Ecommerce Sales Strategies: The Top Techniques to Try Today

In this new age, where the world is run by technology, you'd think that sales will come pouring in when you open up an eCommerce store. However, opening an online business is just part of the battle; you also need a solid plan for improving eCommerce sales.

Online business owners virtually often prioritize finding strategies to increase e-commerce sales. Blowing up your money on paid advertisements can be enticing, but this is not always the wisest strategy for improving your eCommerce sales funnel. In actuality, utilizing the power of your audience, user experience, and customer services results in some of the most effective eCommerce sale techniques.

What is eCommerce Sales?

eCommerce sales refer to buying and selling goods and services through an online platform, such as a website or mobile app. This type of commerce is conducted entirely over the internet, allowing consumers to shop and make purchases from the comfort of their homes or while on the go. eCommerce sales have exploded in popularity in recent years due to the convenience and ease of use of online shopping platforms. With eCommerce sales, customers can easily browse and compare products, read reviews, and make purchases using various payment methods. eCommerce sales also allow businesses to reach a wider audience and offer their products and services to a global market.

eCommerce sales can be challenging. But if you want to know how to increase online sales, several strategies can help you increase eCommerce sales. These tactics can vary from improving your website design and functionality to utilizing marketing and advertising efforts. It's crucial to find the right platform to launch your eCommerce store, as this will significantly impact the success of your business. While it may be challenging, increasing eCommerce sales is certainly possible with the right approach and tools.

How to Increase eCommerce Sales

1. Boost brand recognition

Getting your customer's trust, which affects sales, repeat business, and even SEO is all impacted by brand awareness. The more individuals who are familiar with (and believe in) your brand, the more sales you'll increase online sales. Put quality front and center to raise brand recognition.

If your company has a fascinating genesis story, let your clients know. Why did you choose to launch your company? What difficulties did you resolve? How do you contribute to improving the world? You get the gist. For instance, you can seize the chance to introduce your brand to new consumers by telling them a compelling narrative on your website introduction blog. This will catch your website visitors' attention when they land on your page to ask generic inquiries about your company.

Dr. Chai landing page

Image taken from Dr. Chai website

Strikingly offers diverse customizable templates that make creating a unique, professional-looking website easy. You can choose from various templates and personalize them to suit your brand and style. This can help your website stand out and attract more visitors, which leads to increase sales online.

2. Use email marketing to keep in touch with customer

Email marketing is a powerful tool for increasing eCommerce sales, and Strikingly offers newsletters from your own custom domain: which is ideal if you want to promote your branding and individualize every connection with your customers. You can use email marketing to keep in touch with your customers, promote new products, and offer special deals.

Strikingly send newsletter from custom domain

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As your eCommerce business grows, consider implementing more effective newsletter strategies to help increase online sales. To maximize the effectiveness of your newsletters, it is important to familiarize yourself with best practices. By following these guidelines, you can increase the chances that your newsletters will be well-received by your subscribers and effectively increase eCommerce sales. Also, following industry-standard guidelines and constantly seeking ways to improve your newsletter campaigns, you can boost eCommerce sales for your company.

3. Use high-quality product photos

Good product photos can go a long way in convincing potential customers to make a purchase. Strikingly allows you to add multiple photos to your product pages, so be sure to use clear, high-resolution images that show off your products in the best light.

Strikingly site editor gallery section

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Strikingly allows you to easily add high-quality product images to your website, which can help customers better understand your products. You can use multiple images to showcase different angles and features of your products to allow customers to get a closer look. It will help make your products more appealing to customers and heighten chances of increasing eCommerce sales.

4. Offer detailed product descriptions

In addition to photos, potential customers will want to know more about your products before making a purchase. Strikingly allows you to add detailed descriptions to your product pages, therefore, you should include all relevant information, such as size, materials, and features.

Strikingly's product blocks allow you to add a detailed and informative product description to your website. You can use this space to provide customers with information about your products' features, materials, and benefits. By writing clear and concise descriptions, you can help customers understand the value of your products and increase eCommerce sales.

If you're new to eCommerce, writing high-quality product descriptions is an essential skill you should prioritize. Strong product descriptions is critical in driving sales and achieving stable growth for your business. Even if you've been in the eCommerce space for a while, it's important to continually strive to improve your product descriptions to stay competitive and drive sales. A well-written product description can be a secret weapon in your eCommerce arsenal, so it's worth taking the time to learn how to write effective ones.

5. Implement a user-friendly design

A cluttered or confusing website can be a major turn-off for potential customers. Strikingly offers a variety of templates designed to be user-friendly, so be sure to choose one that's easy to navigate and looks professional.

Here are a few ways you can use Strikingly to improve the user-friendliness of your website and increase eCommerce sales:

  • Use responsive templates: Strikingly's templates are designed to be responsive, meaning they will automatically adjust to fit any device's screen size. Ensuring that your website looks visually appealing and is easy to navigate on any device through this approach helps you reach a wider audience.
  • Simplify navigation: A clear and straightforward navigation menu can help make it easier for customers to find and purchase products on your website. With Strikingly's navigation options, such as drop-down menus and sticky headers, this platform will genuinely help improve user experience and increase eCommerce sales.
  • Utilize call-to-action buttons: Call-to-action buttons, such as "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now," can help encourage customers to make a purchase. Strikingly offers a range of customizable call-to-action buttons that you can use to increase eccomerce sales.

6. Offer promotions and discounts

Everyone loves a good deal, and promotions and discounts can be a powerful way to drive sales. Strikingly allows you to easily create and promote special offers on your website, such as discounts or free shipping.

Strikingly site editor create coupon

Image taken from Strikingly product

Strikingly's coupon feature allows you to easily create and manage coupons for your online store. You can customize the coupon code, expiration date, and discount amount and choose the products to which the coupon can be applied. Using this feature allows you to easily create and manage a variety of coupons for different promotions or customer groups.

On top of that, you can use Strikingly's promotional banners and call-to-action buttons to promote your coupons on your website. You can link the banners and buttons to a landing page where customers can enter their coupon code and redeem their discount.

7. Use social media to promote your products

Taking advantage of social media platforms can be a powerful way to connect with potential customers and advertise your products. Strikingly offers integrations with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, making it easy to share your products and drive traffic to your website.

Strikingly also allows you to easily connect your social media accounts to your website, which can help increase the visibility of your products and drive traffic to your website. Add social media icons to your website, so your customers can easily follow you on social media and stay up-to-date on your products and promotions. Utilize these tools to advertise your products and create specific ads to reach potential customers interested in purchasing them.

8. Provide excellent customer service

Providing excellent customer service can be an effective way to boost eCommerce sales on a Strikingly website.

Take a look at a few ways you can use customer service to increase sales with the help of Strikingly features.

  • Use Strikingly's live chat feature: Strikingly offers a live chat feature that allows you to communicate with customers in real-time. Answering customer inquiries and resolving issues promptly through this method can improve customer satisfaction and encourage them to purchase.
  • Respond promptly to customer inquiries: By responding promptly to customer inquiries, you can show customers that you value their business and are willing to help them with any questions or concerns they may have. If your customers feel you are there for them, it can establish trust and increase the likelihood of making a sale.
  • Use Strikingly's email marketing tools to stay in touch with customers: You can use Strikingly's email marketing tools to create and send newsletters and promotional emails to your subscribers. You can use these emails to announce new products or promotions and update customers about their orders or other important information. Maintaining customer engagement and encouraging them to make a purchase can be achieved through this approach.

9. Add product reviews

Product reviews can be a valuable tool for eCommerce sales, as they can help potential customers make informed purchasing decisions and increase trust in a brand or product. Strikingly's product review feature can be particularly useful for eCommerce businesses, as it allows them to easily collect and display customer reviews on their website.

In conclusion, eCommerce sales are an essential aspect of any online business. There are many strategies and tactics that you can use to boost eCommerce sales, including optimizing your website design, using effective marketing and advertising techniques, offering promotions and discounts, and providing excellent customer service.

Strikingly has everything you need to establish and grow a successful online store, from customizable templates and mobile-optimized design to easy product management and marketing tools which can help you reach a wider audience and increase eCommerce sales for your online business.