The world of business is jampacked with tough competition. With companies coming from around the globe, having a lot of competitors is not surprising. No matter how unique you think your business is, there will always be someone who will almost be identical to you.

As an entrepreneur, it is only your task to ensure that even though there are a lot of competitors around, you are still the one rising on top. You must ensure that your business is performing better than the other companies to secure the best results. Encouraging an online audience in your chosen niche to pick you must always be the highlight of every marketing strategy you create. One of the best ways you can do this is by learning the art of converting customers.


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Why Learn How to Convert Customers

Converting customers might sound like a crime the first moment you hear it. Why would you take other businesses' customers? Isn't it wrong to steal other businesses' customers? Why would you convince them that you are the one they are looking for, not your competitors?

If you are new to the business, asking yourself these questions is normal. But, as someone who seeks to have the best rank in the world of eCommerce, you must be open to the reality of how tough online competition is. Learning practical tips in converting customers will not bring you to jail but instead help you to:


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1. Understand your target market better

Understanding how your target audience behaves is a business advantage. By learning how to convert customers, you also learn how to understand your target market. Conversions showcase how a business possesses what its competitors don't. When you convert potential clients, you try to make them see that your business is a much better choice than your competitors. As you talk and try to convince them, you also earn the chance to discover what made them decide to transact first with other businesses before you. From that, you will understand what specific criteria your target market has in their minds when transacting with online businesses. You will now have the power to create a more improved marketing strategy directed towards them to keep them away from your competitors and make you their first choice.

2. Acquire more customers

If there is one main treasure converting customers can give you, it's gaining more online consumers. As the world of digital business expands, competition also gets tougher. Companies are building their own strengthened strategies to captivate the hearts of their target audience. Every business has its ways of converting customers and increasing the company’s sales. As an entrepreneur, you'd want to take every chance and convert online visitors into loyal consumers. Many online shoppers visit a website without deciding what they will buy. By learning how to convert potential customers, you can know how you can adequately acquire more customers and grow your business without being too aggressive. You can learn some excellent tips for converting customers by giving them the best customer welcome. From there, you can start a conversation and smoothly inject your customer conversion strategies when they ask questions about your business.

3. Leveraging your website traffic

Understanding how website traffic works are essential in managing a business website. As someone seeking a continuous flow of website visitors, you must know how to keep your engagements coming. You must not waste the amount of website traffic that goes into your business website. You must leverage every website traffic into a successful sale. One best ways to do this is to learn tips for converting customers. Remember that every single online visitor who logs on to your website is a potential client. When you successfully convert potential clients, you increase the chances of your website getting noticed by search engines. Search engines pay attention to a website that receives frequent visits from online users. Once you improve your search engine ranking, you will get more online visitors. More online visitors means more chances of converting customers and getting increased sales.

How to Convert Potential Customers

If you know the difference in how online shoppers act when communicating with you and your competitors, it is easier for you to convert customers. But to make it more effective, learning a few hacks is a game-changer.


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1. Make them feel welcome

The first step in successfully converting customers is to make them feel welcome. One thing about online shoppers is that they tend to focus more on businesses that know how to keep them warm. Customers will stick to it instantly when they land on a website and immediately feel they are given the attention they want.

One familiar element entrepreneurs forget is the art of adequately welcoming online visitors. Some of them only focus on how they can successfully convert customers and earn a sale missing the whole point of how an effective marketing strategy works. As an entrepreneur, you must not only aim to get an income but also capture the hearts of your website visitor through your performance. To successfully convert potential clients, you must double your efforts in giving extra care to your website visitors. You must envelop your website design with a homey vibe that online audiences can easily adjust to. Don't overwhelm them by adding too much information to your homepage.

Here at Strikingly, you have the power to add an awesome landing page to your business website and use it to put a welcome greeting for your online visitors. You can also send your new customers an appreciation email after a transaction to make them feel like they belong to your community. Doing these steps can not just help you in converting customers but also help you establish a good image for your target market.

2. Identify customer’s needs and wants

After welcoming your online visitors, you'll need to identify their needs and wants next step. Every customer has a reason why they visit online platforms–to find solutions to their concerns. Giving answers to an online consumer's problem does not necessarily mean that you'll directly ask them about what they are looking for.

To effectively convert potential clients, start with making a conversation first. You can ask questions about their interests in online shopping or what products they love using. These are among the practical tips for converting customers you must consider to help you execute your strategy professionally. As the conversation starts, slowly inject questions that will help you uncover the problem your lead is experiencing. Another pro tip we can give you on converting customers is using different approaches whenever you ask a question. It would be best if you remembered that every online consumer has their preferences. You cannot use the same method with two different audiences with different problems.


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3. Respond immediately

As soon as you successfully uncover your website visitor's concerns, it is time for you to showcase what you've got. In converting customers, one of the essential factors you'll need is an excellent sense of responsibility. One thing about online buyers is that they love businesses that know how to give the best responses in an instant. People in the world of digital business aren't fond of waiting. Once you make them stay, their level of interest in you and your business will be directed to other companies who can respond immediately. To ensure success in converting customers and growing your online business, you must prove to them that you are a better problem-solver than your competitors.

Creating your business website here at Strikingly makes it easier for you to analyze your website visitor's concerns. By adding a live chat feature to your online store, you can give them the best solutions to their concerns as quickly as possible. In just a short period, you can make them feel that they are among your top priority by giving them the attention and care that they want.

4. Do follow-ups

Converting customers is more effective if you know how to do follow-ups. As mentioned in the previous parts, customers seek care and attention. Your duty to successfully convert potential clients does not end when you present a solution to your target audience. To ensure a win, keep your website leads in a purchase mode by sending them emails and phone calls.

With Strikingly, you can smoothly use our newsletter feature to easily do your follow-ups. You can use this feature to freely send follow-up and confirmation emails to your contacts collected on your website forms. Take your time contacting all your generated leads and send them follow-ups after a few days. Sending them follow-up messages will make them feel you are serious about gaining their trust. If your business can successfully give them the feeling of being taken care of, they'll fall in love with you more than others.

5. Earn their trust

One best tip in converting customers we can give you is to do your best to earn their trust. The world of business is way more massive than how you think it is. Everyone can have what you are selling, sometimes even better. But, this could not keep you from reaching the goal you've been aiming for. To convert potential clients successfully, you must be genuine about everything you do. Be transparent when communicating with your leads; they can see through you. Do your best to keep each conversation engaging, not just for sales.


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Digital business is a world filled with endless opportunities. With exemplary dedication and skills, reaching your goals will never be impossible. Converting customers might be too overwhelming the first time you encounter it. But, as long as you have the will to try and execute your strategies, it’ll never be a problem that you need to worry about.

If you want to learn more about eCommerce, chat with us today, and we'll help you get started.