Your business needs mobile marketing for the same reason you need Wi-Fi and computer access – this is the era in which we live. Today if you walk around towns, cities, etc., you'll see people with faces glued to their phones. The mobile phone is the most used device in this decade, doing mobile marketing is a key tactic to help your business grow.

There are various mobile marketing strategies; you must identify a strategy that meets your budget and business needs. Read on to learn more about mobile marketing tips and their importance to your business.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing uses digital marketing strategies to reach and engage consumers through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It involves SMS messaging, mobile apps, social media advertising, and email marketing to connect with consumers and promote products or services.

Mobile marketing advertising is an effective way for businesses to reach their target audience. People increasingly use mobile devices for various tasks, such as searching for information, purchasing, and interacting with brands.

By implementing a mobile marketing strategy, your business can effectively reach and engage its audience in a targeted and personalized way.

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing to a Business

Mobile marketing advertising is the trend today, and almost all businesses adapt to it. This section lists the benefits of mobile marketing and why you should use it in your business.

1. It Offers Multiple Marketing Channels

Mobile marketing strategy is quite popular in today's business world. Business owners use it because it allows them to market their products and services from various channels. These channels include:

  • Mobile Websites

This is the most commonly used mobile marketing channel. Generally, most website traffic is from smartphones since it’s easy and quick to check websites from a mobile device. Ensure your business has a mobile-friendly website easily accessible using a smartphone. It'll give more people a chance to learn about your products and services and make purchases.

The Strikingly website builder is a no-code tool that can help you build a mobile-friendly website for your business. It has great, affordable prices and plans that are ideal for all businesses.


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  • Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer another big digital marketing opportunity. You can display your ads in other companies' mobile apps and attract new customers.

Alternatively, you can create your app and market your product and services. Plus, having your app makes it convenient for your customers to shop while boosting brand awareness.

Other mobile marketing channels include In-app mobile marketing, SMS marketing, QR codes, and more.

2. Cost-Effective

Finance is the most crucial topic for most businesses, and owners always look for ways to cut costs. The mobile marketing strategy is among the most cost-effective and ideal for businesses that want to cut their expenditure.

Mobile marketing advertising has a lower distribution cost; the marketing campaigns are delivered directly to your target customers' mobile devices. This eliminates the need for printing which reduces distribution costs. You can also automate and schedule mobile marketing campaigns in advance to make marketing more efficient and effective.

3. It’s More Personal

The smartphone is by far the most personal device people own. It's common to see people checking their phones constantly, and they also keep them so close at all times.

Most marketers know how personal a mobile device is and use it to their advantage. However, ensure your marketing campaigns are intimate and personal to get incredible results.

You can also send personalized emails to your target customers. The Strikingly website can help you create and send personalized emails to your audience.

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4. Immediacy

Person holding a phone

Consumers usually take more time to see online marketing messages from laptops or desktops. This is because people aren’t always using these devices.

However, the consumer's behavior with a smartphone is quite different. Mobile phones have push notifications, making it harder for consumers to miss updates. For example, your business app can instantly send and notify the consumer about your new products or upcoming sale.

5. Viral Potential

The best thing about mobile marketing content is that it's easy to share. This means it has massive viral potential. The trick is to create good and informative content. The consumer is likely to share useful content with family or friends.

6. Location-Specific

This is among the best benefits the mobile marketing strategy offers. It allows you to target customers based on their location easily. As mentioned, people carry their mobile phones to almost all the places they visit.

Therefore, you can take advantage of the mobile device geo-targeting ability. Geo-targeting offers you the chance to send location-specific advertisements. The location-specific advertisements are usually more relevant to users and thus have better performance.

There’s also geo-fencing which triggers alerts, coupons, notifications, etc., when a device is in a particular location. It's also known as hyperlocal targeting.

7. It Easily Reaches Global Audiences and Segments It

Today, there are billions of mobile phone users. If you intend to reach a global audience, then mobile marketing advertising is the way.

Not only does mobile marketing help you reach a broad audience, but it also allows you to choose the specific audience you want to reach. You can choose according to demographics, location, gender, age, etc.

In addition, ad platforms are becoming more sophisticated. Some ad platforms have popular targeting features such as hobbies, interests, past purchase behavior, etc. Therefore, you need to identify your target audience and focus on it.

8. Easy to Track Results

You’ll love how easy it is to track marketing results regarding mobile marketing. You can analyze the responses to your marketing messages and also know the click-through rate.

After the analysis, you can improve your campaign to get a better ROI. The mobile marketing ability to track results helps businesses to be more adaptive, relevant, and accurate.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

When it comes to mobile marketing strategies, there are several options to choose from. Below are the best mobile marketing strategies and how they work.

1. SMS Marketing

It is also known as text message marketing, which happens through text messages. This popular marketing strategy enables a business to send deals, coupons, promotions, and more.

The one thing that makes SMS marketing powerful is it has high deliverability and engagement rates. This is because people are always on their phones, and push notifications are hard to ignore.

Text messages are usually short, so you should include a link where the recipient can get more information about your product and services. Alternatively, you can give a code that prompts a follow-up message.

Lastly, as much as SMS marketing is effective, you should avoid overusing it. This strategy is ideal for time-sensitive promotions.

2. Social Media Marketing

Most people use mobile phones to visit different social media platforms. The most popular platforms include Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

All these platforms have more than one billion users, so you should use this strategy. Social media marketing will allow you to connect personally with your customers through messages and comments.

You can boost conversions and increase brand awareness with recommendations and customer referrals. Some of the best social media marketing techniques include Facebook ads, promoted or shoppable pins on Pinterest, promoted tweets on Twitter, etc.

3. Proximity Marketing

This location-based marketing utilizes Bluetooth to identify where your potential/ target customers are. You can then send them personalized advertisements or promotions.

The best example is beacon marketing which finds the physical Bluetooth-enabled devices near or in the stores. It then sends signals to the phones informing them about your business.

4. Location-Based Marketing (GPS)

This strategy relies on the smartphone’s GPS function. With this strategy, marketers can show content and promotions relevant to the users' location.

Location-based marketing is also known as geolocation marketing or geo-targeting. This marketing strategy will lead to better response and engagement because the marketing content is more relevant to mobile users.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you can promote it to people in that area and encourage them to visit. Generally, businesses use location targets to increase foot traffic in their stores.

5. In-app Marketing

In-app marketing is another great strategy that no savvy marketer can ignore. The top five apps in in-app marketing are Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Today in-app advertising has become so popular among businesses because it's so effective. The popular types of in-app advertising are display advertising (banners at the top or bottom of the phone screen), video ads, interstitial ads, etc.

How Strikingly Can Help You in Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing goes far beyond mobile apps and text messaging. The website is quite a helpful tool that guarantees a successful mobile marketing campaign. Here is how a Strikingly website can help you in mobile marketing.

1. Responsive Design

User-intuitive Website

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A responsive website automatically adjusts its layout and content to display properly on any device, including smartphones and tablets. This makes it easy for mobile users to browse and interact with the website, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

2. Mobile-specific Landing Pages

A website can have dedicated landing pages designed specifically for mobile users. These pages are optimized for smaller screen sizes and highlight content and call-to-actions that are most relevant to mobile users.

3. Mobile-specific Content

The Strikingly website will help you feature tailored content for mobile users. For example, this could include short videos, infographics, or other content that are easy to consume on a small screen.

4. Mobile-specific Promotions and Offers

The website will allow you to send promotions and special offers exclusive to mobile users. This is a great way to incentivize mobile engagement and encourage conversions.

5. Mobile App Integration

If your business has a mobile app, you can use the Strikingly website to promote and download the app. This can help drive app installs and increase the reach of the company's mobile marketing efforts.


Mobile marketing is a highly effective way to reach and engage customers. It allows businesses to target specific audiences and deliver personalized messages and content through SMS, social media, apps, and other mobile platforms.

Mobile marketing is compelling with other marketing channels, such as email or traditional media. This helps amplify the reach and impact of these efforts.

Lastly, mobile marketing is a cost-effective way to reach customers. It allows businesses to target specific demographics and can be measured and tracked in real time to determine its effectiveness.