create a portfolio through videographer website
You have likely attended many weddings throughout your life. If you look at these weddings or any other functions you have attended, you will realize that a lot of video-making is happening. People with a big videographer portfolio tend to create much video content. Even though it becomes unnecessary, it gives them an identity of what they stand for in the marketing industry. People assign responsibilities to these people for covering an event from certain angles.

If you own a YouTube channel, you have likely created many videos. However, don’t you think you need a platform in which you need to control everything related to your content? After all, you need a videographer website with better features and functionality than a YouTube channel.

You may think that building a video website could be a time-consuming process. The good news is that you don’t need to hire technical developers or spend days developing this website anymore. Top website builders like Strikingly have made life easy for people like you worldwide.

Benefits of Videographer Website

1) Ownership

When it comes to a videographer portfolio website, you shouldn’t restrict your creativity. By setting limitations, you will negatively impact the beauty of your videographer website. You will be chained to the website standards that help you host your videos. A video website will ensure you have full authority or ownership of your produced content. You can display your videographer skills effectively and ensure that your content is accessible to the public.

If you think you will attract a lot of audience by just publishing a random video you have taken from your cell phone, you couldn’t be more wrong. You must organize your video content to look eye-catching to your viewers. If your video is attractive, you will receive credit for your work. The viewers may respond to your video by commenting on one of your videos. Therefore, a video website makes you aware within a few days of what you have done or have not done well.

2) Influence

If you want to create an effective social media presence for your website, you must focus on each social media platform simultaneously. For example, you cannot expect many viewers from Instagram if your entire focus is updating your content on Facebook. By creating a videographer portfolio website, you can promote your content to the audience and improve your influence in the market.

A videographer website will ensure that you are open to almost everyone worldwide. Whether you are from a small country in Iceland or the biggest superpower in the world in China, you can access a particular website without any problems. Strikingly is a website builder that allows you to integrate social media platforms into your website. You can ensure that your entire social media stream gets updated on your website without the need to open that platform. Moreover, you can also display those platforms in the last section of your Strikingly website.

3) Engagement

If you consider the videographer website templates worldwide, their biggest priority is communication and how they engage with the audience. For that reason, web developers include additional features in their websites, such as live chat, emails, and social media posts, that increase the website’s influence. You can have all of these features in your latest video releases.

You can entertain your viewers by offering them different video content. For example, you can provide them with a “How to” video and then tell a story about your achievements in the video industry. You can include videos to increase their attraction if you have a blog section on your website. Strikingly helps you integrate live chat features because it helps you interact directly with the website owner. However, you must make sure you have a subscription to an Audience Plan or a VIP Plan.

4) SEO Ranking

There are many types of websites worldwide that are bound to have high website traffic based on the type of content it delivers. For example, creating a wedding videographer website will have a vast viewership because wedding ceremonies are common in almost every country worldwide. When you create your videographer site, make sure that you optimize your website content according to search engine optimization (SEO) standards.

search engine optimization
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

For the implementation of SEO strategies, you must create and implement an effective keyword strategy so that Google recognizes your website. Once your website is under Google’s radar, your website is destined to have a high search engine ranking. You can also promote your content through newsletters and maintain the flow of visitors coming to your site.

5) Branding

Your videographer portfolio website is the representation of your brand. It is as simple as that. How your videographer website gets displayed influences how your clients value you in the market. Therefore, you must ask yourself about the kind of video content you will be displaying after building your website. Make sure you select your website template and design carefully before adding all the relevant video content.

video brand website
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

As your own website designer, you must create a compelling color combination to display your content clearly. Make sure you focus on your website layout so your content gets organized and your audience doesn’t seem lost while going through it. The color palettes will play a role in making the audience stick around your website for longer. Once you have added all the content, you can create a checklist and identify all the things you have added or have not added to your website.

Build Video Website on Strikingly

Gone are the days when you had to spend days and weeks developing the desired website for your tasks. You no longer have to hire website developers to make a fully-functional website for your business or personal reasons. Ever since Strikingly came to the floor, the development of websites couldn’t be any simpler. Strikingly is a free website builder that allows you to create a quality website within a few clicks.

strikingly video website
Image taken from Strikingly

If you want to create your own videographer website, there are several videographer website templates available on our platform. We provide our users with mobile-friendly website templates, which don’t just help with customization but also bring traffic from mobile devices. With the number of mobile users officially leaving desktop users behind in today’s competitive market, you cannot create websites just for computers. Therefore, Strikingly allows its users to change the website version from desktop to mobile (and vice versa).

Videography Website Samples

1) Momentary

You won’t see a better landing page than the Momentary website on Strikingly without question. On this videographer website’s landing page, you see a visual which includes a couple of social workers feeling overwhelmed. The call to action (CTA) button makes the users click on it to explore the visuals further.

momentary video website
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The most important part of this website is the “work” webpage. When you navigate this page, you will see numerous videos about different storylines. The videos are organized so that the viewer can easily pick on the video that he/she wants to see. If you are impressed by this website, you can head over to the “clients” webpage and look at the opinion of different customers regarding the platform.

2) Takato Noguchi

This is a personal website named after an entrepreneur, Takato Noguchi. Noguchi is a videographer and also a cinematographer. The navigation elements displayed on the landing page set the viewers up nicely about what they can expect from this website. The navigation is extremely important on this website. The elements remain on top of the computer screen when you start scrolling down, which allows you to go through all the website sections quickly. Another reason this videographer website is fantastic is that the videos are organized better than what they are on the Momentary website (explained in the previous point).

takato noguchi website
Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The videos have a title alongside a description, which keeps the users guessing what they can expect from the video. As it is a Japanese website, you can easily convert the website into the English language. This feature helps the website owner to attract international clients worldwide.


Videos and images are the two trends among everyone in today’s day and age. There is not one day in which people don’t open their mobile camera and capture something innovative that they see in the form of either a photo or a video. How about creating a videographer website and making some money out of it? Videographers are people who create exciting videos and make a portfolio through which they show to their audience.

If you are a beginner, pursuing a career in videography can be a career-defining move. The best thing to do is to rely on a quality website builder like Strikingly and make things easy for yourself. If you have any queries about developing your video website, you can let our Happiness Officers know about it. With quality videography, you can show the real version of yourself to the world.