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You might have noticed that the number of mobile device users has gone pretty high. In fact, most people prefer to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets instead of the regular desktop or family computer. Because of the convenience and efficiency of using mobile devices, it is where people do most of their online transactions, such as shopping, making reservations, and doing information research. This is the potential that most company leaders and business owners realized over the last years. People who use mobile devices are straightforward and purposeful when looking for something online. Therefore, many business owners find a mobile site as key to success. In this article, we will share the benefits of a mobile website and understand the traits of a mobile optimized website. Also, we will discuss how easy it is to build a mobile website with Strikingly.

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What is a Mobile Site?

A mobile website design fits appropriately into a smaller screen. Thus, a mobile site is designed with mobile device users in mind. The purpose of a mobile site is to get the attention of online users who are proactive and specific in using their mobile devices. Most people using their smartphones have a straightforward errand to do online such as paying bills, shopping for new clothes, ordering food, booking a flight, and even watching movies. If you have a website, you must ensure that it’s a responsive website. A mobile website design highlights important menus or CTA that will trigger website conversion. A mobile site is more comprehensive because of the limited space on mobile screens. As much as possible, the web design is more direct and less complicated so that the users won’t lose interest. Here are some of the essential traits of a mobile site that will prove its importance.

  • Mobile sites have fewer text and images.
  • Drop-down menus are common.
  • Mobile website design has fewer pop-ups.
  • Call-to-action information is visible.
  • Buttons are more prominent and eye-catching.
  • Contact information highlighted.
  • Mobile sites load more quickly.

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7 Benefits of Having a Mobile Site

Any website must be mobile-optimized. These seven benefits of a mobile site will make website owners embrace its worth for their business online. Let us understand why it is necessary to have a mobile website design or a responsive website.

1. Many People are Using Mobile Devices

If you are a business owner, you definitely want to reach your target customers online. Having a mobile website design makes your website reach more people. Since mobile devices are handy, people use them with their daily activities such as booking for a ride, ordering food, and even online payments. Mobile device users browse the internet with a purpose in mind. This is why the advantage of having a mobile site is really evident these days. For ecommerce business, a mobile website design attracts more customers to buy stuff online. For blog writers, having a mobile site makes it easier for their readers to keep updated with new blog posts and read them wherever they are.

2. Website Traffic Often Comes From Mobile Devices

The benefit of having a mobile optimized website is like a domino effect to your business. Once people get to know your site and discover how cool your landing page is, they will share it with their friends, and the flow goes on. It might sound too good to be true, but it is usually the case in driving traffic to your website. Additionally, you can use SEO tools like what we have here at Strikingly to rank well on search engines. Having a mobile site will absolutely put you on the good side of Google.

3. Mobile Users are Potential Buyers

Mobile users are indeed big buyers. With a mobile site, your potential buyers are using their smartphones or tablets because they are using it with the very purpose. There may be people using their computers in ordering stuff online, but with social media marketing and all – people using their phones are prone to buying the things they love. The Psychology behind this is that mobile sites keep it enticing and tempting to push the ‘Buy now’ button. For the customers, things appear as if they may lose the chance of grabbing something perfect if they don’t act quickly. This is absolutely the secret behind mobile optimized website designs. It’s simple and profitable.

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4. Google Favors Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google favors websites that are mobile-friendly because more people are using their mobile devices to do things online. If your website is not mobile-first, you won’t have a chance to get to the top searches no matter how good your contents or products are. Technically, this is how Google rules it out because they don’t want to disappoint people with a landing page that doesn’t fit properly on the screen, or there are many moving parts. Having a mobile site is your ticket to getting on top of search engines.

5. Social Media Share is Big on Mobile Phones

There is no doubt that many active people on social media are also mobile device users. A huge chance of getting social media share is with this kind of audience. Having a mobile site is one way of efficiently promoting your products or brand. The more social media shares you get, the wider the audience range you can reach. Again, it’s a domino effect that leads your business to success.

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6. Good Mobile Site Design Makes Good Impression

You can’t just rely on having a mobile site alone. A mobile website is a plus, but thinking about an intuitive web design says a lot. You have to incorporate your brand with your designs to bring out the best in your business. Always consider the ‘small screen space’ you have on a mobile device so your audience won’t get overwhelmed with too much color or too many texts. Ensure your message is conveyed clearly and your call-to action information is displayed properly. It’s how you come up with a good mobile site design.

7. Less Ads and Pop-ups are Good For Business

Due to the limited space on mobile screens, ads are minimal. The good thing about having fewer advertisements on your website is that your viewers are focused on your products. The less distraction it is, the more chances they will purchase your products. Moreover, having fewer pop-ups will give your customers the freedom to browse your website. As a website owner, your goal is to make your audience stay longer on your website. Making them stay longer means they are enjoying your content. It’s okay to add pop-ups but give them the option to set them aside. Some pop-ups are too straightforward, like asking for contact information, reviews or ratings, etc. Remember, having less gives you more on your mobile site.

Build a Mobile Website With Strikingly

Did you know that all of the sites here on Strikingly are mobile-optimized? Yes, you automatically get a free mobile site with us. Other website builder platforms may add extra cost for having mobile-friendly sites, but we ensure here at Strikingly that all our users get the same chance at no extra cost. Here’s how you can build a mobile website with us.

∙ Sign up for an account

You can start a free 14-day trial and build your own mobile site now. We got easy-setup Simple store and eCommerce features for your online business needs. Just head on to our homepage and create an account.

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∙ Choose a template

Check our users’ websites; they’ve got mobile-first web design. All our web templates are actually mobile-ready. That is why you don’t need to activate something or do anything to enable it. It’s so easy.

∙ Add texts and images

When you add texts and images, make sure that they align with your brand. Consider having consistency with the colors and fonts. This will give your brand a strong identity online.

∙ Add a simple blog

Share the story behind your business. You can also talk about your products or how you come up with your beautiful concepts. Adding a blog will take your mobile site an extra mile.

∙ Publish your mobile site in minutes

It doesn’t take you years to finish and publish your mobile site. You can go live with your online shop or your photo gallery website in less than an hour. The good thing about having a mobile site is that you’ll have a high chance of getting on top.

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Here at Strikingly, we ensure to put our best foot forward for our users to achieve their goals. We have the best web services for any kind of website needs. In fact, we’ve catered to over twelve million users who are startup founders, teachers, performers, artists, business owners, and talented individuals. We are proud of helping people build their dreams online and take them global. What are you waiting for? Create a mobile website with us now.