Building a website is easy with the many site builders available these days. But creating a successful site is a completely different animal. Here are some design tips on building the best do it yourself website that supports your digital marketing objectives.


1. Start with a solid objective for your website

The first step in building a do it yourself web site is to identify a clear objective for your site’s existence. Your goals will frame your message and create a direction for your site as well as the accompanying digital marketing campaign that will promote your content.

2. Get inspired by the best do it yourself website designs

You’re not alone in your DIY project. Check out Strikingly for the best do it yourself website inspirations and learn how you can implement different design techniques to your own site. Get ideas on how to create your own website from similar pages. Find out what works for them and apply the same to your site.

3. Pare down your navigation menu to a minimum

Make it easy for your visitors to get around your site through intuitive navigation. Some sites tend to put too many menu items and this tends to confuse their audience and make the site look clunky. Ideally, you want to keep to the most important menu items and make these items fit on one line.

4. Don’t forget about SEO

To build online visibility, you need to make your website searchable. As the best do it yourself website builder, Strikingly understands how important it is for a website to be optimized for search. It has an integrated SEO tool that helps you implement your search marketing strategy, allowing to easily edit your website’s metadata.

When creating content for your website, you want to also optimize for search in the process. Find out what keywords or keyphrases your target market uses to search for your products or services and use those same keywords all over your website. Be careful of keyword stuffing, however. The words must be used in your content in the most natural way.

5. Create a custom domain

While it’s good to create do it yourself websites free of charge when you’re just starting out, it’s also a good idea to invest in a custom domain especially when you’re building a business site. A custom domain makes your website look more professional and reflects credibility and reliability.

do-it-your-self-web-site Choose a domain that is easy to remember and easy to spell. You don’t want to get too fancy with your website’s domain because you have to keep in mind that people may directly type in your website address. At best, you can use your company name if you have already established a following for your brand but you can also use your target keywords as your website domain name for SEO purposes.

6. Test your website on different screens

Before you launch your do it your self web site, we highly recommend that you test how it renders in different screens and different browsers. You can also enlist your family and friends to test out your site to gain feedback on the user experience. Tweak your website according to the feedback you will receive.

Strikingly’s website templates are all mobile-responsive so you don’t have to worry about writing extra code to get your site to look good on mobile devices. It’s still important to run a thorough check to make sure that all the design elements look consistent no matter what the visitor uses to browse through your website.