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The art of product photography has been getting a chance to catch the light a lot in recent years. Taking beautiful e-commerce images has become a way of life for most businesses in hopes of driving their sales up. And the reason why they continue to use product images as a selling point and clever tactic are because it truly works so well. The quality of a product image is what determines whether it will sell or not, more so than the quality of the actual product itself.

A product page is made out of placing each product image together to form somewhat of a gallery. This helps bring into perspective the use of certain products and creates a better idea of why certain products should be bought together. A product image practically is not useful in determining the quality of a product but it is a very good way to create an illusion of it doing so.

Before we talk more on the topic of product images and the art of making an e-commerce image, it will be a good idea for you to learn more about what a product page is and how an ecommerce product image gallery is an essential part of any product page. You may continue reading below to find this information.

What is a Product Page?

In the most simple way possible, we can describe a product page as that web page on any business’ site that alludes to customers what purchases they should make from that site. This of course happens with the help of a good product image or a plethora of several product images carefully taken and placed on your brand’s website. The product page can be thought of as the virtual part of any store that includes all the items available for purchase. The web page where you place each product image before providing the option to ‘add to cart’ or ‘proceed to check out’ can be considered the racks and shelves the products are placed on.

product page with product description on a website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Furthermore, a product page is the web page that any potential customer is redirected to when they click on any product image that appeared in the images section of their search engine results. By now you may have understood that a product page is the most important web page of any site that is trying to sell anything. The key element of any online store is the product image and hence, the product page that has all the product images carefully placed on it.

8 Tips to Create an Effective Product Page

Below you may find listed along with an explanation for each. 8 tips on how to use your product image to create an effective product page. If you follow these tips you are guaranteed to be able to run a very successful product page.

1. Product Description

Yes the visual aid of a product image is very essential in convincing someone to buy a product, but it becomes so much better with a bang on product description. If you can come up with a product description that when coupled with a product image helps people picture how useful the product can be for them you have mastered the art of a successful product page.

Product page from a website built on Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

2. Product Image Background

Product images cannot possibly fulfill their purpose if they are photographed badly or look unprofessional for any reason whatsoever. One very easy and effective way to ensure your product photography seems impressive is to make sure the background of the e-commerce image looks pristine.

3. Add Customer Reviews

Featuring customer reviews on your product page and around your product images suddenly shoots up the credibility of your words by a lot. It makes your product page seem more trustworthy and customers are likely to more easily believe what they see and read. That is why actual customer reviews are an essential factor in making your product page very effective.

Customer reviews

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

4. Related Products Tab

Believe it or not, this simple tactic works wonders. Which tactic, you may ask? Make sure whenever anyone views or decides to buy a certain product, your product page and product images show them related, similar, or complementary items. More often than not, especially if these items do not cause a huge increase in their bill, people do end up buying them too.

5. Interesting Layout

When someone lands on your product page and sees your product image, regardless of their interest in the product, they should be interested in the web page as a whole. They should be able to navigate the page and have fun with the tools provided for them. As their likeness for the layout increases, most probably so will their likeness for your products.

6. High Quality Images

We already talked about the background of your product images, now it is time to talk about the quality of each product image you place on your product page. There is no chance of your product page looking professional or credible without the images being of high resolution. So make sure your images do not lack quality!

women's wear online

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

7. Clear Pricing

Even if a customer is willing to immediately buy a product but it is difficult for them to locate its price on your product page, they might just click off your site. Not only does clear pricing aid convenience, but this also helps build credibility and trust in the authenticity of your product images. Never shy away from clearly stating the price of each product. If you are confident in the quality of your products you do not have to hide away their prices hoping people will buy the products anyways.

8. Shipping Information

When thinking of what product to buy, everyone always considers the shipping method, time, and price. If they are unable to see this information, they will simply avoid thinking of purchasing any product available on your product page. That is why it is absolutely imperative that you add all details of shipping information in a prominent location on your product page. Whether you do so next to every individual product image or generalized information elsewhere, that is up to you!

Upload Your Product Images on Strikingly

Now that you know the value of a product page and the importance of uploading product images, let’s see if you can upload a product image on a website that’s being created on Strikingly.

Strikingly editor

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly is a platform where anyone who has a basic understanding of using the internet can create a professional and complete website on their own. It has an editor where you can drag and drop image files, click and change the text, upload video files through their links from third-party video hosting websites, customize the color scheme, and pretty much everything that’s needed to build a web page of your choice.

You just need to learn the step by step process once by either going through a video tutorial, reading a post like this, or simply trying it out on your own while you are working on the Strikingly editor.

Before you make a product page to upload your product image on a Strikingly website, you need to create a section on the site called the Simple Store. Once you have this section inserted, find ‘Store’ on the left panel, select ‘Products’, and click the button ‘Add New Product’. The product editor will open in front of you.

products section in the Strikingly editor

Image taken from Strikingly

Choose the product type from among the three options: physical, service, and digital download. Since you are adding a product image, it is most likely a physical product. Take the nicest product shot to use as the main thumbnail image of your product. Then set the price, shipping fee, and other details. Write a good product description. Click ‘Save’ to make your product page go live.

add a product image

Image taken from Strikingly

That’s how simple it is to add products and product images on an online store built on Strikingly. Our platform is developed with the ease of use of our users in mind. Most of our tools are self-explanatory and can be familiarized with by practicing and playing around with our editor. If a user still feels uncertain about how to use a certain feature, they can contact our customer support staff anytime through our live chat service. We are happy to answer your queries and make your website building experience more comfortable.

The easier it has become to take product shots, the more the ecommerce market has become competitive. Anyone selling products online, even if by just dropshipping them, can take pictures using their mobile phone and upload them on the internet. To beat this competition and stand out, you need to have a professionally built ecommerce site. Not only your product image needs to be attractive, but your entire website should look appealing. That’s where the role of our beautiful website templates comes in.

Sign up on Strikingly today to check these out. The color scheme and layout of every template can be customized to a certain extent, but we have already done the heavier job for you. All you have to do is select a template that suits the purpose of your website the most, and get started with adding your content and product images.