Product Display

A product display is an essential part of any kind of store. Without a product display, the chances of you selling your products, no matter how well-designed, remain very low. That is why retail product display is known to be a form of art - the better your merchandise display, the more sales you make. And, of course, this means more revenue and more success for your business.

But what are retail product displays really? When you display products, you build fixtures to hold your products so that they are upfront and in the faces of anyone who visits your store. In a subtle manner, though, of course. A product display is all about visuals. How you present your product, what final touches you add to it, and how you imagine people to use your products once they purchase them.

An online product display has more or less the same purpose. However, the way to go about it is different than you would expect. An online retail display consists of very high-quality pictures with pixels adjusted to perfection. Clear zoom-in options and pictures from all angles. In some cases, people may even prefer an online product display rather than an in-person one. Other than the fact that you cannot feel the product in an online product display, the angles, if presented appropriately, are pristine. This coupled with the zoom-in options makes for a perfect product display.

Why is a Good Product Display Important?

As we briefly mentioned earlier, when you display your products online or in a physical store. It increases the chances of sales by a lot. Bringing in maximum profit is the one and only goal of most firms nowadays, this is reason enough to consider the significance of a good retail product display. But let us discuss it a bit further, shall we?

Let’s say someone is really impressed by the provided features and purpose of a product. But they cannot seem to decide whether it is worth making the purchase or not even after considering the price of the product. How will this customer make their final decision? By considering the product display of course! Does it look anything like what they pictured in their head when they were reading the product features? If yes, then no question remains and they make the purchase and if no, then again no question remains and they simply do not make the purpose.

Looking at it this way, retail product displays are the final deciding straw in whether a business is successful in convincing a customer to buy their product or not.

Once you read about the different kinds of retail product displays, the concept of how all these work will become clearer to you. So, keep on reading!

5 Types of Retail Product Display

Here are the descriptions of 5 different types of good retail product displays.

1. Garment Racks

Garment racks are very popular in product display because of the diverse shapes and sizes that they come in. If you decide to use a garment rack for your product display, you do not need to worry about limiting yourself to just a certain kind of merchandise display. Because even under this one singular category, you have never-ending options. There are simple racks with many shelves. There are unique, innovative designs that have a modern look and enhance the look of your products as a result. There are also hanging racks where hangers are necessary but help give a better look of all your products on display. The possibilities are endless! Garment racks can be innovated into online displays by increasing the zoom-in options.

Garments racks are most commonly used in boutiques. If you have an online boutique or a clothing website where you sell different types of apparel, you can arrange your products in the form of virtual racks on your eCommerce site. Many clothing websites present nice product displays of clothing and other accessories. Some of these are built on our website builder, Strikingly.

clothing website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

2. Display Tables

Display tables are popular for use as a product display. The products to be displayed are usually solids with very defined shapes, for example, accessories or even shoes. A table is a perfect surface to make the features of your products shine and pop without having to put in much effort at all.

When you display your products online, you can also use display tables by taking pictures of your products after they have been placed on said tables. This gives them a much more realistic look than simply floating in thin air in the pictures.

If you build an online store on Strikingly, our user-friendly product pages can give a display tables look to your items on sale. The Strikingly editor provides you with readymade product page templates. All you have to do is upload your product photos, set the price, write a description, and arrange it all neatly to let the site visitors view and choose.

products section

Image taken from Strikingly

3. Mannequins

Very popular in the retail world of clothing, mannequins are used to show people how the clothes would look once worn. And not only just work but when you are doing certain activities wearing those clothes. This is done by designing the mannequins in different shapes and sizes. Mannequins can be used for an online retail display, the same way as the other forms of product displays can be. Mannequins, if used appropriately, make for the perfect way to ensure any potential customer that the product they are buying is a good choice for them.

The drawback of mannequins is that they can be used to display clothes and some kinds of accessories and not much else. Pictures of clothing on mannequins can be used as a product display in online stores.

We have several users on Strikingly who have built a fashion website on our platform. Some use pictures taken of real models, while others take pictures by putting on the dresses on mannequins.

As long as the web design is attractive and product photos are of good quality, the website and product display look good.

fashion website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

4. Immersive Displays

This is a fun one! An immersive product display transforms the entire environment around the products to make them match the products' vibe and purpose. This means if you are, for example, selling winter jackets, they should be displayed in a place that mimics the look of snow. This will give people a good idea of what they would look like wearing these jackets in the middle of the snow.

Immersive displays are like the 3D movie version of retail shops, and they work really well.

If we speak about an eCommerce store, an immersive product display could be made by using a photograph of the product that shows it realistically from all angles as if it is right in front of you.

add a product image in the Strikingly editor

Image taken from Strikingly

5. Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

Point-of-purchase, or point-of-sale displays are displays shown to customers when they are already making another purchase and are about to pay. These are usually related products to their purchase or complementary products so that the chances of the displays being effective are optimized.

A POP product display works well for online stores as well. If you take the concept to an eCommerce or online store, the point-of-purchase retail display will be the store’s checkout page. That’s the page where the customer finalizes the items in the shopping cart and prepares to make the transaction.

online shopping cart on the checkout page

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

If you have made it this far in this post, you know pretty much about a product display. If you are interested in doing an online retail business, you can start by creating your own online store on Strikingly. It will not take long for you to build, complete, and launch your site, and the best part is that it’s free.

Our free plan provides you with enough tools to make a professional-looking website with an online store section in it. You can also enable payments by selecting from the payment gateways we offer. If you have your product photos ready and can write a basic introduction to your store, you can get your website up and running in minutes.

Many of our users are successfully running an eCommerce website with beautiful product displays on our platform. Your online store can also stand out if you choose the best and most suitable template for your site and customize it according to its objectives.

Meanwhile, we are happy to offer any assistance or support in the process. Our objective is to make your website building experience as convenient and smooth-flowing as possible. Visit our landing page today and start designing your website and product display.