A website editor enables you to create your own site without the need to enter manual code. It’s ideal for individuals and beginners who may not have the technical know-how to build a website from the ground up. Most website builders promise to help you set up your site in a few minutes with little to no coding required. Even when you’re not web-savvy, it’s possible to build, run and manage your websites without a problem.

"choosing an intuitive website editor

Intuitive interface

The main point of using a free website editor is that it takes away the need to learn programming language or website design to get a site up and running. It caters to individuals who do not have the time to learn technical skills and those who are beginners in website design. If the interface is confusing, you will need to spend extra time to figure out how to work the site builder. Having said that, it’s important that you choose an interface that is not so difficult to understand.

Strikingly simplifies the website building process by creating a free web editor that is easy to work with. The interface is so intuitive that all you need to do is add your text content and visuals into your selected template and the platform pretty much does the hard work of fitting in the content for you.

Quality website templates

Easy to use website templates are key to a successful website building project. The best website editors have a diverse collection of web templates that are suited for virtually every industry you can think of. The templates dictate the general look and feel of your website but it has to be able to accommodate the kind of content you want to see in your website. Well-built website templates ensures that you get an adaptive framework that can accommodate your visuals.

To keep up with your mobile users, templates must also be able to adapt to different screen sizes. Your website editor free the need for editing the site’s stylesheet among other things.

Easy to use page layouts

A free web page editor gives you the basic design elements required to build a site: layout, font, color scheme, etc. It should be easy for you to mix and match different fonts and color schemes to achieve a look that best represents your brand. Just because a website builder is a cookie-cutter platform does not mean you can’t have a unique looking website. With an intuitive user interface, you can easily switch to different typefaces and colors on the site, or create custom colors without much problem.

free website editor

The best website editor should also come with modern page layouts that you can play around with depending on your content. Page layouts provide placeholders were your content can potentially go. On Strikingly, you usually have up to 3 choices of layouts for every section to help you present your content better.

eCommerce capability

A good website editor allows you to easily scale up your website as your business grows. If, for instance, you want to start selling your products online, you shouldn’t have to go through a complicated process of extending your site’s capabilities. On Strikingly, for instance, you can turn your site into an online store by simply adding the Simple Store section and setting up a payment gateway. eCommerce features are available on free accounts but if you want to add more products to your store, you can do so at a minimal cost.

Overall, an intuitive website editor should make the entire process of building, running and managing your website easy. Don’t settle for anything less.