Every business owner aims for customer satisfaction every day because happy customers are a valuable resource. They are more inclined to tell their friends and family about your business as a result of their positive experience. And it's a bonus if you did a good job and create a happy customers base.

With excellent customer service, you can have happy customers. According to one survey, almost 40% of customers will steer clear of a business for two years following a poor customer service encounter. A company's core goods or services don't necessarily equate to a good consumer experience. It's more about the small gestures they do to go above and above, demonstrate their concern, or appreciate me for my transaction (because who doesn't enjoy a good reward!)

While your cornerstone services do a great deal to keep customers happy, what you do above and beyond leaves a lasting impact and cultivates loyal and pleased clients.

How do you define happy customers?

Customer satisfaction in using a product mainly entails providing your consumers with a delightful and fulfilling user experience. It occurs when your users' expectations are met with the appropriate timing and intent.

Customers who are satisfied with your business are happy with you. When you make mistakes, satisfied consumers don't desert you; they offer you another chance. Customers who are pleased with your business treat you nicely in return. If you create loyal and happy customers, they grow with you.

There are different ways to make your customers happy. If you're looking for an innovative, straightforward, and practical guide to happy customers, keep reading!

How To Make Your Customers Happy

1. Make a name for yourself in the customer service field.

Every successful company needs a happy customers base. If your company should be known for something, it should be about delivering excellent customer service. Focusing on three simple but critical components of customer service management is an efficient method to create happy customers.

What are the three Ps of customer service?


The first "P" stands for "professionalism" in treating your clients. Even when a customer is angry or acting irrationally, it's your responsibility to calm the situation, if at all feasible, and do your best to promote your brand.

Provide customer service with a People-first attitude

While it's crucial to retain a professional and patient demeanor when dealing with customers, the most critical aspects of providing high-quality service are humanistic. It's important to ask these questions if you are seeking ways to make your customers happy: Do my consumers feel understood and listened to when they voice out an issue? Do they feel appreciated and valued? Do they understand that my team and I see them as people, not just profit?

Practicing a people-first mindset supported by a set of activities that puts the needs of your clientele above all else will generate a significant return on investment. You need a happy customers to survive.


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Hire friendly, trainable, and competent staff that have aligned values with your company's mission and vision. They should be passionate about how to make your customers happy. During interviews, everyone tries to present their best selves. This requires good judgment on your part, as a company owner you need to look for the best that answers to the established standards and skills of your company.

2. Recognize your client's needs.

Calls should be returned promptly in you offer call support. Email response times are crucial; you should respond at least an hour or two during working hours. Acknowledging your consumers right away helps to increase customer satisfaction. If it's a face-to-face interaction, make eye contact and say, "I'll be right with you." Simple actions demonstrate your care. To ensure they represent your business in the best light, periodically train your workforce.

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3. Develop Loyal Customers Via Reward Program.

Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a surefire way to increase their happiness. Many companies provide discounts and promotions if customers buy in bulk. While this is positive, you can also surprise your consumers with rewards. Give a returning client a discount coupon, an extra service, or a special price when they come to you a few times. People love to receive rewards for their purchases, and these loyalty campaigns are fantastic techniques for keeping happy customers, not to mention that they are simple to create and implement.

4. Make transacting with you a unique experience.

It can be effective in providing your customers with a wow experience. 86% of consumers are likely to pay more for superior customer service even if the product is slightly more expensive than the competitors.

A fantastic experience can include various elements of your company, including how your staff engages with consumers, the ambiance you create in your storefront (if you have one), and how people interact with you online.

Consider an out-of-the-box service you can provide customers to differentiate your company from the competition. Suppose you're offering physical products and have a physical store; you can do this by expertly wrapping items and placing them in adorable, branded gift bags, including a bag of goodies as a freebie for your customers, or simply by maintaining a well-kept store.

If you use Strikingly to create a website, you can also include our live chat option, which will allow you to give your site users the fastest customer support possible. Developing a relationship with your consumers will significantly assist you in keeping them. Plus, it will provide you with an advantage over your rivals relying on email or phone assistance, which are less effective ways to make your customers happy.


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5. Make it simple for others to connect with your company.

Nothing is more annoying than contacting a company and not getting a response. You can improve customer satisfaction by making it simple for customers to reach your company’s support team. And this entails presenting several options, including phone, email, web chat support, and perhaps even sending SMS. Then, assign someone to follow up with clients as they get in touch.

Strikingly offers live chat support with real agents you can speak with 24/7. Yes! They are live agents -- we do not use bots!

6. Get feedback from customers

As a business owner, you have to understand what your customers want. Hence, no harm in asking for client feedback and suggested enhancements. Honest customer feedback might give you helpful insight to improve your products and services. Send a post-sale questionnaire to a Google Form or create a pop-up on your website asking: What about our product would you change to get you to purchase it?

Whether a customer would pull out their wallet and spend their hard-earned money on a product or service you offer is at the heart of this straightforward but incredibly effective question. Note that you have to avoid the impulse to explain in your reply. Unfiltered customer communication is the optimum way to improve your products and services. When it comes to garnering happy customers, listening is more effective than explaining.


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7. Imbibe Uniqueness

Most frequently, people trying to build their brands fall into a hard place because of their eccentricities, which are perceived as shams. But you have to keep in mind that little peculiarities make you likable. At Strikingly, the staff is not merely called agents; they are known as the Happiness Officers (how cool is that!). Their goal is to deliver efficient, fast, and reliable help. Don't be afraid to break away from mediocrity and be different.

8. Be truthful.

In business, transparency is essential. When customers believe they can trust you and your staff, they are satisfied, which requires clarity. For instance, if you promise to resolve the user's issue in 24 hours, you have to get back to your customer within the timeframe with a resolution. However, if you don't at least give your customer an update about the issue, the customer is unlikely to be pleased.

9. Add a personal touch.

The best method to show your prospects that they are a priority is with a personal touch. Remember the name of the customer you speak with and use it frequently. Mention something they said before to indicate that you are paying attention. This technique will be appreciated by your regular customers and make them loyal patrons.

10. Use positive scripting.

Imagine a user asking for a refund, but you can only offer credits, not monetary reimbursement. How do you say you cannot give refunds in a positive way?

Try this:

"At this moment, I can offer you a credit to your account instead of a refund to your card."

Not only does the above phrase mention that you cannot give a refund, but most importantly, it says what you can give the customer instead. One of the secret guides to happy customers is telling them what they can get in exchange for not getting what they want. Telling them outright that you cannot provide what they were asking for blinds them to the next things you will say.

Customers can make or break your business. Additionally, customer satisfaction can be used to gauge how well your business is doing. It enables you to pinpoint your roadblocks, areas for growth, and consumer demands. You can provide goods more quickly if you can predict your clients' actions and priorities rather than having to make wild assumptions. Obviously, you need a happy customers base to keep your business afloat.

And like they said, happy customers, happy life.