the role of a website developer
If you are interested or have obtained a degree in website development, there is no doubt that you are going to have a fantastic professional career ahead of you. Not only can you create professional websites at will, you can also maintain your position in the search engine rankings. With so many different tools and online features at your disposal, being successful as a website developer is no longer as difficult as it once was. You don’t have to go through massive YouTube tutorials of Javascript and HTML to make yourself eligible in developing a website.

It was just yesterday’s news that creating a professional website was almost like climbing a mountain. If you had a business idea in your mind, it was more than likely that you didn’t have an idea about making a business website. Nowadays, no business or profession works without a proper website. With so much demand for websites, technology has also played its role by making it easy for users to create their desired websites.

What is Website Development?

If you have just obtained your IT degree or completed your studies, there is no better idea for you to jump into the website developer career and create high-quality websites. After all, IT is the sector that is producing the most jobs in the world these days (regardless of whether it is in-house or remote). Web development is defined as the number of tasks required to build a website or a web page for hosting throughout the Internet. If you want to make a career out of developing websites, you are likely to go through the following tasks:

  • Website design
  • Content optimization
  • Web navigation system
  • Security configuration

strikingly website builder
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If you want to pursue a career in website development, you must be aware of these roles and responsibilities. Apart from the full-time jobs, many freelancers are also becoming aware of these roles because they are getting tasks related to it in the IT world.

Speaking of developing websites, there are no better website builders in the world right now than Strikingly. A lot of developers are considering our platform because it is ridiculously easy to build website with Strikingly.

Role of Web Developer

1) Customization

When you start your web developer career, your customization skills are your bread and butter. You simply cannot create the most attractive websites in the world without awesome customization skills. To make it easy, website developers must think of a business idea and create a professional website based on demands and scope in the market. If you are a beginner, you are bound to make mistakes in the customization aspect. However, the more you learn from your past experiences, the better developer you will become.

strikingly website template
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Strikingly has a group of hardworking users that are developing fully-functional websites to the best of their abilities. Strikingly provides you with a collection of mobile-friendly website templates, which you can use to create your business or personal website. You can create modifications to the given templates by adding different business elements to your platform.

2) SEO

Apart from customizing the templates, it is important that website developers have similar energy when it comes to implementing relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Usually, the developers are solely focused on building the website and assign the SEO responsibilities to someone else. They hire an SEO expert and give him/her the responsibility of optimizing the website according to Google's demands.

strikingly seo checklist
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Google is a proactive robot that recognizes a website as soon as it gets published. If your website has certain things missing or your website doesn’t fulfill Google’s demands, it will not only turn its back on your platform but will choose not to return to your platform ever again. Therefore, SEO strategies must be implemented with a pragmatic approach so that you build your customer base effectively. By implementing your SEO strategies, you will give a boost to your website traffic.

Strikingly has a feature called SEO checklist, which makes sure that the users organize their website and its elements from an SEO perspective.

3) Navigation System

Adding to the point of website design that we were initially discussing, a healthy website navigation system is also a huge part. If your landing page doesn’t have navigation elements displayed, your content will not look assembled. Many website developers tend to not include navigation elements if they are creating a single-page website.

If you look at the websites established on Strikingly, most of the navigation elements are displayed either on the top or the left side of the landing page.

website navigation elements
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The text of on your navigation menu should be practical and easy to ready. Based on recommendation, it shouldn’t be more than three words. If you include a lot of words in your website navigation, it will make navigation confusing and can clutter your website.

4) Content Management

As a website developer, your responsibilities will always remain incomplete without content management. When we talk about managing content, we don’t just refer to the number of paragraphs you have or grammatical skills, it is also about optimizing your content based on SEO standards. As we have discussed previously, you cannot gain the attention of your target audience if your content is not optimized according to the search engine requirements.

content management strategy
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If you own a blog website or have a blog section on your eCommerce website, content management becomes even more important. Make sure that your blogs and the other website content are organized and have a structure behind them. Most importantly, there are no excuses if you have published plagiarized content on your website. This will destroy all your credibility not just as a developer but also as a professional worker. You can include videos and images to make your website content attractive.

Characteristics of a Web Developer

1) Team Person

A website developer will always think about his team before himself. If you are an experienced developer, it is likely that you will have a team of developers working alongside you for a specific company or a niche. If you are a freelancer, your tasks and responsibilities would be assigned by your clients. However, the developers would never be selfish and will always assign tasks to their team depending upon the situation.

If some members of their team haven’t joined the working panel for some serious reason, they will not put any pressure on them. They will maintain a good working environment and ensure that they communicate with their members efficiently. Communication is the best way to succeed in any profession these days and the development team most certainly should have this attribute.

2) Willing to Learn

There is no doubt that attitude is the biggest attribute of not just a website developer but any professional in today’s day and age. When you are earning huge chunks of money regularly and have a lot of experience, it creates an ego within you and you start thinking that there is nobody in your field who can match you. However, this is where the decline of your professional career starts. Even though you would still be making a lot of money, your professional career will become stagnant before going downhill.

There are many examples worldwide in which the ego prevents the individual from attaining long-term success. Web developers should never have this ego and strive to learn all the time. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, you should stay humble and work hard.

Develop Your Website on Strikingly

Speaking of working hard, there is not much hard work these days when it comes to developing quality websites. Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you build your desired websites without any investment or effort. Due to its easy-to-use website editor, many website developers are registering on this platform and creating their respective platforms.

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As a developer, make sure that you make your final assessment of the domain plans for your website. Strikingly provides you with a free domain if you subscribe to any of their yearly plans. For example, if you are creating a website for getting donations for a specific cause, the best domain extension would be .org. However, .com is the most common domain extension for professional websites worldwide. Once you are done with the domain, you can create the website of your dreams and put your business plans into perspective.


All website developers have a dream of creating an online presence in the digital industry. If you want to make sure that your website has a unique place in the digital industry, you must do research on the relevant website features today and the way in which you can integrate them. The developers are basically running a marathon race these days in which they strive to come first in terms of developing the most eye-catching website in the world.

If you also want to join them and create a prolific website of your own, make sure that you rely on Strikingly. If there are any stumbles or interferences along the way in your development process, you can submit your queries to our Happiness Officers. By creating a wonderful website, not only will you attract new visitors but also make sure that they return to your platform time and time again.