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If you want to make the most out of customer feedback, you must encourage your visitors to share product ratings and be critical in their product reviews. Usually, when customers write a review about your website product, they have a very serious tone, and the written language is formal. If the customers aren't serious about their satisfaction score, they won’t hesitate to write a review on your website. Therefore the response to the customer reviews is necessary because it will help you in determining whether your review system is productive or not.

Even if you choose to remain silent in this case, it will greatly influence your online business. However, it is not a good strategy from a business perspective. Even if you have a negative review to write, you must share it on the website. By writing negative reviews, the website owner will take responsibility for any deficit from their end.

Importance of Online Reviews for Products

1. Interaction

Regardless of whether a product review is positive or negative, these reviews provide users with a chance to interact with their customers. As a businessman, you must understand that one negative online review has more influence and power as compared to the 50 positive reviews displayed on your website. However, the best businessmen are the ones who do customer research rather than being deflated because of criticism.

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Good businessmen will always prioritize the demands of their customers more than anything else. Similarly, if so many positive reviews are displayed by the customers, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by them. Instead, post a “thank you” message for them so that they can have a mindset of returning back to your website. If you choose to ignore your customers' reviews (no matter if they are positive or negative), you will see a sharp decline in your website traffic.

2. Suggestion

Sometimes, the customers may find it easy to submit a product rating after buying an eCommerce product from your online store. They would be extremely satisfied with your customer service. Therefore, they would develop new ideas about product reviews. The best entrepreneurs never hesitate to get guidelines or suggestions, even if it is from their customers. Even if the idea doesn’t come into being, you can thank the customer for their interest.

It is important to note that suggestions are not given based on frustration or dissatisfaction. They are delivered as per the customer’s creativity. If you take these suggestions seriously, you may take the leaf out of your customer’s notebook and develop new product ideas. The best way to communicate the positive reviews with suggestions is to embrace the suggestion and thank them for the interest.

3. Review on Praise

Usually, when customers review a product after purchasing it, they are positive. Hence, the entrepreneurs feel that they have reached the finished article. However, successful entrepreneurs conduct a review when they are praised for good customer service. If you want to respond to the product reviews in which your staff is raised, you must know about the individual who interacted with that customer. After that, you should thank the customer for praising your staff.

You should inform the customer that your team is glad to receive the support that he/she is giving, and you hope that you can similarly serve the customer in the future. On the other hand, you can reward your staff member through which you achieved the breakthrough. By having this approach, there will be satisfaction among your customers and among team members. They will have a new source of motivation, encouraging them to work even harder in the future.

Benefits of Online Reviews for Products

1. Business-Customer Trust

One of the big benefits of product reviews is that it helps build business-customer trust. Once you see a huge chunk of positive reviews coming on your website, it will help in building a strong brand personality for your business. Convincing your customers via word of mouth (WOM) or traditional advertising can be daunting. However, the feedback and replies from customers will prove that your products have been reliable over the years.

When new customers come to your website and see a barrage of positive reviews, they will waste no time expressing faith in your services. As a businessman, you would know that trust is vital for success. A huge number of positive reviews will build confidence in you. Eventually, your company can convert long-term customers into paying ones.

2. Improves Organic Search

The improvement in organic search is one of the biggest benefits of product reviews. As per the recent changes in Apple’s privacy policy, users have the tendency to move out of targeted ads. These changes harm small businesses as they have to invest more to run paid advertisement campaigns. Having business reviews at your disposal can drive more attention toward your company and products.

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If you gain positive reviews, your Google ranking will improve, which will help in promoting brand awareness. Moreover, your social ranking within the app communities will also see a sharp surge. Small businesses will become the biggest winners in this as they don’t have enough capital to invest in paid advertisements. They will benefit highly from this organic search for user-generated content.

3. Reliable Customer Feedback

Just like is the case with most online businesses, customer feedback has a strong input in the success of eCommerce. If you have just opened a new business, it isn’t an easy task to receive direct feedback on your products and services via traditional advertising methods. As we see the trending nature of the internet, the reaction has become extremely important in this digitized world.

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Regardless of whether it is positive or negative, every product review gives a clear picture of the areas needing improvement. If you have a social media page for your company, you will see a huge chunk of reviews displayed in the comment section and on the social media page. As a businessman, you should take both sides of criticism on the chin and prioritize the smooth running of your business. Based on an online review, you can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business website. After the analysis, you can work on the aspects that need an overhaul. You must also not become stagnant with the good areas.

4. Feedback Into Sales

A product review can hugely impact your bottom line. An influential product rating card can enable your daily customers to purchase from your online store. Once they become repeat customers on your website, you will see a sharp increase in your online sales. Consumers only build a strong connection with a particular website based on mutual experiences, an important factor in buying decisions.

Strikingly’s Feature of Product Reviews

With time, Strikingly has continued to find ways to bridge all gaps between customers and the website makers. Strikingly is the kind of website builder through which you can surely achieve your business dreams. Now, Strikingly enables you to request online reviews from your customers. By doing this, you will have the authority to decide which product reviews you can display for each product.

By featuring reviews of eCommerce products, you can build trust in your store and ensure that you convert your visitors into repeat customers. It is important to note that this feature is only available for pro users. Therefore, if you are under the free plan of Strikingly, you must consider upgrading your subscription plan. The steps to display reviews of website products are as follows:

1. Enable Product Reviews

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  1. Click on Store, followed by “Product Reviews”
  2. You will see the option “Enable Product Reviews”. After clicking on that, your system will receive an email from us within seven days of order completion

2. Complete an Order by Clicking on “Complete”

  1. Click on the “Complete” button to trigger the invitation to reviews
  2. Check out the pending orders in the “order” section and you will see the “Complete” status on the bottom right corner of the order details

3. Monitor Reviews

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When a customer sends a review on the internet, you will receive an email notification. The new reviews will be part of the “pending” list, and you have the authority to accept or reject them. Only the approved reviews will be displayed.


If you want to ensure that your product reviews get displayed, you must form a website on Strikingly. Strikingly is probably the best website builder when it comes to eCommerce. If you don’t believe us, you can check out the eCommerce websites already established on Strikingly. Our users heavily want customers to review a product to boost online sales. If you have any queries about building an eCommerce website, you can contact our Happiness Officers right away. We wish you all the luck in your pursuit of achieving excellence in this field.