importance of personal domain

As there are so many website builders to consider these days, many individuals and business owners can develop their websites without breaking a sweat. On the one hand, these website builders have been an asset as it minimizes the costs business owners would have to invest in hiring a website developer. Secondly, the website owners don’t have to invest much time recognizing and purchasing the best personal domain names. Wonderful website builders like Strikingly will do the entire dirty job for you.

Having a personalized website domain is extremely important for your professional website. After all, your business website is your brand identity and should be named after your business name. If you have a massive fan following on social media and created an attractive social media page, you shouldn’t be thinking twice about your website name. Usually, if people forget the website URL, they include the domain name followed by the most familiar domain extension i.e. .com. If your website builder's name is mentioned in your website’s URL, it will be difficult for the users to remember it.

Importance of Personal Domain

1. Professional Look

If you look at the personal domain name examples on Strikingly, you will realize that all of them give a professional look to their website. Even though URLs containing “mystrikingly” also have incredible website designs and have attracted large sections of the audience, it struggles to create a professional look within the digital world. It isn’t a secret anymore that you don’t need to invest a large sum of money to purchase a domain these days.

grand tour florence

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you are not willing to spend small amounts of money on your website domain, people will assume that either you are a beginner or you are short of cash. On Strikingly website builder, you can purchase a website domain worth 24.95 USD. However, the domain's value may change as per the domain name and the domain extension you are using. For example, if you are creating a website for foundation work, using .org as your domain extension is better.

2. Copyrights and Trademarks

By opting for personal domains, you will have a chance to protect your copyrights and trademarks. When you go for a personal website domain, your website name is usually the same as your brand name. You won't hesitate to choose your website name if you have a solid customer base on your social media page. This approach will give you ownership of your brand name and all the elements you have presented on your website. No one will have the authority to have the same brand name as you unless you have permission.

If your website is based on a default URL (URL given by the website builder), you will find it difficult to claim your copyrights and trademarks. You must be convinced that your brand name is claimed by you, and it must match your website’s domain name. For example, if you look at the Strikingly websites containing “mystrikingly” in their URL, they don’t usually go for copyrights and trademarks.

3. Credibility

Personal domains have the tendency to build your credibility. If you are a beginner or just created the first website of your professional career, choosing a personal website domain would take your credibility to those heights you wouldn’t have imagined. The more credible you are as a professional, the easier it will be for you to convert your website visitors into paying customers and business leads. If you go with a personal website domain, you are serious about your business and want to make the most out of it.

A personal website domain sends a message to your target audience that you believe in your business vision and that you are willing to invest in developing your brand. It will also let your customers know that your company won’t be in the conversation for a little while. If your website visitors are comfortable with your business idea and vision, they will trust your products and services completely.

4. Brand Awareness

When you look at the best personal domain names on Strikingly, all play a part in raising brand awareness. After all, it is easier for the customers and visitors to remember a website URL that is small and without any difficult keywords. If you use a default URL presented to you by a website builder, the visitors won’t be able to identify it with your brand name. You shouldn’t use a default URL for your website for many reasons.

the winesmaker loft

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you want to ensure that your visitors find satisfaction in accessing your products and return to your website continuously, you must have a domain name that is easy to remember. The Winemakers Loft on Strikingly is one such example with a straightforward website URL. In fact, the website name is also written on the landing page alongside its outstanding visuals. If the customers come to your website multiple times, it will give you a chance to increase your brand awareness.

5. Search Engine Ranking

When you think about creating a website for your business or personal usage, make sure you create a list of personal domain name ideas. After that, you must finalize your domain name based on search engine rankings. Your domain name must be unique and attractive to the audience. If Google understands that your domain name is already acquired by another website developer, it will not hesitate to dismiss you from the Google rankings. Therefore, you must have a precise approach with the domain name you are about to select.

Strikingly believes that if you want a healthy Google ranking for your website, you must implement relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. If not, there is no point in investing so much time and money when you don’t have a strong customer base to recognize your hard work. If you want to boost your website’s SEO performance, you can add relevant keywords in your website content, title tags, meta descriptions, etc. An SEO-based content has too many things to be taken care of.

Personal Domain Name Examples on Strikingly

1. Nithi Foods

Nithi Foods company represents a company website for catering purposes. If you are looking for personal domain name examples similar to the brand name, Nithi Foods company is the one to look out for. It is a company based on food manufacturers. They provide food ingredients and spices to specific food manufacturers and snacks in considerable amounts to warehouses and distributors.

nithi foods company

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

It has a wonderful background image that sets the tone for the rest of the website. The best thing about this website is that it gives the authority to the customers to convert its language from Thai to English. Even though the website originates in Thailand, it is an international website and can be accessed by every customer worldwide. Therefore, the inclusion of the English language was necessary for this. The website name is displayed in a unique font style on the landing page.

2. Mark TSE

Mark TSE is a personal website owned by a New-York based conductor. This website is an example of one of those personal domains in which the website owner uses his/her name as part of the website. This approach will make it easy for the customers to remember his website and name properly. This website's landing page shows Mark TSE's photograph alongside the website navigation elements.

mark tse conductor

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If you don’t have a good social media following and never worked for a brand before, you can choose to go with your name like Mark TSE has done. If you want more clarification about Mark TSE, you can go to his bio section and learn more about his status and background. In one of the sections, he shared files of the research he has conducted on bands and composers.

3. Ashmith

ashmith website developer

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website.

Just like Mark TSE, Ashmith is also one of the personal domain names that are based on the website developer. This website tells a story about an experienced IT professional with outstanding credentials and enough browsing experience on the internet. He has shared a call to action (CTA) button on his landing page so that different visitors can collaborate with him.


As you now understand the importance of choosing a domain name for a personal website, it is important that you start integrating it into your working plans. You can rely on Strikingly and start building your website on a personal domain. As a beginner, it is impossible to find the best personal website domain in the first instance. Therefore, you must create a list of the best names and consult with experienced developers about the best name for your website.

However, it is also vital to make the kind of website that matches your remarkable domain. Strikingly enables you to create professional websites without breaking a sweat. It will require a few clicks, and your desired website will be on your computer screen. If you have trouble developing your website, you can consult with our Happiness Officers today. So, get the best domain name for your website and create a strong online presence for yourself.