Recent research claims that more than 25% of the people around the world make a video of 10 hours or more per week, whereas 33% of the people make a video of 4 hours or more per week. Different brands create opportunities for videos across multiple forums, such as mobile devices, social media platforms, and video platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion.

With an increase in the popularity of video, freelance videographers are also having numerous opportunities on the table to blossom. With numerous freelancing opportunities, it is easy to have options for being a videographer. Freelancers who want to be a videographer must be fully focused in order to achieve success in this field. In this article, we will show you the opportunities available for videographers and the ways in which you can be successful in this field.

What is a Freelance Videographer

A videographer captures video content for numerous brands and consumers for a real-time project or any scheduled task. If you look at the best videographers around the world, they always have a strong brand name associated with them, which they rely on to create more job opportunities in the future.

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They work in association with a producer, either alone or with a team that captures footage consistently. The footage can be from a TV advertisement, a short music video, or a documentary. They have the responsibility of using and maintaining the specified equipment, displaying the actual footage, and editing the content as per their liking.

Opportunities for Videographers

If you want to become a freelance videographer, there are numerous creative roles and responsibilities for you to look into. If the career of freelance photography wasn’t enough, the career of videography is going to be a different cattle of fish altogether. It is a must for you to have a passion for videography, and understand the ways in which you can rejuvenate different stories via film production.

If you look into the credentials of a great videographer, he always knows about the ways to attract the audience, engage them and encourage them to keep watching the video until the end. However, if that videographer is working for a company that requires corporate videos, or he is making videos for a child’s birthday party, it won’t attract a great audience as it will eventually become boring to watch.

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You must have ideal communication skills and the ability to understand the concept of a team within your working environment. It is crucial for direct marketing. There can be businesses around the world that would be looking for freelancers like you to fill the internal deficiencies within their team for specified projects. Furthermore, you may be inclined to work as a cinematographer. This job manages more technical aspects of film work, editors, and other crew members within the working environment.

If you want to know how to be a freelance videographer, you must understand all the details that your client gives in every video-making situation. Below, we mention some of the functions that a freelancer may retail:

∙ Visualizing Crucial or Milestone Events

Many clients would like to have recordings of numerous milestones or accomplishments associated with their respective businesses. This objective may require the videographer to make videos of opening ceremonies or conferences.

∙ Making Video Training Courses

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Nowadays, many video-making companies realize that training videos or the content of video training courses will enable them to interact with the employees properly. If it is hard enough to make them go through a book of instructions, you can create a film for them to capture all the required content and find ways to attract the audience.

∙ Helping in Documentary Filming

Filming a documentary may provide great filming opportunities regarding almost every topic of interest. Moreover, you can allow your professionals to capture images or create an exciting product that can be displayed in film festivals. Hence, it will build your reputation and presence in the film industry.

∙ Creating Video Marketing Content

Videos can also be an important part of empathy marketing. If the customers understand that your product is in the market, their liking of your product may drive your business to further heights. Being a videographer, you must know that reaching out to customers is vital for building your reputation. Therefore, you must create videos to make them aware of the key updates in the industry. Furthermore, you can make them capture the information.

Ways of Becoming a Successful Videographer

Now, as you know about all the opportunities and the responsibilities, you may start to wonder about how to become a freelance videographer. We have created a list of six points that will allow you to become successful in this field. If you want to have a unique reputation in this industry and want to create a client database for ensuring success, you must look at the list provided below and create your path to glory.

1. Invest in Your Preferable Tools

A freelance videographer would require certain tools to do his job properly. You can look into numerous factors that can improve your ability for your respective clients as well as the video quality. For example, you can consider the camera, equipment, and software required for video editing purposes.

You must know that you won’t be using every required tool at the same time. Therefore, you must create a list of the tools that you require to begin your video work and the tools that you must invest in to improve video quality and attract customers.

2. Grasp All the Video-related Skills, such as Video Editing

Your clients may also want you to learn additional skills to correspond with your videography work, such as post-production as a video editor. If you know about these things and have published such content on your YouTube channel, make sure to inform your client about it. If you don’t, make sure to check out the latest opportunities to train yourself. This grooming will allow you to be associated with more jobs than just being a camera operator as you will get to know the details of film production.

You may get confused looking into the formidable training opportunities, particularly if you don’t have a high salary being a videographer. However, you must not stop improving as a freelance videographer. You can check out the tutorials on YouTube that will help you in getting used to those training opportunities. Once you start attracting audiences to your platform, make sure that you invest in your skills to retain them.

3. Look for Things to Specialize

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If you want to build your business in association with videos, make sure that you consider the type of freelance videography that you want to do. As a freelance videographer, it is good to be an all-rounder, but it is even better if you specialize your skills in this regard. Some freelancers prefer to be multi-functional. They would cover everything from birthday parties to convocation days.

On the other hand, we have freelancers who would associate themselves with a website to give coverage to a wedding. If you want to have a successful videography career, you must look into your interests and expertise.

4. Create a Portfolio

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You would require time to build a portfolio for your freelance videography career. Your portfolio must contain some of the best professional videos that you have made (if your client or company allows you). If you want to be a successful freelance videographer, your portfolio must show your motivation to become one. You must display your skills to the people who want to hire you for your services. You must convince them about the qualities that make them hire you as a professional.

With Strikingly, you are no longer required to build a portfolio website from scratch. This website builder allows you to create a website with all the necessary functions and features. When you are trying to impress other employees with your portfolio website, it can be a good strategy to impress them via your design. Strikingly’s website builder is easy-to-use as it allows users to easily customize their websites to make them look attractive to the audience.


Freelance videography provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to develop strengths and skills in video production. As a freelance videographer, you must make sure that you know about all the requirements and benefits that this field is associated with. You must look into videographer guides to have a better view of this field. Moreover, you must find ways to improve your appeal as an independent contractor.

When you are ready to go, make sure that you create your videography website on Strikingly. As the best platform to boost your freelance career in video production, Strikingly makes it easy for you to find a job in freelance videography. It is not just about making a videography website from scratch, it is also about making it attractive for your potential visitors. Strikingly’s exciting features allow your videography website to have a great navigation experience for your customers. It won’t be difficult for your bosses or the potential hierarchies to find all the details about your credentials, which is why you will have a great chance to get hired for a videography job.