Nowadays, many people are looking for business opportunities online. Getting into the reselling business has been a trend even before this pandemic. It only becomes more popular and significant when everyone has to stay home for health safety. When many business establishments were forced to shut down due to the contagious coronavirus disease, business owners continue to find alternatives on how to run their business.

People got to spend more time finding what they need online. Rather than going out, it would be best to order what we need online and have it delivered right to our doorstep. The new normal in shopping brings a wide-range opportunity for resellers and online business owners. It has opened up new doors to people who have lost their jobs and even a stable profession that they can no longer perform in these challenging times. Reselling is one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to start a business. While we are looking for solutions on how to survive and cope up with the new way of living, there are so many business opportunities waving online. Becoming a reseller is one good option to try.

What is a reseller?

A reseller is someone who makes wholesale purchases of products from manufacturers, suppliers, and sometimes other retailers then sell them directly to their customers. It can simply be put this way, resellers are the ones getting the products from suppliers to cater their own customers. It makes life easier for consumers who want to save time, energy, and money in purchasing the product they need from the manufacturer. With reselling business, people can buy goods per piece or unit instead of having minimum purchase. People can also get personalized recommendations from a reseller who is endorsing a specific product. A reseller serves as the connecting bridge between manufacturers and consumers. Being a reseller is an important role and a business venture that only requires excellent sales and marketing skills.

Why should you become a reseller?

First of all, reselling business is a perfect opportunity for people who are ready to venture into online business but do not have enough time and money for product development. Resellers can get the products directly from suppliers and manufacturers who give them a discounted price or extra savings on wholesale orders.

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Another thing to consider is that reselling can be a very good complement to the rising opportunities in the ecommerce business. People find what they need online, from food ordering to clothing and sneakers to vintage furniture and even subscriptions. This kind of business opportunity is very timely because of the pandemic restrictions and people opt to stay home rather than go to the physical stores. Many small business owners, especially those who run ecommerce businesses, are enjoying the benefits of being a reseller. One of the good reasons is that they don’t need to put a huge capital on product development and just focus on sales and marketing instead. There’s a thousand more reasons why you should become a reseller and this is the perfect time to consider it.

Ideas for reseller business

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  • Consignment shop. This is ideal for both local shops and online business. You can open a consignment shop where you can resell products directly to your local customers. Some manufacturers and suppliers see a huge opportunity in allowing their products to be available for reselling because not all people have the luxury to buy in bulk or shop with a minimum purchase when they go to direct suppliers. Resellers help bridge the gap between customers and manufacturers.
  • Footwear business. Shoes, sneakers, slippers, and flip flops are absolutely a go to business that is in demand for all season. This is the type of business that is ideal for someone who is planning to be a reseller. You can search for shoes manufacturers, branded sneakers suppliers, and even footwear retailers who offer their products for resellers. You don’t need to sweat on collecting these items from the warehouse because you can even have them ship to your shop directly. The ease in business process nowadays has helped empower many aspiring startup business owners. Getting into a footwear reselling business, you don’t need to go anywhere but stay connected with your local or online customers.
  • Clothing boutique. Just like the footwear business, clothing is another necessity that is perfect for reselling business. Branded clothes and designers’ apparel are exclusively available on high-end shops and outlets, but if you are going to acquire a permit to resale and have it available to your customers, you’re giving your business a big break. Most people are fascinated in buying designer clothes. It simply gives them the satisfaction of wearing authentic and branded clothing. That is why, having these authentic brands of clothing available in your shop makes it a really big deal to your dear customers.
  • Subscription business. Subscription can include grocery items, diapers, and other services. While most business owners see the potential of running an online business, it complements the growing number of customers who prefer to get subscriptions on basic necessities and services they need. As a reseller, you can acquire subscription boxes or packages where you can put the products for your subscribers. Diapers, milk, grocery items, cereals, and even gardening accessories can be very ideal for subscription business. While having your own online shop is an excellent marketing strategy, you can also open up a physical shop where local customers can stop by and pick up what they’ve ordered online.
  • Dropshipping business model. It is important to know that reselling is a form of dropshipping. In dropshipping, you don’t need to invest in product development, logistics, and warehouse stocking up to order fulfillment because the supplier handles them all. You literally just need time, energy, and skills to develop effective marketing strategies on how to resell the products. By the way, the dropshipping business model is very common in ecommerce. You have to keep in mind that there is a close competition among retailers online. You can pretty much stand out by having a strong online presence. It’s where Strikingly can help you build your own business website.

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How to become a reseller?

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1. Identify your target market

As a reseller, you need to have a special expertise when it comes to your target industry or demographic. You have to identify the latest trend if you are about to get into the shoes or clothing business. You have to understand your audience in catering what they need and what they are looking for. Knowing and identifying your target market makes it easier for you to develop marketing strategies that really work.

2. Search for suppliers

Once you have identified what kind of products you want to resell and the type of customers you are about to deal with, you can search on Google and look for suppliers or other retailers near you. Sometimes, you can have referrals from colleagues, business owners, and acquaintances who are in the same line of business. Just pick the best resources that suit your needs. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions to avoid future misunderstanding in running a business.

3. Secure a reseller permit

Having a permit to resale can save you some money and put you on the safe side in reselling business. First, you have to make sure that your business is registered. Secondly, research about laws and regulations in places you want to cater with. Then, you can start gathering your application materials. Finally, you can get a permit to resale.

According to a Shopify blog about reseller business, in the United States, a business with a reseller permit doesn’t pay sales tax on the products it purchases for sale. But the reseller does have to collect the sales tax from customers and send it to the state.

4. Add value to the product

It is where you put extra miles on customer service. Stuff like giving promotional code to exclusive online subscribers, online purchase rebates, and similar freebies to personalize your relationship to your customers. In this case, some customers would prefer to purchase products from resellers because of the excellent customer service experience.

Discover Strikingly Reseller Program

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Being a reseller should not be a huge hassle for someone with the drive to start a small business. In running your own business, you don’t need to work alone. Truly, you can find people who can provide you with the kind of support you need to help you grow your business online or at a physical store. Just like the Strikingly reseller program with the perks, benefits, and ease of use for our talented resellers, you can definitely find your perfect partner in serving your customers with the best products and giving them an excellent customer service experience.