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Are you someone who enjoys watching science fiction movies like Harry Potter and Avengers? Do you enjoy listening to artists like Taylor Swift and Adele? Are you a KPOP fan? If the answer is yes, you might want to start a fan website.

What is a Fan Website?

A fan website is simply a website page for a specific subject. These subjects may be celebrities, singers, actors, sports teams, games, or even any cultural trend. Practically, a fan website could be about anything under the sun. An engaging fan website is usually created to provide a website where their co-fans could visit and get the most recent updates about the artist they follow.


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A fan website is sometimes referred to as a fan site or a fan club. It could be managed by either an organization meant for a celebrity or even himself. Many artists and personalities nowadays started their journey in creating a fan website. Why? Simple—it lets them know the current “pulse”. They could use their good fan website to post updates, get opinions/reactions and even sell merchandise to their fans. A fan website made for bands is sometimes used to post music videos, sell concert tickets and even help fans easily purchase the artists’ latest album.

What Should a Good Fan Website Have?

Now that you’ve learned what a fan website is, it’s now the time to learn another excellent tip from us—the elements of a fan website. Got zero ideas? Worry no more cause we in Strikingly won’t leave you behind. To keep you equipped with the best information, we listed below the top seven fan website elements you should know.


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1. Latest Updates

A fan website wouldn’t make sense if it contains no updates. Fans visit a fan website with one goal—to get the freshest news about their favorites. To make an engaging fan website, keep everything updated. You can post blogs, your subject’s most recent photos, and even the latest news. In this way, people who join your good fan website can keep in touch with their idols by visiting your fan website. By creating a fan website that is always on track and up to date, you are more likely to gain more followers on your fan website. It can also help in increasing website traffic and even help you get more sales for your fan website online store.

2. Image & Video Posts

Websites are always more fun with photos and videos. In making an engaging fan website, always post only high-quality photos and videos. Most fans visit a fan website to view photos and watch videos related to their favorites. Aside from these, adding photos and videos to your fan website makes your website look more professional. You can share clips of your idol’s latest shows or commercials to gain more attention. For businesses who decide to start a fan website, adding photos and videos can be a form of advertisement. It makes it easier for your audience to grasp what you are trying to sell them and have a clearer picture of what they can expect from you.

3. Blog Contents

Blogging is another vital element you should never miss when creating a fan website. It may not seem like it, but many online visitors are fond of reading blogs and articles posted on various web pages they visit. Strikingly allows users to create a section on their website to freely post their own written article. You can write your own blog however you want it and quickly post it on your fan website. By adding this section, you give yourself more chances to express yourself to your audience. You can share your thoughts on various topics about your favorite band or celebrity through our Simple Blog feature. You can post your first concert experience and even tell them a story of what you felt when you first met your idol. Sounds fun, right?

4. Membership Pages

Membership pages are another bright idea in mastering the art of creating a fan website. A fan website mainly functions as a place where people with one common interest meet. Adding membership pages on your fan website will not only establish a firm trust from your website visitors but, most importantly, help you gain a loyal audience. We in Strikingly offer awesome membership options to our users. By choosing a plan, they can start creating a membership page that will allow their website users to become “VIPs”. Our users can definitely do more with their Strikingly website with this feature!


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5. Merch Store

A merchandise store or simply merch store is another good fan website must-have. These are particular web pages explicitly made for products and items designed for artists, tv shows, events, or even companies. Adding a merchandise page on your fan website is one genius way of gaining more audience. Many fans are fond of buying items with their celebrity idol’s faces or names printed on them. To add a merch store on your fan website, you can try our Simple Store feature. This excellent offer enables you to freely create your own online shop without having much trouble. You can easily add products, create categorizations, set a price list/pricing table, get online payments, and set your own shipping rules.

6. Social Media Accounts

Social media is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools today. Many users, young or old, have at least made one social media account. Creating an engaging fan website will require additional web platforms to help you gain more popularity. Here in Strikingly, you have the power to easily add your social media account to your fan website. You can easily connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and smoothly integrate other social media platforms on your good fan website by working with us.


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Effective Tips & Tricks in Creating a Fan Website

After knowing the important elements to include on your fan website, let’s now step on to the next level. To help you smoothly start a fan website to keep you on track. Take a deeper understanding of the following tips, and who knows, your fan website could be the next big thing.

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1. Always Include Copyrights

Creating a fan website that will contain information about famous personnel will require you to learn about copyrights. You might consider yourself a number one fan of a specific person or show, but that doesn’t give you the right to use their fame without permission. When posting photos, always give credits to the actual photographer of the photo. Do not use images that aren’t allowed by the celebrity’s company or those not released yet for public viewing. Avoid adding downloadable content on your fan website without getting proper permission from the company. Following this helpful tip would not only save your fan website from being shut down but, most importantly, keep you from getting penalized.

2. Include Forums or Chat Rooms

Forums and Chat Rooms ensure a more engaging fan website. Why? Simple—people are fond of communicating. Fans are always up for communication, specifically about their idol. Providing a place where audiences can connect easily with other fans can help you achieve a good fan website. Many third-party applications can help you provide a chat room space for your fan website. Once you build your website with us in Strikingly, you can effortlessly connect your chosen app and start the party.

3. Keep it Mobile-Friendly

People love using their mobile phones. May it be for listening to music, buying stuff online, watching movies, or even simply browsing on their social media accounts, mobile phones are a necessity. More than half of online searches are done through mobile phones. This idea alone is one great reason for you to create a fan website that is mobile-friendly. Start a fan website wherein audiences can easily access it wherever or whenever they want. You can easily do this step when you create a free website with us. Strikingly offers a unique feature that allows you to make a mobile-friendly fan website. With our Mobile View feature, you can still edit text, images, backgrounds, and other components. You can also easily add, move, or delete sections from your mobile phones or tablets.

4. Simpler, the Better

As the saying goes, less is more. This is actually true when creating a fan website. Online visitors find it overwhelming when a fan website’s page is too cluttered and messy. Chaotic websites tend to lose visitors for it does not appear professional and trustworthy in their eyes. If you seek to immediately impact your audience once they see your fan website layout, keep your style simple yet functional. Select a layout that best suits your needs. We only offer the best website themes and templates that our users can enjoy here in Strikingly. The best thing about them? You don’t need to be a pro to use them, and they're free!

Start a Fan Website with Us!


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Though an engaging fan website is mostly made for celebrities, the world of eCommerce has also started joining the trend. Many businesses became eager to learn how to create a fan website. Creating a fan website can help their company spread awareness towards their community faster. They can use their fan website to give information about their future charity activities, product launch, and even the latest political movement. With the right knowledge on how to create a fan website and the right website building partner, businesses could easily succeed in bringing home that bacon.

Want to learn more about starting your own website? Chat with us today, and let’s get you started.