The world of eCommerce has been filled with online entrepreneurs aspiring to have a fresh start. Each has its own beliefs and distinct styles in introducing its businesses to the online community. With competition continuously lingering in the digital business world, stepping up your game is necessary. It would be best if you equipped yourself with a powerful weapon that you can use to outsmart your competitors and be among the best. One way to do that is through having a responsive eCommerce website.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive eCommerce website design is considered among the best eCommerce solutions for online business. Learning the importance of a responsive eCommerce website can help online entrepreneurs quickly adapt to the changes brought by the business world. A responsive eCommerce web design is a type of website design that makes virtual shopping and other transactions go smoothly for an online consumer.

When you create a responsive website, one of your main objectives is to lessen the activities done by online shoppers to make their purchases. This includes reducing their time scrolling from left to right to read website content, properly arranging website section pages, adding a website footer for your social media platforms, enabling mobile optimization, and designing smooth website navigation. Responsive eCommerce website designing also showcases the power of building a comprehensive website that features outstanding website visuals. Once you master these incredible benefits of responsive eCommerce website design, rocking the digital business world will never be impossible.


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Benefits of Responsive eCommerce Website Design

After learning what a responsive eCommerce website is, it is also necessary for you to understand its importance. One common mistake entrepreneurs must remember is the need for a responsive website to reach their business goals. Unknown to many, understanding the benefits of responsive eCommerce website design can give you more than what you need in digital business. Here are some:


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A Responsive eCommerce Website Design makes your website load faster.

For a website to be labeled as "responsive," it must be able to load faster. One of the main reasons why online consumers immediately log off of a business website is that the pages take too much time to load. You may not notice it, but people need to be patient with online shopping. Once they click on a website page and see the page has poor loading speed, they'll immediately leave it.

This occurrence is terrible for your SEO ranking because it is considered an increase in bounce rate. To save you from lousy SEO ranking, creating a responsive eCommerce website would be a great help. Responsive websites can make your website load in less than three seconds by reducing the HTTP requests received by your business website and eventually improving your website performance.

Responsive Web Design helps improve your SEO ranking.

Search engine ranking is among the most crucial ingredient of a successful eCommerce website. It plays a massive role in helping you reach out to your online consumers without breaking too much sweat. When your business website has a good eCommerce performance, you have a higher chance of being seen in the online community. Search engines make it easier for online businesses to connect with their target market and start transactions from a different niche. When you master the benefits of responsive eCommerce website design, you can easily create smooth transactions and get more website traffic. Positive feedback from past clients can help you establish a good SEO ranking. When search engines recognize the excellent performance of your responsive eCommerce website design, increasing your search engine ranking will never be a problem.

A responsive website design help increase your sales.

One of the main goals why digital stores exist is to help increase sales. Now that we are all living in the new normal, eCommerce has become a new way for online businesses to continue operating. Despite having no physical store, an aspiring entrepreneur can still showcase his business ideas to any part of the world by creating a responsive web design.

A responsive website enables mobile optimization on a virtual store adding more online presence to a business. Because many online consumers nowadays are resorting to mobile devices to buy products online, building a responsive eCommerce website is one big help. Online advertising and social media promotions are also easier to accomplish through creating a responsive eCommerce web design. By mastering the importance of responsive eCommerce website, sharing your advocacy on your chosen niche is a no-brainer.

A responsive web design improves the user's browsing experience.

There is one thing online entrepreneurs want to achieve, customer satisfaction. Website building has become a new way for online businesses to gather good impressions from their users.

By creating a powerful online platform, companies can have their go-to place to communicate and share updates with their clients. A responsive website can give you more than just an online presence. Online entrepreneurs can create an online community through a robust and responsive web design. In this online community, businesses can sell products, post blogs, share video tutorials, post social media updates, get client feedback, do partnerships, host virtual events, and even talk to their respective clients one-on-one.

By mastering the importance of responsive eCommerce website design, businesses can improve their game and make online shopping more memorable for their audience. With a responsive eCommerce website, online shopping will never be just an experience.

How to Create a Responsive Web Design

There are many ways to create a responsive eCommerce website. But as a beginner or someone who wants to take things to the next level, learning some effective hacks is a great advantage. Here at Strikingly, we ensure that our users only get the best tips when building the best responsive eCommerce website. Here are some essential elements you should never forget to include in your responsive eCommerce web design.


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Fluid Website Grid

A fluid website grid is a grid design that easily mimics the size of whatever device type it is viewed on. This means that your website grid's original dimensions automatically change depending on the device your online consumers use to browse your business website. This is important to achieve a responsive web design because online consumers seek convenience, specifically when shopping.

High-Quality Images and Videos

Photos and video snippets play a massive role in making any responsive website appear more exciting and alive. When creating your responsive eCommerce web design, remember always to include only high-quality photos and videos of your products. This can help you get an instant good impression from your online users once they see that your pictures and videos are of good quality. They can quickly get a good view of your products' appearance in person.

Clear Typographies

One of the common mistakes digital entrepreneurs make is picking inappropriate font styles and sizes. Creating a responsive eCommerce website starts with making every content in your business website clear and understandable. Choosing the correct typographies for your business website is crucial in helping your consumers understand everything written on your website. If you want to succeed in your responsive eCommerce web design, always ensure that you pick the font style and sizes that best suit your brand and the devices your clients typically use.


A responsive website is an SEO-equipped website. As we've mentioned in the past sections, search engine optimization plays a huge role in achieving a responsive eCommerce website design. When your business website is equipped with powerful SEO tools, getting more attention from your target audience will always be easy.

Reliable Security

Website security is something online businesses should always pay attention to when making a responsive web design. Having tight and reliable security isn't just for the customer's and company's sake. Securing a website's safety from online attackers is essential to avoid data leakage and online scams that can harm everyone connected to the business. Your responsive website must have a valid SSL certificate with all the encrypted data to have reliable website security.

Start a Responsive eCommerce Web Design With Us

Website design has been massive for years. Among all these website builders existing in the online community, only a few of them can fulfill their duties.

Strikingly is among the few website builders who have mastered the art of website building and digital business. For the past years, we at Strikingly have helped a lot of aspiring online entrepreneurs who want to put their businesses to the next level. We helped them find what best suits them and identify solutions to their eCommerce concerns. We made responsive websites more potent through the help of powerful eCommerce and SEO tools. Our Simple Store feature is one of the weapons we've been using to help our users rock the digital business world.


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Our Simple Store feature isn't like your usual online store-building method. This feature is jampacked with powerful tools and features you can use to showcase what your online business can do to the world. You can start an online shop even having zero coding experience. Whether you are a Free, Limited, Pro, or VIP Strikingly user, you can smoothly use Simple Store to sell your products online. Selling both physical and digital products is also prohibited in this feature. Strikingly's Simple Store feature has also integrated leading payment getaways to make transactions easier. We also support foreign currencies, so no worries with international transactions!

Aside from those, getting a Simple Store with us allows you to set multi-language methods to help you quickly welcome your local and foreign clients. We have features like shopping cart interfaces and express checkout flow, which enable users to get a smooth checkout process. You have nothing to worry about when organizing your products because Strikingly has fantastic ways to showcase your business. With a Simple Store, you can create a product section to list your products, add images, switch up your online store layouts, set up shipping and payment methods, add coupons and taxes, and even manage your orders. Just awesome, right?


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Online business has become a trend in recent years. People have become more persistent in finding a way to sustain their daily needs while in the middle of a pandemic. Many seek to secure themselves with something they can easily manage and benefit from, even in the comfort of their homes. With a creative mind and the power of modern technology, starting an online business has become their holy grail.

If you want to know more about creating an online business platform, chat with us today, and we'll get you started.