Influencer Marketing

In the last few years, influencer marketing is a concept that has gained a lot of interest. Many online users are considering this marketing concept to create an online presence and make a living. One of the biggest reasons for that is the technological evolution that has overlapped influencer campaigns and the rest of the marketing strategies. People within the marketing companies have started to give more time to these influencers than ever before.

Numerous digital companies worldwide include influencers’ input as part of their cohesive marketing plan so they can get the brands of their clients on the internet. Many companies globally are shifting their focus towards influencers to create a strong brand image through social media. If you look at the daily trends on the internet, you will find many influencers trying to promote certain eCommerce products and websites.

What is Influential Marketing?

If you want to create a strong online presence that catches the attention of Google and other respective search engines, you must understand what is influencer marketing. It is defined as the coordination between a brand and an influencer. The influencer is responsible for promoting eCommerce products and services through different social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You mustn’t confuse it with celebrity endorsement. In that aspect, a celebrity is completely associated with a brand.

If we talk about the influencers, he is a trusted figure within the niche community and has established a strong fan following within the people in the community. The influencers also have great knowledge about the products and services they promote. For example, a business selling top-class tennis rackets may contact a vlogger on YouTube. He must have an ideal knowledge of tennis accessories and have participated in multiple tennis-related advertisements. The vlogger may not actually be using the product but would be familiar with these products and encourage others to use it through different advertisements.

How do Influencers Work?

In normal circumstances, influencers have the tendency to work independently. In influencer marketing, they generate their own content highlighted in the advertisement specifications given to them by the company. The influencer has the final decision on the brand message and how it gets portrayed. This means that the influencer campaigns are effective within a specific target audience. An influencer gets paid based on the social media platform and the following he/she has. For example, YouTube has a standard price of $100 per 1000 views.

The beauty of this marketing concept is boundaries when it comes to being an influencer. No matter your background or what your CV says, you are eligible to become an influencer. Due to the popularity of social media, it is easy for different businesses to rely on other influencers to promote their brand.

Tips to Become an Effective Influencer

1. Decide on Your Niche

Whether you are an experienced marketing person, everything starts from square one.

Similarly, an influencer marketing strategy also starts from a profitable niche idea. Micro-influencers have the tendency to convince numerous small groups about the authenticity of your niche idea. If your niche idea gets heard by the smaller groups, it is only a matter of time before larger companies start paying attention. They can reach a decent number of fans for you to build a solid customer base.

If you see influencers on social media, they likely have an effective social media following of around 300,000 people. However, it is necessary as we have seen many influencers starting from a single follower who gets converted into a customer. The best form of marketing is to create brand awareness among your friends and family initially. After that, you can build your way towards becoming an expert within your country.

2. Create a Content Strategy

create content strategy

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When you decide upon your niche idea, you should start creating your website content. Your content will be a considerable part of your influencer marketing strategy. The steps related to building a content strategy include the following:

  • Advertisement tone
  • Author’s voice
  • Publishing cadence
  • Creating the writeups
  • Building the graphics

Strikingly helps its users through different angles related to website content. Once you create your brand website, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to allocate your content to other parts of the website. Furthermore, we also provide our users with a search engine optimization (SEO) checklist to optimize the content properly. However, it is better to upgrade your subscription plans with us if you want to see better features related to the SEO checklist.

3. Decide Your Marketing Channels

If we talk about the best social media platform to conduct influencer marketing, there is no definite answer. However, the good news is that there are many social media platforms for you to choose from. Each social media platform has its own unique way of conducting influential marketing. As a marketing person, you must ensure that your social media channel aligns with the marketing objectives.

strikingly youtube channel

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For example, if a business is selling football shoes, it would suit the influencer to use Instagram or Snapchat as part of the marketing campaign. Apart from Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube can also be recommended as ideal social media channels. Many fashions and boutique products are getting promoted on Facebook.

Tips to Promote Your Products

1. Build a Professional Website

No matter how great your social media status is, creating a professional website adds a different gravy to your influencer marketing strategies. You must choose an effective website builder, such as Strikingly, in this regard. You can create an ideal website through Strikingly, but you can also implement effective marketing strategies to promote your products and services. The best thing about this is that you can create your web design without writing a single line of code.

You don't need strong technical expertise related to website development to get eligibility on Strikingly. If you have a creative mindset and skills, you can achieve your dreams here.

strikingly website builder

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We provide our users with mobile-friendly website templates. Nowadays, creating a website for desktop versions is simply not enough. You merely disregard all the traffic coming from the mobiles in this process. With the mobile users overtaking the desktop users recently, you need to have a proactive approach in this regard. Strikingly enables users to shift from desktop to mobile and vice versa, depending upon the portable device you are using.

2. Upload Quality Photographs

upload quality images

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When you create a website on Strikingly, one of the most vital attributes of an eCommerce website is the website images. Website images have a huge role to play in your influencer marketing strategies. If your images are blurry and do not have an ideal background, you can see your hard work going down the drain. If your uploaded images are good, you can elevate your marketing strategies. Regardless of whether you have an online store or not, customers should be able to see what kind of products you are promoting.

3. Communicate with Your Visitors

Becoming an experienced marketing person may turn out to be a challenging time for you. Many influencers around the world disregard the importance of customer feedback. They feel that they are now the finished article and don’t need any recommendations or opinions from the public. It is important to note that customer feedback is vital for an influencer marketing strategy.

strikingly customer chat

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If you don’t hear the public opinion or don’t read the comments of your visitors, they will feel disowned. Consequently, they will move to another website promoting similar eCommerce products and services. Strikingly makes it easy for the users to understand our website building tool. We provide our visitors with a live chat feature, through which they start a chat with the website’s customer support. After that, they can submit their queries and wait for their response.


As you now know what influencer marketing is, you can make up your mind related to your professional career. How about becoming an influencer and building a strong connection with multiple marketing companies worldwide? If you are on social media and want to increase your following, you are on the right path to becoming a great influencer. Marketing companies already have a massive schedule to stick with. If you can make their life easy by doing all the promotional work, there is nothing wrong with that.

Another way of promoting a brand is by creating a website on Strikingly. Strikingly is an effective website builder that provides you with all the necessities for creating a professional website. After choosing the website template, you can start adding content via the drag-and-drop feature. If you have a problem creating a brand website, you can submit your queries to our Happiness Officers, who are available 24/7 to listen to your issues. So, rely on Strikingly, create a strong brand website and make your efforts worth it by getting recognized on Google.