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Creating an appealing sale newsletter is an important aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy as an entrepreneur. Many businesses use a monthly newsletter to boost sales. Sale newsletters help you increase your interaction with your subscribers, which in turn keeps them more engaged with your brand. A website visitor who finds your products costly might be influenced and persuaded by a discount offer that’s delivered right to their inbox via a sale email. You can also remind a forgetful browser of your products and services through a targeted sale email campaign.

Potential customers who need to learn more about your company and brand before deciding to purchase can get the required information by subscribing to your sale newsletters. A sale that you lose today can be made tomorrow if you can create a sale newsletter that stands out from the competition.

In short, sale newsletters provide customers with multiple communication points between them and your company. This increased communication or engagement can occur via multiple marketing channels, such as social media. Companies that create a sale newsletter and send it out every month usually link it to their social media pages and brand website.

Compared with the other digital marketing strategies, a sale newsletter is unique because it is an owned marketing channel rather than a borrowed one. What does that mean? When you use social media sites to promote your products and services, you use their domain, platform, and layout to send out your marketing messages. This means your content is subject to the ever-changing algorithms that you cannot control. This kind of organic marketing puts out your content in front of just a fraction of your followers. Paid marketing methods, such as Facebook advertising, keep getting more and more expensive and are thus not so suitable for small businesses or recent startups. Plus, your social media account will probably send the same message to all the viewers.

On the other hand, when you use your own website to build an email list and regularly send out a customized sale newsletter, you actually own the platform that’s the source of your marketing mechanism. Email marketing has retained the position of being one of the most effective and powerful channels for keeping your brand and business on the minds of your potential buyers. That’s why it is considered among the most influential means of driving sales for your business.

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Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

In this post, we will talk about creating a sale newsletter that allows you to gradually increase your sales. A good newsletter converts your subscribers to buyers. While a newsletter can be made in many different ways, we will specifically discuss the process of creating a sale newsletter using a website builder called Strikingly.

Strikingly is a rising website-building platform that offers many tools that ease out the process of creating a website and make it convenient for you to use various marketing methods to promote your business. In the case of creating a sale newsletter, this platform has a built-in mechanism that allows you to prepare and send custom sale newsletters to selected recipients from your website’s audience list. You can use these sale newsletters to announce new product launches, existing product updates, and various pricing promotions.

We will guide you through the step-by-step process of building a sale newsletter and sending it out to your selected subscribers through your Strikingly website editor. So let’s get straight to it.

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Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

The Step by Step Process to Create a Sale Newsletter

Here is our easy 5-step guide for creating a sale newsletter for a website built on Strikingly.

1. Create a Simple Website on Strikingly.

We would assume that for using the sale newsletter feature of Strikingly, you would need to actually have a website that’s built on our platform. Only then can you access your Strikingly editor and build a newsletter in it.

To create a website on Strikingly, visit our landing page and sign up for an account. Please note that to use our newsletter feature, you would need to subscribe to the VIP plan or Audience plan. Once you register, you will be directed to our template selection page to choose what you want your web design to look like. Choose a template that serves the purpose of your website in the most accurate way, and go to the Strikingly editor.

Here you can add content to your website. You might want to add some basic information about your business and the background of your company. Explain what the purpose of your website is. Add in your contact details by either stating your email address and phone number or creating a contact form that visitors can simply fill out and submit for reaching out to you.

2. Go to the Strikingly Newsletter Feature

To use our newsletter feature, go to your Strikingly dashboard and click ‘Newsletters’ and ‘Send a Newsletter’. This will take you to the screen in your editor, where you can add in your sale newsletter content and select the recipients.

how to send a newsletter

Image taken from Strikingly

3. Add Your Newsletter Content

In the editor that opens up, you can simply click and start typing your sale email body. Along with text, you can also add images, buttons, and links. It is important to make the content catchy and appealing. The more elements of a newsletter you use, the more attractive and engaging your email will become.

Strikingly newsletter editor

Image taken from Strikingly.

A good sale newsletter states its purpose precisely and provides a clear call to action. The call to action is usually to direct the recipients to your website. Once the recipient is on your site, they can view the remaining information there. You can also add icons or links to your social media pages to increase your audience’s social media engagement.

The Strikingly editor makes it easy for you to add all kinds of content, without dealing with any coding or programming practice. You can upload pictures in the same way in the editor as you would do on a Google Doc or Microsoft Word file. You can add links by using the ‘insert link’ icon on the editor's top. Try to make the sale newsletter layout as neat and organized as possible, highlighting the important points in bold colors and appropriate font sizes.

4. Select Your Newsletter Recipients

Now that your sale newsletter is almost ready, it is time for you to choose its recipients. The editor will give you access to your website’s audience list. These are your website visitors who have subscribed to your email list through a subscription form or purchased something from your site and left their details on the checkout page.

This step is critical because you wouldn’t want to send a sale email to the wrong crowd. For instance, if your newsletter is about a product update, it is more appropriate to send it to only those who have purchased the product or at least shown some kind of interest in it before. But if it is giving general information on your brand and business, you can send it to anybody who has subscribed to your website.

To build your sale newsletter recipient list, you can choose the source of obtaining the various email addresses in your audience list. For example, for sending a sale email about a product update as mentioned above, check ‘Store Customer’ from the source list as shown in the screenshot below.

select newsletter recipients

Image taken from Strikingly

5. Send a Test Sale Email

It is always best to send a test email to yourself to review precisely what your sale newsletter will look like when your recipients open it from their inbox. Perhaps the text needs a little bit more alignment, or an image resolution needs to be lowered to allow it to load faster.

The Strikingly editor gives you the option to send a test newsletter to yourself before releasing it to the actual recipients. Taking this extra step can go a long way in maintaining your professional standards and a good brand image in the eyes of your audience.

Once you have reviewed your newsletter, you are all set to send it out. If you go through this process regularly, you’ll be able to see the fruits of your email marketing campaigns.

A good sale newsletter helps you increase your audience’s engagement and ultimately drives them to make a purchase. For your email campaigns to be effective, you need to develop catchy email subject lines. If your recipients are not enticed enough with the subject line, they would probably not even open your sale email. This means all your effort to produce an interesting and attractive newsletter will go to waste.

To maintain a reasonable open rate for your sale newsletters, it is crucial to take care of your overall brand personality as it appears on your website, your social media presence, and in the past newsletters that you have been sending out. When your target audience sees that you are well aligned and integrated among your marketing platforms, it builds trust in them and gives them a good enough incentive to repeatedly visit your website until they decide to buy your products.