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If you want to sell something online, you take a good picture and upload it to a selling platform. What happens if the buyer sees dirty and worn shoes, but you claim them to be in mint condition? No inquires. The same thing goes for your homepage design.

When site visitors first see your page, you must catch their attention to make an excellent first impression. If you're selling a house, potential purchasers won't even consider the sale if the front door is damaged and the driveway is impassable. For your website, the same is true. But it's not all about looks. Your homepage should transform visitors into followers or buyers of your website.

The initial step in attracting more clients is to comprehend the vital aspects that every webpage should possess. But first, let's get more idea about what a homepage is.

What is a Homepage?

strikingly landing page

Image taken from Strikingly

When a site URL is loaded, this is the first page that visitors see. It's the primary page of a website, sometimes known as the homepage or the landing page, is where users can find links to other pages on the website.

Why should you make a homepage?

1. Creates a confident clientele base.

Your buyer will feel assured they are in the proper place if your website effectively conveys who you are, what you do, and what sets your online store apart from the competitors.

2. WOW moment for customers

The foundation of your website is more than just the homepage design. The homepage, which is usually people's first contact with your website, establishes the parameters for their purchasing journey. It should bring visitors to the appropriate page for any task they may have, like making a purchase, learning more about a product, or checking the status of an order. This gives you an idea of how essential a website homepage is.

3. Higher conversions

Cart abandonment is a common occurrence along a customer's journey to purchase, which is why the average conversion rate for all online shops is only about 2%. The homepage is the first thing the design team examines when online stores aren't converting.

Homepages encourage conversion by streamlining the target audience's movement to the products they are looking for. By reducing that friction, users are required to make fewer efforts and are more likely to convert.

4. Promotes your brand

The homepage of your website is where you can showcase your own personality and showcases what sets your company apart from its rivals. Your homepage design should reflect your theme in both the content and the design. For instance, if you run an educational portal, consider using images of students in the classroom. If your company has a website, you should adopt a formal tone of speech and the necessary language.

Your brand identity should permeate every aspect of your homepage, from your numerous media options to the text in your header, and convey to your audience who you are. By doing this, you'll also provide your unique selling point, and your website homepage gives you a chance to stand out.

Elements of a Winning Homepage Design

Think about what will encourage site visitors to convert when planning and developing the best homepage design for your website. When a visitor takes an intended action, that is a conversion. Each person that subscribes to your email, uses your service or buys one of your items will ultimately result in additional customers.

Increasing your audience is one of the main goals of building a website. It would help if you considered how the conversion process could be made as easy and alluring as possible to increase your conversion rate. This is in addition to making an effort to create an appealing homepage design.

1. Catchy Title

A homepage must explain to visitors what the company offers within a five seconds window, and your homepage title fills this gap. Even though it only contains a few words, it's one of your website's most crucial pieces of information.

You might get a variety of visitors to your website, so it will be challenging to discover a few catchy phrases that resonate with everyone. As an alternative, craft your title to appeal to the third of potential customers who are most likely to be pleased with your offering.

Keep the headline itself straightforward and straightforward. Remember, simplicity conveys power.

insert slider section

Strikingly has various sections that you can use as your homepage. In the Slider Section, for example, you can speak with your audience by displaying your homepage title and showcasing different images to captivate your audience's attention.

Being able to explain your company, convey your value proposition, and make sure the customer is confident and interested in only a fraction of a second is difficult for e-commerce site owners. Therefore, excellent homepage examples can be a huge problem. The solution is to find the best homepage design that caters to both the customer and the business, fosters client trust, and establishes the framework for the entire buying experience.

2. Appealing call-to-action buttons

Your homepage should encourage users to explore more of your website and lead them down the sales funnel. It is best to place call-to-action buttons that point visitors to various buying cycle phases in easy-to-find locations.


Image taken from Strikingly Template

Take a look at the call-to-action button on the Clean & Shine template's homepage design. The homepage example delivers a straightforward message, and the button is right in the center, where site visitors can easily click and book a schedule.

These CTAs must stand out visually, especially in a color that differentiates from the homepage's color scheme while still complementing the overall design. No more than five words should be used in the content, and it should be action-oriented to compel readers to click on whatever it is you're offering. "Book A Schedule," "Sign Up," or "Contact Us!" are some examples of CTA statements.

3. Uploading Pictures

The majority of individuals like to see images. Use a picture or maybe a little video to demonstrate exactly what you're offering. Use photos to vividly convey the tale you're writing, evoke emotion, and spur action.

Add alt tags to your photos to make them accessible even to those who use a screen reader, and it's also one way to boost SEO. Additionally, do not forget to use high-quality photos with small file sizes to optimize your images for mobile viewers.

4. Homepage Menu (navigation bar)

Your homepage navigation's layout and content could determine a website's conversion and bounce rate. Give users a direct route to the pages they need from the homepage to reduce bounce rates. Place a visible navigation menu at the top of the homepage, and arrange the links according to hierarchy. Make sure to test your website or make website examples.

The team who helped create your website are the best people to evaluate how easy and intuitive it is for visitors to find what they're searching for. As a result, you should always undertake user testing on your website. Including a search box for your website examples will greatly help your visitors search for the information they need.

Website Examples of Appealing Homepage Design

Founder Mastermind

landing page of the website

Image taken from Founder Mastermind

Founder Mastermind is one of the homepage website examples that showcases a straightforward, simplistic design. If you first encounter this website, it will probably pique your interest why it has the "Invitation Only" tagline. And people, in general, are curious human beings; therefore, it will goade them to click the call-to-action button. This is one of the interesting kinds of website examples with a great homepage design.


landing page of

Image taken from Pair4ideas

The color pop that Pair4ideas have is a website homepage that is visually appealing to the eyes. It's one of those website examples that only contains three words in its title, "Pair for ideas," yet it makes a great impact as a landing page.

Oriana Castro

landing page of

Image taken from Oriana Castro

On the landing page of her website, Oriano Castro introduces herself briefly and displays a photo of herself in a playful fashion. On the landing page of her website, Oriano Castro introduces herself briefly and displays a photo of herself. But it's not a formal occasion. She approaches it bluntly as though a new friend or acquaintance would be the one who will witness it. Because it doesn't alienate potential consumers quickly, this is a great tactic to apply on a landing page that converts. Such wonderful introduction highlights her humanity. Her website's typography and a cheery splash of yellow, when combined, further convey her penchant for having fun and being creative. Her call to action button stands out since it differs from the standard "register" or "buy" buttons. She encourages you to view her work instead. Doesn't she exude such a cheery energy that encourages you to stay on her website? Yeah, she does.

Sim Mau

 landing page of the website

Image taken from Sim Mau

Sim Mau's homepage is a fascinating comic book website. His blogs are displayed on the landing page, which will draw you to read them. Not only is his website one of the best homepage examples, but it's also one of the most intriguing you could ever stumble on. It catches the visitor's attention and converts them to readers.

After reading about website examples, we hope that you found an idea and will be inspired to create one for your blog, store, or simply a personal expression of yourself. You don't have to follow a rigid formula and keep going from there if you want to achieve the best homepage design for your website. As you can see from the home page examples mentioned above, many website examples on Strikingly have similar parts but contains different specialty concepts. Bold website design is a great tactic, but ensure you don't compromise the fundamentals of your website's vision.