

Everyone knows how important it is to build a web presence in order for any business to thrive these days. A website with a custom domain name has the potential to get you good rankings in relevant searches. You want to be on the list of options when a user starts looking for DJ services and it’s good to have a website ready when people start searching for your name online. With that said, aside from a well-designed website, search engine optimization is also important. Making your content optimized for search is crucial to building your online presence.

5. You can branch out to other types of businesses

In this current climate where the world is always inundated with one issue after another that’s affecting our way of life, it’s crucial to reinvent your brand and keep up with the change. Being a DJ, mixing and creating great music, is a great thing but if you want to stay current and profitable, you need to explore different ways of monetizing your brand. With a DJ website, you can explore ecommerce - selling merch and downloadable versions of your music for example - content marketing and creation, and advertising among others.