The significance of vector art in the business world
The quality of pictures deteriorates when you download them from online browsers or share them on social media platforms. Are you also one of those who get annoyed by the deteriorated quality of images? You may observe that when the size of images changes, they become more blurred. Technically, this obscuration of images is called pixelated.

However, remember that only images in JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF formats get blurred on scalability or resizing. These images contain multiple pixels containing information about different colors. Upon enlarging, the pixels become more pronounced in the form of boxes, and the quality of the image gets compromised.

Due to this drawback of JPEG/PNG/BMP or conventional images, the breakthrough of vector art came into existence. Vector images don't contain any fixed pixels and hence have more scalability. It means the quality of vector images isn't compromised upon sharing on social media platforms or downloading from online sources.

The question may pop up in your mind, "what is vector art?" You may have a lot of confusion about how vector graphics work and what their uses are. Let's dig deep into it to understand what vector art is and how it is essential for new businesses, merchandise, and e-commerce websites.

What is vector art?

Vector artwork is a new method of designing images using curves, lines, and reference points in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms instead of pixels. These types of images contain information about the connecting points of the lines. It would be best if you did different mathematical and computational operations to design vector images.

CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop are the three premium software that can assist you in designing vector illustrations for your new startups. No matter how much resizing and editing you do with these images, the image quality will not get spoiled. Hence, vector graphics have shaped the world of digital art.

How do vector graphics work?

It is imperative to know, “how do vector graphics work?” to clarify why these are more suitable than the JPEG/PNG images. Here we have enlisted critical points about the processing of vector illustrations or artwork.

1. Use of mathematical operations

Designing vector artwork needs computer-simulated and mathematical operations, but it doesn't mean that you must memorize all the mathematical formulas. These mathematical calculations are running behind the main screen. Thanks to a bevy of powerful vector designing software such as Corel draw etc., that have added ease to human work. This software adds geometric shapes in the Cartesian or coordinate plane and gives rise to different types of illustrations.

2. Uncompromised image quality

You might be surprised why the quality of vector images remains the same even after resizing. As we know, you can design vector art by placing lines, points, shapes, and curves of different sizes on a Cartesian canvas. But, when you save this illustration as vector artwork, the software will convert the information of lines, turns, and polygons present on the canvas into mathematical details.

Now, suppose you share the image or upload it on a social media platform or any other internet browser. In that case, the illustrations or pictures will get shared in mathematical operations and equations. Enlarging will not affect the quality as there are no pixels in the image. When someone opens the photo you shared using a related software, the software will convert the mathematical information into graphical form. In this way, the vector art retains its precisely designed coordinates. As a result, the scalability of the vector art improves.

3. Convertible to JPEG/PNG/BMP images

The best thing about vector art is that you can convert these graphics into JPEG/PNG/BMP images anytime. It makes it more appealing for website developers and app creators. You can share the photos in the form of vector art across different platforms, and after downloading, you can convert them to JPEG/PNG/BMP images of any desired resolution. Several computer software is available which allow the editing of vector images. However, remember that JPEG/PNG/BMP images are not convertible to vector illustrations.

What are the critical uses of vector art?

Although the print quality of both vector and JPEG/PNG/BMP images are the same, the uncompromised contour of vector artwork makes it more lavishing in the digital world. This artwork's scalability and unhampered quality have made it usable for different purposes. Almost all business campaigns need elegant images to hook clients in one glance and vector art can add more nuance to your signboards, brochures, advertisements, website themes, blogs, promotional content, online branding, and gigs. Here are some top uses of vector art:

1. Logos

Famous brands like Coca-Cola, Facebook, etc., use vector images as their logos for their branding and marketing. Vector art can hook customers, being more refined and contoured than the JPEG/PNG/BMP images. You must design a logo using vectors if you want to build your brand image. It will look more appealing and elegant and will add to the value of your newly started merchandise. For example, the following website image indicates the logo is designed through vector art.

Vector Art logo
Image taken from Strikingly.

2. Websites

Websites have become substantial for online and physical ventures. You can use different website builders' help to create your professional websites. Using website builders like Strikingly has an edge in allowing you to quickly add images from your stock. You can add vector art directly from your PC without compromising the appearance and contour of the images. The use of vector graphics will make your website look sleek and premium. Another plus point is that vector images will remain crystal clear even on the desktop version due to their high scalability. The vector art will adjust its outline if someone visits your website on a mobile phone or desktop.

3. Branded Merchandise

If you want to run merchandise, you can take the help of vector art to create images for your product lineup. For example, if you want to sell T-shirts, vector art is the most powerful asset because it will not lose its precise and crystal-clear outline upon enlarging.

Similarly, vector art is the one-stop solution for designing graphics if you want to create images for key chains, mugs, pens, etc. The pictures made through vector artwork will compress accordingly to the object's size without compromising the quality.

How and why do websites use vector art designs?

Online websites use vector graphics because of their high scalability and natural colors. The consistency and vibrance of the colors remain the same even after changing the image's dimensions. Moreover, vector art gives you the leverage to edit them easily with graphical software. That's why multiple websites worldwide prefer vector graphics over JPEG/PNG/BMP images..

If you are running a website or want to build one, but are confused about using vector artwork, here are some examples of websites using vector images to help you out. All these are professional websites running different types of businesses and using vector artwork for branding. You can add vector artwork to your web pages like the following websites.

1. PEZ Geschichte

This website uses vector images that cover the entire page of the interface, and it looks stunning because the quality of the vector image is outstanding. You can also get inspiration from this website and make vector graphics for your online website. The full-page vector illustrations add elegance to your website and make it look premium.

Vector image for Website

Image taken from PEZ Geschichte

2. Modern Life Seminars Online

Modern Life Seminars Online is another professional website with vector images in the background. The vibrant colors and sleekly designed vector illustrations give a premium effect to the website. If you have an online business selling services, you can take the help of different vector graphics software and design minimalist vector images for your website.

Vector artwork background

Image taken from Strikingly

3. The storyboard method

Another website that sells different communication services is the “The StoryBoard Method.” This website also used vector images and illustrations to adorn its website and showcase its services. Here is an inspiration for you to design a website like this and use vector artwork in the background images.

Vector artwork background

Image taken from Strikingly

All the websites, as mentioned earlier, look very attractive. The vector artwork adds to these websites' aesthetics without hampering the design's quality. Similarly, if you want to build a website using Strikingly, you don't need to worry about adding vector images. It is because Strikingly allows you to use templates with vector images. The user-friendly drag-and-drop editor cuts the effort of looking for ideas in various folders. You can remove an image from your PC screen and drop it on the Strikingly interface for quick uploading.

The images will retain their quality without getting pixelated because they don't have pixels. Are you excited about experiencing how vector art doesn't change its quality, even on the desktop view? You can do it now with Strikingly. Sign in for free on Strikingly and create your first professional website. Upload vector images and see the miracle of how to do vector graphics work. If you are at sixes and sevens about how to design vector art, you can go through different Strikingly blogs to resolve all the ambiguities.