Losing a loved one is never easy. The only thing that we can do is to mourn and celebrate a life well lived. The digital world presents a number of ways to honor the memory of the departed. Building a memorial web site is just one of them. Creating a digital monument to help the living remember their departed loved one is the best way to celebrate life. Strikingly features user-friendly tools and beautiful memorial website templates to provide a manageable way of creating this meaningful online space.


Learn how to create a DIY memorial web site with this set of guidelines:

1. Choose a memorial website template

Starting off with a Strikingly site template is the best and easiest way to get a memorial website up in no time. Choose a template from the collection according to the look and feel that you want for the site. You have the option to leave the template as it is and add your own content. Each template has a set of recommended design elements so you there’s no need to worry about things not matching. If you do decide to tweak the look a bit, Strikingly has a very user-friendly website editor. You can use it to further customize the color and fonts to make the site more unique.

2. Add media content

In many cases, images and videos can communicate a lot more than mere words can. When you create a memorial website, think of it as an opportunity to relive the most colorful and interesting details in your loved one’s life. Create a beautiful image gallery of these memories - parties, gatherings, travels and events spent with the person. You can add home videos taken through the years. Connect the site to Soundcloud if you have a playlist of your family’s favorite songs. Turn the website into a huge gallery that celebrates his or her life and make it easy for the living to remember him or her.


3. Support a cause

Some families, in lieu of mass cards, request for donations to be coursed to a charity or organization. Use the memorial web site to support a cause that your loved one was passionate about and add a “Donate” option for friends and family. There are so many charitable organizations out there. It should be easy enough to find one that resonates with your loved one’s personality and ideology.

4. Re-establish ties and communities

When you create a memorial website, you are also creating a platform where family and friends of the departed loved can congregate. Use the website as a starting point for a community and re-establish ties as you mourn the departure of your family member and remember his memories in the process. Keep the conversation going by encouraging guests and viewers to contact you and your family. Use the website to announce upcoming family events and gatherings.

5. Invite people to come to your website

After you launch the memorial websites, it’s important to let people know of its existence. Use social media to announce to everyone that you have created the site. Share links to your pages and encourage friends and family to visit the website. Some even take the time to create a newsletter to make the announcement official. Engage your family by asking them to submit photos, videos and stories about the departed to regularly update the website long after the memorial service is over. It is easy to update your Strikingly website through the editor any time. Keep working on the memorial website as a way of keeping a loved one’s memory alive.