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YouTube name generators can make your life easy when naming a YouTube channel. Coming up with perfect name ideas for your brand new channel (in most cases) is not easy, manually.Do you know that there are over 37 million channels on YouTube? And full-time creators do make six-figure salaries. But here’s a thing, you don’t have to be a full-time YouTuber to make a six-figure salary. A YouTube channel can also be used for marketing. But, being too sales-y can result in losing subscribers or not gaining any.

You should create content that values your subscribers’ time. If you’re looking to grow your channel or want to create one, just read through the steps below. And hopefully, I will be able to guide you throughout the process.

A successful YouTube channel comprises numerous things. But, before we get started, here’s the truth. No one gains 100k subscribers overnight. Just like any other business, creating a YouTube channel demands effort. The journey from thinking of channel name ideas to gaining 100k subscribers and views is long. But hey, the result will be worth the effort.

The Basics of Creating a YouTube Channel


The first step to every little thing is research. Let’s say you’re a beginner and don’t have much knowledge about starting a YouTube channel. Jumping in without research can cost you both time and money. You’d find many people trying to sell you their services for a hefty amount of money. Obviously, most may not tell you about a free alternative. But you know who does? Google and other sources for research.

Select a Niche

Picking the right niche is the most crucial thing. The niche will either make you or break you. If you’re planning to become a full-time content creator, select the niche you’re passionate about. Let’s say you’re a programmer. You love it and can convey knowledge about it. Create a programming channel. You can teach it to people. And what would make the best combination? Telling your students tips and tricks to tackle some common problems. Which most people wouldn’t disclose.

Now that was just an example. Think about that one thing you love and see how it goes.

Naming Your YouTube Channel

Naming probably is one of the most difficult things. People spend hours on the internet scrolling through lists of business names, and they may also go to brand name generators.. Going for a YouTube channel name generator is a great way. You may not use the ones the AI generator gives you, but it does help in triggering name ideas. Here’s a list of some of the best YouTube name generators:

  • Shopify’s business name generator tools. They’re free of cost.
  • Nmeli
  • Oberlo
  • Business name generator (BNG). This website gives you various options from website name generator to YouTube name generator and much more.

If these Youtube name generators don’t help (which is least probable), you can always try some manual tips. Or try these manual tips first if you think that can help you, so your time isn't wasted going through different YouTube name generators.

Moreover, if you have a pre-existing business, then name ideas might not be a problem. Your business name will probably be a great fit for your YouTube channel.

Here are some tips that you can use besides the YouTube name generator:

  • Look for other channels in your niche. See how they’ve come up with a name and how it matches their content.
  • Play around with spellings. Here’s an example of how you can play around with spellings. You want to create a channel that teaches how to bake cakes. You can keep it simple and unique by naming it “The Kake Guru.” Yes, it is okay to write wrong spellings when naming intentionally.
  • Another tip is to use acronyms. A great idea is to search for synonyms and think of something that would make an existing word in both short and full forms.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re using the exact same title your YouTube name generator suggested, then check whether it is taken by someone or not. A YouTube name generator may not give unique ideas to each one of its users.

How To Check the Availability of Your YouTube Channel Name:

Go to the YouTube search bar, enter the name, and click search. Once the results are displayed on your screen, tap the filter button in the top left corner. Then, tap the ‘channel’ option from the drop-down menu.

As the screen shows a list of channels, you can scroll through the page and check whether or not someone is using the same name as your YouTube name generator suggested.

I’d recommend doing so even if you didn’t use the YouTube name generator, just to be sure. This process might hardly take 12 to 15 minutes.

Create a Blog for Your YouTube Channel

This step is optional. But it can help your channel and business grow rapidly. Need a website where your channel can guide your audience to? Try Strikingly. It gives you access to easily modifiable templates for free. The drag-and-drop features don’t require any coding experience. There’s also a section dedicated to guiding users to create and manage sites.

Strikingly also has low-cost pricing plans giving access to premium features.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Sign up for free.

Strikingly sign up page

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2. Explore the free templates.

select template

Image taken from Strikingly discover page
3. Check out the pricing plans.

pricing plans

Image taken from Strikingly website

Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can go ahead and publish it.

Clean and Shine
Image taken from Strikingly website

Brainstorm Content Ideas For Your Channel

If this YouTube channel is for your business, create content showing how your products or services can benefit the buyer. For instance, if you sell arts and craft supplies, show the audience how they can create fascinating art pieces using your products.

Again, we don’t want to seem too sales-y. Teach the audience first, then talk about how this product you’re selling helped create an art piece better and easier.

If you’re planning on becoming a full-time content creator, look for others creating content in your niche. Here, we’re not asking to copy them. Just take inspiration. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

The greatest of ideas touch your mind when you’re bored. And the only thing we can’t be in this era, where almost everything is available on our mobile phones, is bored.

Once you have a perfect idea, it’s time to write the script. Since it’s the beginning, I wouldn’t recommend hiring a writer for that. Try your best and seek help from free writing tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway.

Create a Search Engine Optimized YouTube Channel

This process will help your channel to rank on YouTube. This will drive more audience to your video, increasing subscribers and views. One mistake some creators make is buying subscribers. NEVER buy subscribers. It can have a negative impact on your channel in so many ways.

Brands will not be willing to collaborate with you, as bought subscribers are inactive, and inactive subscribers can never do what active subscribers can.

If you want your channel to grow organically, use relevant keywords in the “About” section and video “descriptions.” For the keywords, you will have to do the research yourself.

You can even send newsletters to your audience with relevant information, so they willingly subscribe to it.

Choose the Right Equipment and Software

Now that you have the script for your first video, it’s time to get the right equipment and software. The same goes for the equipment, do not spend too much on it. If the free alternatives can get the job done, go for them. If it’s essential to get a paid feature, then go for the less expensive options.

First off, if you’re recording, you need a good-quality camera. Choose something that’s not too expensive and records good quality videos. You can Google your options before going to the store. Or shop online. Add a good-quality microphone if you will be speaking.

Next, you need video editing software. Filmora is easy to use and is not too expensive. For free options, there are iMovie, Shotcut, and Lightworks. If you need a screen recorder, Free Cam is a great option. But if it doesn’t get the work done, you can go for Filmora. It has both video editing and screen recording features. And of course, a good computer is necessary as well.

If you have trouble editing the videos, you can always look up tutorials on YouTube.

Upload Your First YouTube Video

Once you’re done editing the video, upload it to your channel. When you’ve uploaded the video consider the feedback the audience has left. Try to improve what the majority don’t like. And keep up on what they’re appreciating. You will receive criticism. Learn to take it well. Ignore any rude comments and take into consideration the suggestions people make. Or, some might even ask for a video on specific topics. Consider providing your audience with the content they want.

Don’t forget to be consistent. Schedule your videos.

Lastly, since it is your first video, it won’t be perfect. Keep on improving and be proud that you have made it this far.

If you want to read more posts like this, visit The Strikingly Blog. To create your first, free-of-cost or low-priced website today, click here.