Mobile phone has become a human necessity. For the past years, it has significantly impacted how people live their daily lives. Many individuals of all ages get hooked on it without noticing it. Mobile phones have become a powerful weapon, from sending messages to their loves, buying products they need online, attending virtual meetings, watching their favorite series, sharing the latest updates on their lives, and even starting a business.

Entering the world of business means recognizing the power mobile smartphones have. Aside from the fact that people are fond of it, understanding its benefits can make it easier for you to grow and manage your online store. With a solid knowledge of mobile commerce, acing in your chosen field would never be just a dream. But what exactly is mobile commerce? Why is it essential for an online entrepreneur? How do you do mcommerce right? We got the best answers you’ve been looking for here.


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What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile commerce, or simply mcommerce is an e-commerce trend every online entrepreneur should know. It is the act of selling different products or services online by using mobile devices. When you learn the difference between mcommerce and e-commerce, you’ll discover how their focus is very different from each other. With mobile commerce, entrepreneurs should highlight how they can make purchasing easier for their clients by simply browsing on their mobile devices. Mcommerce focuses on marketing strategies that allow online businesses to grow and manage an entrepreneur's social media page, online stores, and mobile websites through their smartphones wherever they are, whenever they want.


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Understanding mobile commerce has become mainstream in the online community for years. Ever since the pandemic started, people have been forced to learn new and improved strategies for starting a business that they can manage easily. By understanding the difference between mcommerce and ecommerce, online entrepreneurs could conduct smooth transactions with their target clients.

There are three types of mobile commerce transactions you should know about. These are

1. Mobile Online Shopping

This type of mcommerce includes any virtual shopping online consumers typically do with their mobile devices. Mcommerce shopping can consist of ordering your favorite perfume, buying the newest gadget online, ordering food from your favorite restaurant, and purchasing appliances using an Amazon app on your mobile device.

2. Mobile Banking

Under this type of mobile commerce, online users can smoothly transact on their bank accounts. Many banks today are already integrating online banking as a way of transacting with their clients. By logging in to a bank’s mobile app, users can transfer money quickly from one account to another.

3. Mobile Payment Methods

Online payment has become a newer way to pay bills online. Since the pandemic, online business has been using online payment methods as a part of their mobile commerce strategy. This type of mcommerce allows online users to send payments or pay bills online using a mobile application. Online payment methods can also power mobile shopping and other banking experiences.


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Benefits of Understanding Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is more than just a marketing strategy you can use for your online company. If you are looking for a guaranteed way to fulfill your business needs by only using your mobile device, understanding mobile commerce is a must. Here are more reasons why:

1. Faster Transactions

Online shoppers value their time. One thing you must learn about online consumers is that they fall in love more with businesses that can provide them with smoother and faster transactions. The online market tends to have this sudden urge to go online and browse business websites just because they feel like doing it. By implementing a mobile commerce strategy in your business, you can smoothly provide your online audience with a platform they can easily access anywhere they are. With mcommerce, online shoppers can just log on to your business’s app and check out products from your store. This is way better than e-commerce websites because the online market has more freedom in visiting business pages by using just their mobile devices rather than a bulky computer.

2. Improved Customer Experience

Providing a good customer experience is every business’s goal. You can quickly earn trust and start a strong relationship with your target market once they love your performance. Most online consumers nowadays value the way online businesses pay attention to them. Once they feel they are being taken care of, they immediately get attached to any company. As a wise and practical businessperson, you must take every chance you get in courting your target market. By understanding mobile commerce, you can smoothly give good performance to your clients. As we said in the previous sections, the use of mobile devices has been mainstream for many people. You can ensure your consumers' satisfaction by providing them with a convenient and interactive online shopping mode. Mobile commerce allows you to offer your clients outstanding performance on their mobile devices. The happier your customers are, the more chances you can outsmart your competitors.

3. Better Communication

Communication is essential in every relationship. When you communicate well with your target audience, you can quickly grasp their views and opinions about your business. Hearing what your target market thinks about you is a helpful tool in improving your services and performance as an online company. By mastering the difference between mcommerce and ecommerce, you can create better communication between you and your target market. Mobile commerce allows you to transact with your clients faster whenever you need to. By just using your business website app, you can answer your client’s queries about your business. You can send them emails, post updates, respond to their messages, promote new products, and send push notifications using your mobile devices. You don’t have to be in front of your desktop computer to manage your business website. All you need is a reliable mobile website builder and that undying will to understand mobile commerce, and you are good to go.


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Dive Into the World of Mobile Commerce With Us

Finding a website builder that fits your mobile commerce needs is a challenge. With tons of existing website-building platforms emerging these days, finding the best partner you could ever have will take time. But here at Strikingly, we ensure you are fed with the best advice and guides in creating a solid online presence—even when it comes to understanding mobile commerce. Here’s how you get started with your mcommerce journey in three simple steps:


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1. Do your research

Conducting thorough research should always be the first step in understanding mobile commerce. Market research is essential in helping online entrepreneurs get to know their chosen niche and its market type. Not only can it help you understand what your audience's pain points are, but it also helps you come up with the best solutions you can offer them once you start operating. You need to know the current trends in your chosen field and use all your gathered data to get started with your mcommerce solutions. The best mobile commerce application will only exist through reliable and effective market research.

Doing extensive market research for your mobile commerce solutions can help you discover:

  • Who are your major competitors?
  • What is the typical strategy used by your competitors?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of other mobile commerce app developers in your chosen market?
  • What are customers' typical comments and reviews towards other mcommerce brands?
  • What is the unique selling point of your mobile commerce competitors?

Once you successfully do your market research, you can save yourself from the same mistakes your competitors did. Implementing a better strategy is also more possible, making you one step ahead of other brands. There are tons of mobile commerce applications existing today, and conducting thorough research can help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Define your purpose

Having a clearly defined purpose is a must for successful mobile commerce. In the world of mcommerce, things might get complicated if you don’t know who you are and why you exist. It is essential to articulate what makes you create an mcommerce app. This is your chance to identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. You must know what keeps you driving from learning the difference between mcommerce and ecommerce. As a wise entrepreneur, you must be able to name what makes your mobile commerce brand different from your other competitors. Conducting this step is a core process ensuring a successful mobile commerce journey.

Start defining your purpose by

  • Listing down what will be your mobile commerce’s key functionality?
  • Identifying what significant problems your mcommerce can solve
  • Who are the potential mobile commerce app users?
  • Why would your target audience spend time using it?
  • Which business strategies will help you achieve an effective mobile commerce solution?

Honesty and being open-minded are the key characteristics you need in this step. You must realistically answer each guide question you made to help you better understand what your purpose is. This strategy can also save you from misusing mobile commerce resources on the wrong audience group.

3. Build a website

If there is one sure way you can effectively get started with mobile commerce, it’s building your website. Mobile websites have become one of the most functional websites in the world of e-commerce. Entrepreneurs become more fond of it because it allows them to grow and manage their online business whenever they want quickly. Creating a website that supports mobile functionality allows you to operate your business website and communicate with your consumers. With a highly-functional mobile-optimized website, you don’t have to worry about fulfilling your online orders. With just a few clicks, you can share the latest updates about your business with your customers.


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One good thing about creating a website with Strikingly is that you could never go wrong with our mobile commerce support. Our powerful website-building tools have been proven effective for the past years by our loyal users. We got awesome offers you can enjoy all in affordable plans. You can design a simple website, even without coding experience. Worrying about how you can manage a website will never be a problem because our Happiness Team is just one chat away to provide you with the best solutions. And when it comes to mcommerce, we sure have the best ways to start one smoothly.

Curious more about online commerce? Chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.