exquisite tips to create best marketing email subject lines

With the emergence of social media in recent years, many people have taken email marketing lightly. Some think email marketing is outdated and cannot be compared to social media marketing anymore. However, the reality is that more than 306 billion emails are delivered and received per day. This statistic doesn’t resemble a marketing strategy that is supposed to be outdated. Millions of online businesses email their customers to keep them aware of their brand.

One factor determining your email campaign's success is the marketing email subject lines. The importance of writing email subject lines seems to be ignored. As a business owner, you must know that if your subject lines aren’t attractive, your customers won’t be satisfied and will not open your email. This article will identify the best ways to create effective email subject lines. We will also mention a few examples that you can imitate.

Best Tips for Marketing Email Subject Lines

1) Create a Subject Line

Usually, you invest so much energy in creating the first draft of your marketing email. This is the wrong way to go about things because the moment you think about writing email subject lines, you feel exhausted and may not even give it a huge priority. Email subject lines are so important that it can make or break your campaign.

When you create a subject line, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your subject line stir curiosity in your customer’s mind?
  • Is your subject line targeting a problem your readers can relate to?
  • Is your subject clean and crisp?

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The best thing to do is to go with your marketing email subject lines first, and then focus on the body of your email. Your email body content won’t count if nobody is bothered about opening your email in the first place. You must invest the most energy in writing the best subject lines for your email campaigns.

This will also remove the habit within you of sending emails with a blank subject line. Emails with a blank subject line have less percentage of opening. According to a statistic shared by Finances Online, 64% of people decide on opening an email based on the subject line.

2) Keep the Subject Line Precise

If you are trying to create the best email subject lines out of your efforts, you should be clear and pragmatic with your words. As a marketing person, you must know that your viewers will only look at a certain number of characters within your subject line. If you exceed their character limit, they may not open your email. Lengthy marketing email subject lines leave you with nothing but disappointment.

As the objective of your subject line is to convince your recipients to open your email, you should never write long email subject lines. If your subject line exceeds the email subject line space, you should delete it and go again. By keeping your subject line simple and short, you are likely grab your recipient's attention, and they will try to look at what is in the email body.

3) Keep a Sequence of Words

The sequence of words is next on our list of tips for creating the best email subject lines. As a marketing person, the best thing to do is to write relevant words at the beginning of your subject line. As there are more mobile users than desktop users in today’s digital world, your customers will likely be notified on their mobile phones. Depending on the kind of mobile device they use, it is likely that the last words of your marketing email subject line may get hidden or cropped–and you don’t want that.

We can safely say that the most important words in terms of email engagement are the ones that appear next to the sender’s name. This is where the recipient’s eyes are most likely to go before they decide on opening an email or not. If they don’t feel attracted by your subject line, there is a chance that they may even consider your email spam.

4) Maintain Focus on Topic

If you look at the ideal email subject line examples on the Internet, you will realize that they don’t distract from their original topic. You must be on the same wavelength and focus your marketing email subject lines on one specific desired action. You shouldn’t involve your audience in too many actions at a time. As we have suggested in the previous point, the target is to convince your customers to open the email. You can explain further actions in the email body. Make sure that you limit your subject line to just one action.

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For example, if you are offering a coupon in your marketing email, describe that coupon in your subject line in a few words. All the other details, such as the way of participation and the delivery charges can be discussed in your email body.

Marketing emails can also be called cold emails. Specifying what you are offering through your products and services while writing email subject lines is important. For example, you can provide a discount, a personalized service, or give a chance to participate in a contest. Vague subject lines would kill any enthusiasm potentially in your email body. You shouldn’t choose generic words while writing your subject line because the recipients may consider your email spam.

5) Use Relevant Keywords

The best email subject lines are created on the back of in-depth keyword research for your niche. Keywords are phrases searched by your target audience on Google and other respective search engines. They search those keywords to find information about a certain topic. This means they would like to see those keywords in the marketing email subject lines, which would help them decide about opening the email.

6) Personalize Subject Line

The best email subject lines give you a personal feel. Always have your recipient’s name on the subject line. This would make the recipients feel special as it sends a message that you have made an effort to remember and mention their names. Having their name out there makes your marketing email more personalized.

With email management tools, like Strikingly’s newsletter feature, you can personalize your email campaigns and add your recipient’s email within the body. It’s a quick and easy process, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. You can also view how many people viewed your email, clicked on it, and how many took action. You can also schedule newsletters for your email campaigns. This is a handy feature that will save you a lot of time preparing your emails.

7) Use Strikingly as Email Management Tool

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The impact of your email campaigns also boils down to the platform that you are using for building your website. If you create a website on Strikingly, the good news is that you will receive 24/7 live chat customer support. You can also send your contacts personalized emails from your own domain with the marketing subject lines.

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You can access your email audience through the Strikingly dashboard, which you can access after completing the registration on our platform. You can also keep a record of your contact history with all the recipient email addresses.

Create a Professional Email on Strikingly

If you want to create the best email subject lines for your business, you must have a professional email address at your disposal. Strikingly helps you create a professional brand for your business. Once registered on Strikingly, you must buy a domain before creating your professional email address.

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Once you are done with the registration of your domain, you can type your preferable email address and send newsletters to all your contacts. People will start giving importance to your marketing email subject lines rather than calling it spam if you have a custom email address like mike@myawesomebusiness.com. Moreover, a professional email address would help create a unique identity for your business products and services.

Strikingly has a newsletter feature that allows you to perform email marketing to anyone who has interacted with your website. You can choose to send specific newsletters to those who inquired on your contact form, sent you a chat, or purchased from your store.


Many of our users are running their email campaigns through their established websites on Strikingly. We provide our users with easy and convenient tools. You can also join our army of users by registering on our platform and building a fully-functional website.

Ensure you don’t forget to add a subscription form to your website. A subscription form will allow you to create a huge list of subscribers.

Don’t forget–always write awesome email subject lines. Keep it short and simple, and always ask your recipient to take action. This is your gateway to a compelling email campaign that your subscribers can’t help but take action from.