create an inspiring speaker website and entertain your audience

There is no doubt that your way of speaking has a huge impact on your personality. If you are an artist or influencer speaking about different topics, you would know that this attribute is no different from singing and dancing. If you have great speaking skills, you can motivate people and elevate their moods. If you are a professional speaker and represent your point of view on different global platforms, it can be a way to expand your brand. In today’s day and age, developing a speaker website is the best way to create connections with a worldwide audience and increase your revenue is by developing a speaker website.

These websites are not just where you show your value. It allows you to build a household name and establish long-term business connections. As with most other business websites, you would need basic web pages and buttons to create a quality website design. With certain specifications, you can make a unique website with respect to your competitors. This article will showcase different viewpoints that will help you develop your speaker site.

Strategies to Create a Quality Speaker Website

1) Quality Homepage

A motivational speaker website can only be exciting if it gets you hyped as soon as you land on its homepage. Like we have seen with so many other types of business websites, the first impression from your viewer usually comes from your website’s homepage. If your landing page isn’t good enough, the viewers won’t even bother going through the rest of your website content. As a website owner, you must reflect on what your site stands for and include all the necessary credentials.

quality website homepage
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Make sure you don’t forget the inclusion of call to action (CTA) buttons on your landing page. For those who don’t have an idea about CTA buttons, they help viewers in getting involved in the action plan after landing on a particular website. You must choose the correct text for your CTA buttons so your customers don’t get confused before clicking. Don’t include the entire content on your website homepage. As it is a speaker site, the best thing to do is to have some quotes that coincide with your topic.

2) Let Your Work do the Talking

Your target audience will only talk great about your public speaker website when you let your work do the talking. As a business owner, you either introduce yourself in the next section of your website or bring your audience to the selling point. If we were to recommend, you should go with the latter approach because you will find it easy to explain what you want to showcase. You should go with the work that impacts your target market. You must post videos of your work regularly on your website.

exciting video content

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Momentary website on Strikingly is the perfect example in which you see an established reputation based on displaying quality work. If you have a lot of videos to show regarding your work, you don’t need to publish all your videos. You can analyze your best tasks and make a compilation of them before posting them on your Strikingly website. The videos create a direct connection between the audience with the website owner.

3) Introduction

You don’t become a professional speaker by just speaking with enthusiasm. It is also about your writing skills. A speaker is usually a great writer, but a writer can be camera-shy and get confused while talking to the audience. If speakers know they have full authority over their content, they will speak about it confidently. You can start by telling the audience about your journey to make your mark as a public speaker. Make sure you choose your words while introducing yourself because it could ruin your reputation.

an introduction page

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You can add an introductory paragraph to the mission statement of your speaker website. It creates a positive reputation for you as an intellectual speaker. Sisterivy's website on Strikingly is a brilliant example of how an excellent introductory paragraph catches the attention of worldwide audiences. The only negative thing about this section is that the font style could have been a bit more readable.

4) Experience

When you get hired by a company or are told to speak at an event, you want the people to know exactly what you are about. There is no point in keeping the audience guessing about your talent. As a professional speaker, you must have a confident personality and let your body language do the talking. The better you make the people understand your preferred niche or area of your expertise, the easier you make it for your clients. As a result, your clients will know whether you are the right fit for their requirements.

When you look at motivational speaker websites worldwide, they all have a common denominator, i.e, they showcase their experience. Using the website building features on Strikingly, you can outline all the services you want. You can add quality icons or images to your web pages to make them look eye-catching.

5) Validation

When you consider the public speaker website templates, ensure that you don’t forget adding a testimonial page. Testimonial pages help you attain trust badges and manage to attract future clients to your platform. In today’s competitive market, attracting customers highly depends on your customer retention strategy. When you are a global speaker, new customers will always have second thoughts before trusting you. Therefore, they look at the feedback of your current customers before making their decision.

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If new customers find negative feedback on your platform, they will not bother hiring you as a speaker. For example, let’s say you are a global speaker who tends to motivate professionals. You can try to convince different CEOs, managers, and executives to write testimonials about how you have inspired their work.

6) Blog Section

As a professional speaker, the best thing you can do is convert your voice into words. You can modify your work by educating the audience about different pain points. If you want to discuss different viewpoints, this is where blogs come into play. In today’s day and age, blogs are an asset in catching visitors’ attention and increasing online followers. As a result, you can add a simple blog to your speaker website and increase your traffic.

Strikingly provides its users with built-in analytics, which allows them to check their website traffic comprehensively. Moreover, it will enable them to check customer behavior, which helps them know which pages the customers prefer to stay on a little longer. You can also add a blog section on your Strikingly website to enhance your credibility. When you create your blogs, make sure that your blogs are optimized to get a recent ranking on Google.

7) SEO

Speaking of optimized content, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies at all costs while building your public speaker website. If you are unaware of SEO strategies, they help you optimize your content so that your website or web pages get recognized by Google. Google has specific criteria while ranking websites, which is vital to fulfilling most of its demands to get a recent search engine ranking.

strikingly seo checklist
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As your content or your delivered speeches are the bread and butter of this website, you must prioritize your keyword strategy. By integrating SEO-planned keywords, you can get a good ranking on Google. Strikingly plays a role in the SEO optimization of a website by giving its users an SEO checklist. This checklist helps you optimize all aspects of your website content, such as title tags, meta descriptions, headings, alt tags, etc. If you upgrade your subscription plan on Strikingly, you will get more SEO-related features on this checklist.

8) Contact Page

Your speaker website is responsible for creating a bridge between you and the target audience. They can establish a connection with you by signing up for your blogs and newsletters or booking a session with you. Additionally, CTA buttons allow visitors to take quick action after landing on a particular website. Giving your clients all these multiple contact options will send a message to them that you value their time and opinion.

We cannot forget the importance of social media accounts when discussing contact options. You can integrate your social media accounts on the final section of your Strikingly website in the form of icons.


If you follow all the tips as mentioned above, we do not doubt that you will become a great speaker and make the most out of your speaker website. Once you have an established website at your disposal, you will get a steady stream of tasks, even when you are not actively searching for them. Your website will take care of all the digital work so you can focus on building your portfolio.

On Strikingly, you can check out some of the most exquisite website templates of speaker sites. If you want to choose one of these templates and customize it according to your plans, don’t waste time and sign up on our platform. Once you complete the registration, you can access the latest templates and create your desired website in a flash.