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If you have an online job or freelancing, you must adapt to your tasks. You must focus on different strategies and hacks that ensure that your online business gains the spotlight in the market. If you want to gain recognition for your online business, you must keep with the marketing demands. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the ideal strategies in eCommerce. If it is utilized correctly, search engines will benefit your online business.

To understand the best hacks in life, you must be associated with a high-quality website builder. Are you looking for websites about life hacks? If the answer is yes, then be prepared to look into some of the best websites in the world in this regard. This article will provide you with all the associated features and some of the best websites.

Features of Hacks

1. Website Title

If you consider the best life hacks globally, they all believe in having an extremely catchy title for your platform. Website titles can be seen in the address bar, search engines, social media searches, and domains. When creating a website title, make the words catchy using an equally catchy font. You can also create an interesting website title by making it more descriptive. Make sure that you keep your audience engaged about who you are and the values you stand for.

website title

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Some of the tips regarding an ideal website title are shown below:

  • Every website page must have a unique title
  • You must add keywords in your title
  • Avoid the usage of angle brackets. They would not be identified by your search engines
  • Make sure that the length of your website title isn’t more than 70 characters

2. Keywords and Meta Description

Keywords and meta-descriptions are awesome life hacks for your platform. They improve their presence on Google through their presence. Apart from that, they play a helping hand in befriending the search engines. A keyword is a collection of words that website users put into search engines (such as Google) to find the content that they want. Meta-descriptions are also referred to as meta-tags. It is a small summary of your website, including the fundamental keyword.

keyword and meta-description

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For keyword research, you must look into the three main ideas described below:

  • Your selected keywords must be suited to your website.
  • It must be a compilation of two to four words.
  • The volume of your chosen keywords must be high on Google.

If you want to create an online presence for your website, it is crucial to add keywords and meta-descriptions to your website and Strikingly provides you with an opportunity to do just that. You can create an essential keyword strategy through Strikingly as you find the most trending keywords in the search engines and use them to rank your platform.

3. Website Domain

The registration of your website domain must not be done in a hurry. After all, your website domain is one of the most essential life hacks which can help you create a presence on Google and boost productivity. Strikingly enables you to register your website domain, which can be visible to your potential customers worldwide. Below, we have shared some important tips for an effective domain name.

website domain

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  • The domain name must coincide with your online business and be unique from the rest of your competitors.
  • The domain name must ensure direct visibility for your branding. Like glass window mall displays, an ideal website domain must entice potential customers straight away.
  • Your website domain must create flexibility for your online presence. Hence, even if you decide to change the website host, the website’s presence on Google will be maintained.
  • The best website domains provide the website owners with ideal marketability options compared to their competitors.

4. Alt Tags and Image Descriptions

Including alt tags on your website can also be considered as one of the best life hacks for your platform. The alt tags can prove beneficial to many search engines, such as Google, and attract visibility in the market. As search engines cannot interpret your published images, adding alt tags becomes more necessary. It acts as a label so that the search engines can read the text in your website images and make it searchable.

alt tags

Image taken from Strikingly

On Strikingly, you can easily add alt tags to your website images. All you need to do is create an effective label for your photo so that the search engine understands what it is in the text. Make sure that you add website keywords as part of your alt tag to make it easy for potential visitors to relate your photos with your content. Moreover, ensure that your alt tag is not more than 125 characters.

5. Link Websites

Creating links is one of the best life hacks to make your website more searchable on Google. These links act as a bridge connecting your potential customers from one of your websites to another one. Nowadays, people have become extremely inclined to social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. As a result, they share everything on their social media walls that they are interested in.

If you have other social media accounts, such as LinkedIn or Pinterest, you can integrate those accounts on your business websites as well. By doing this, you will find it easy to share your website content and spread it to a wide range of audiences. Strikingly provides you with an option to add social media buttons on your website footer. This will make it easy for your potential visitors to recognize you on your other social media accounts.

Best Websites for Hacks

1. Strikingly

strikingly life hacks

Image taken from Strikingly

If you want the best example regarding life hacks, Strikingly goes ahead of everyone else. Through Strikingly, you can easily create your domains without investing a lot of time. Moreover, you can also use Google Analytics to ensure that your website gains a lot of attraction across the market. With the help of Strikingly, you can monitor everything associated with your website activity and your targeted audience via the default website stats option. However, if you want a comprehensive website traffic report, you can use Google Analytics.

As the majority of the users are on mobile these days, Strikingly has always been proactive about this approach. As a result, we have provided the website owners with an opportunity to create responsive websites on desktop and mobile versions. You can make life easy for your visitors to view your website whenever they want. With Strikingly, you also have an option of visualizing the mobile views for your overall website viewers.

2. MakeUseOf

Just as you can see by the name, “MakeUseOf” enables the website owner to use things to boost productivity and online sales. As it is associated with digital productivity, this website can be a great example regarding life hacks. “MakeUseOf” is an ideal website that can lead to numerous interesting things on the internet, such as infographics, digital marketing, online know-whats, and many other things associated with the digital world. Implementing what you learn in the digital world is not a walk in the park for everyone. Therefore, “MakeUseOf” comes for your help to fully understand everything in digital adventures.

3. Digital Inspiration

If you have seen by the name, numerous websites worldwide tackle everything regarding the productivity strategies of the digital world. However, Digital Inspiration is a bit unlike them. Even though there is still a resemblance with the other online platforms, there would be many things unique in this platform. Digital Inspiration is the habitat of all the meaningful life hacks inspiring in the technological world. Everything from simple technological tools to innovative technology news, blogging websites, and online guides, Digital Inspiration is home to everyone. This website never runs out of fuel when it comes to providing beneficial information for a source of inspiration.


Let’s be honest with ourselves. It is not easy for everyone in the digital industry to implement the most complicated marketing strategies for the welfare of their online business. However, these valuable tips will do everyone good, from you to your respective customers. So don’t waste any time and implement these hacks right away.

Strikingly helps you consider useful life hacks to ensure that your website gets recognized on Google. We help our website users to attain their desired business objectives via a solid online presence. We help them consider the best attributes and website content to ensure that they gain the spotlight on Google and get all their desired credentials. If you want to know more about these hacks for your online business, chat with us today to work together as a unit.