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E-commerce stores is gaining the attention of the majority of shoppers worldwide. Today, buying a product is just a matter of clicking a few buttons.

Almost everyone is familiar with online store buttons such as add to cart, buy now, proceed to checkout, etc. If you're not someone who shops online frequently, you can have confusion between these buttons. To clear that confusion, we've discussed what does add to cart means, other shopping cart buttons, and some add to cart button tips to get more sales conversions in your online store.

"Add to Cart" Vs. "Buy Now" Vs. "Order now"

All the shopping cart buttons have different purposes. Let's discuss them in detail and understand the job of each button.

  • Add to Cart

As the words suggest, an add to cart button is used to add a product to your shopping cart. When you press that button, nothing more happens than a product being saved into your cart for you to pay for at the checkout.

Here's an example to help you understand better. You go to a grocery store and add the products you want to buy to your trolley rather than taking each item one by one to the cash register. In a physical store, you can remove the things you don't want to buy at the checkout or before going to the cash register. Similarly, when you add products or services to your shopping cart, you can remove them anytime before placing the order.

The add to shopping cart button is significant for customers and online store owners. Let's discuss why it's vital for you as a buyer.

If there's no add to cart option, you will have to place orders one by one, which is highly inconvenient. When paying online, your credit card will be charged too many times, you will have each product delivered separately, which may cause you to exceed your budget because of the additional shipping fee on every item, and it will waste a lot of your time.

Moreover, the absence of add to cart option will have you moving back and forth from the checkout to product pages resulting in annoyance and forgetting essential items.

  • Buy Now

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While the add to cart button gives you time to think about and finalize your list, the buy now button takes you straight to the checkout.

Usually, you will find this button on websites that only have displayed one product or service to sell. Another reason a website owner would use a buy now button is to sell a package deal. Meaning numerous products can only be bought together in a sale, probably at discounted prices.

  • Order Now

Like the buy now button, the order now button will take you to the checkout page immediately and ask for your chosen item's payment. The significant difference between order now and buy now buttons are of waiting time. A site owner that uses a buy now button tends to deliver the product faster than one using an order now button.

Importance of an Add-to-Cart Button for Your Website

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Above, we have discussed the importance of add to cart button for consumers. Here we will talk about why add to cart button is vital for online store owners.

1. Improved User Experience

The rule for getting more visitors to your online store and enhancing sales conversion rates is to create a fantastic customer experience. An add to cart button creates a great user experience by giving them time to prepare and finalize their list before placing the order. It also saves them from the tedious task of repeatedly visiting product pages and checkout, which may result in them forgetting a few items they want to buy. You wouldn't want to do something that will reduce your sales.

Moreover, an add to cart button doesn't pressure your prospect to decide on the spot, which may lead to an unfinished sale.

2. Optimized Store Conversion Rate

An add to cart button can give you an overview of numerous metrics that will allow you to make new additions to your store and determine which products are doing well and which aren't.

An add to cart button lets you see how many customers added your products to their carts and abandoned them. You can also email people who left their carts, reminding them to proceed to checkout and complete the purchase. With the reminder emails, you can also attach discount codes or free samples to encourage your prospects to complete their purchase.

Add to Cart Button Tips to Improve ATC Conversion Rates

There are numerous tips businesses can implement to enhance their add to cart conversion rates. But before that, ensure you have the basics fixed. Your website should have an incredible customer experience and be easy to navigate. You should also pay attention to your online store's design and layout.

Another thing you should consider checking before implementing tips to improve ATC conversion is your product or service on your website. Ensure your products are correctly displayed and the product description tells everything your buyers want to know.

1. Go for Rounded Corners Over the Sharp Edged

To get more clicks on your add to cart buttons, you need to make them noticeable. The psychological fact says that consumers are more drawn toward elements with rounded corners than ones with sharp corners.

Rounded corners give your add to cart button a friendlier feel.

2. Surround it with Whitespace

The top rule of visual hierarchy is to surround the critical elements of your web page with a Whitespace. On your product page, add to cart button is one of the crucial elements. Therefore it is essential to keep it away from clutter.

Clutter refers to additional text and the page's unimportant or less important elements. Clutter makes your web page look congested and distracts the user from what's vital.

3. Check Usability

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It's essential to test the functionality of your website regularly. There could be bugs in your code, or an update in the code may mess up the previous one, which can fail the functionality of some elements of your website.

You can quickly lose a client if they proceed to check out and press one of the shopping cart buttons that fail to work.

4. Make the Checkout Process Easy

The easier the checkout process, the more sales conversion rates, and fewer cart abandon rates. You can install an autofill feature in the address bar and payment options that will automatically fill in the required information for users who have shopped in your online store. Or you can allow users to save the necessary information so they can use it later in one click.

5. Make Your Button Responsive

Your add to cart button can get more attention if you make it more engaging. You can make it change its colors to a deeper or lighter shade when someone hovers the mouse over it. Or you can use other hover effects, such as increasing the button size.

If you've shopped from Target's online store, you would have noticed that its button's shade changes to a deeper color of red when you hover your mouse over it. These detailed features increase your add to cart button's click-through rate.

6. Choose the Color Wisely

It's essential to color your add to cart button in a shade that makes it stand out but also goes well with your brand colors to maintain consistency.

Also, your add to cart button's color should contrast with the web page's background color. For instance, if the web page is of a lighter color, then consider choosing a dark shade for your button or vice versa.

Use Strikingly's Simple store Feature to Create Your E-commerce Store

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Strikingly is a ridiculously easy-to-use website builder that lets you build a stunning, responsive online store for your business.

Using Strikingly's ready-to-use templates, you can build your e-commerce shop today. Its intuitive website editor ensures people who are not tech experts can make their websites without a professional's help.

Before you begin your journey with us, look at the features Strikingly's Simple Store offers.

  • Showcase and sell more than 500 products.
  • Add multiple shipping options and a store pickup option.
  • Accept payments through multiple methods.
  • Online store analytics to monitor your potential buyers' activities and improve your store or products as per their reaction to different web pages.
  • Accept payments in 135 different currencies.
  • Add an additional shipping fee according to the order's weight.
  • Create custom checkout forms.
  • Categorize your products.
  • Add a product filter.
  • Sell digital products.
  • Set different product prices for other states of China, Canada, and the USA.

Listed above features will help you enhance your online shop's user experience, which will result in more add to cart conversion rates.

Strikingly values its users and their customers. That's why we offer valuable web services to make managing and creating a website easy for our users.

If you want to build a website, consider creating one with Strikingly. Sign up today and make your website for free without hassle!