QR codes have been around for decades but it was only in 2017 when mobile phone camera apps started scanning them directly that they picked up steam as a potentially effective marketing tool. By being able to scan them directly through a camera app, accessing information through QR codes has become even more convenient to mobile users. Every marketer worth his salt now recognizes the role a good QR code generator plays in building a brand’s web presence.


If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it to make your own QR code. Will it benefit your brand as much as it seems to be working great for bigger household brands? To know whether or not this marketing strategy is a fit for your business, it’s important to understand what QR codes are, how they work and how to generate a QR code and incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy.

What are QR codes?

QR (quick-response) codes are square black and white symbols that people scan using their smartphones to obtain information. These codes usually hold encrypted links, coupons and other details that users will want to refer to later. Not every QR code is a perfectly-shaped square, however, and they can come with graphics that could include the brand logo or any symbol that people might associate with a given business.

QR Codes vs Barcodes

Many people used to think that with the rise of QR codes, barcodes will cease to be relevant. Nothing is further from the truth, however. While it is true that both codes follow the same principle of holding encrypted information that can be accessed with a scanner, barcodes remain a common way of managing product inventory. Barcodes and QR codes are also different from each other. Aside from their shape, QR codes are also known to hold more data.

Do you need to make your own QR code?

The answer depends on your marketing strategy. Many brands see the need to create QR code free of cost because it is aligned with their campaign. There are many opportunities for you to incorporate the use of this tool in brand building no matter the size of your business. A QR code can contain relevant business contact information such as website URL, phone number, email address, social media pages, etc.

The best part is that with a good QR code generator free of cost, you don’t have to invest a lot of money on this tool. This is great for startups and small businesses that do not have huge marketing budgets. It allows them to run campaigns that are just as competitive as those of big brands without the high overhead costs.

One popular question is how QR codes affect SEO and how search engines see a website. If you add a QR code on your Strikingly website, Google is sure to notice this additional image as a change to your pages. Initially, it will view it as an update to your website but it’s only a matter of time before search engines will be able to recognize QR codes and index the content they hold. For now, QR codes can also be viewed as an effort on your part to improve the accessibility of your website and the information you offer. By providing a scannable code, users will be able to easily get to your content.