common ways to schedule your blog posts
Blogging is one of the big reasons people are earning a passive income these days. Many people have created an ideal source of income through this option because they cannot cover their daily expenditures through their monthly salaries. Many marketing people make a massive mistake by investing all their money in writing quality articles but don’t promote them with the same enthusiasm. In 2022, many bloggers will understand that it is not just about writing quality blogs. It is also about encouraging them and making good money out of them.

You cannot write a singular blog and expect it to become a social media trend. If you want to earn passive income through it, you should go through how you can make it happen. The best way to reap financial benefits through this is by scheduling your blog post. When you schedule your blog post, you maintain efficiency and stability within your blog site. Certain articles cannot be completed within a day, which is where the scheduling of the blogs comes into play.

Tips to Create Scheduled Posts

1) Check Your Capabilities

When you have just started your blogging career, no one knows your mind better than you. Only you know the number of quality articles you can write per day or week. If you want to schedule your blog post, you must know the amount of time you will take to complete your blog without sacrificing its quality. Creating a detailed blog post schedule makes the time taken per blog even more critical. You must take your time and reflect upon your prioritized topics and the writing schedule.

As a blogger, you must estimate the time you need to develop a new blogging idea. If you take too long on your blogging ideas, you will outweigh all the quality of your blog. Usually, people feel their minds work the best during the daytime rather than at night. The difference between day and night could also play a vital role in how your brain is functioning regarding your blogs.

2) Define Objectives

If you define your blogging objectives, you successfully schedule your blog posts. Before you schedule your blog post, you must have an idea of what you want to achieve through this schedule. Knowing your destination while on a journey will increase your chances of getting to it. To achieve success through your blogs, your blogs must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound).

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By having specified blogging goals, you will understand what you truly want to accomplish and how long you will take to get to your desired objectives. Even though there is nothing wrong with being ambitious and demanding, it is also about being realistic and defining your limits properly. As we discussed in the previous points, you cannot start your blogging career without fear of failure and disappointment. If you are fulfilling the metrics you have set, there is no way that you won’t be earning revenue through blogging.

3) Daily Plan

As a blogger, the best way to schedule your blog post is to take out the calendar simply. By taking out the calendar, make sure that you create the best possible blogging schedule. Many schedule apps are available to make your life easy as a blogger. Even though it is good to plan one month ahead of your original schedule, it is also essential to be a little more pragmatic and look after the following days and weeks. No rocket science is involved in this, as you do your work at your pace and on your own terms, especially if you are a freelancer.

When you create a schedule for your blogs, you make your life easy. When life is easy, you make all your working decisions efficiently and without much over-thinking. The best way to make effective blogging decisions is if you focus on your activities daily. When we talk about daily activities, we refer to the activities you perform during specific periods of the day.

4) Plan Required Actions

When you establish a blogging schedule, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all the items regarding blogging itself. You must take all the necessary steps to make your blog a success rather than limiting them to just writing and editing. When you schedule your blog post, you must prioritize and schedule all of your activities individually.

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When you create a schedule for your blog, make sure that you prioritize the creation of a banner image, brainstorming new ideas, researching topics, engaging with your viewers and readers, and publishing your post to finalize the blog are all part of the procedure. There is so much involved in the background when you are creating an appropriate schedule for your blogs, so make sure you don’t miss out on the important steps. It is important to note that as part of your schedule, your activities get involved, such as taking a shower, having lunch and dinner, or spending time with your family.

5) Stay on Your Ideas

When you are generating new ideas for your blog, you must note down all of them. Even though this step isn’t part of your blog post schedule, it keeps your schedule ticking along and plays a role in making your blog a success. If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, it could be helpful in this matter. When you schedule your blog post, you must understand that the best ideas may come at the most unexpected times.

If you own a freelance business, you would realize that a source of inspiration can come anytime and anywhere. If you don’t keep note of these innovative thoughts, there is a chance that you completely forget about them the next day when you start working. When you create a schedule for your blog, you write in advance and narrow down your opinions while noting them down.

Benefits of Scheduling Blog Posts

1) Increased Website Traffic

By scheduling your blog post, there is a big chance that you can give a boost to your website traffic. Viewers regularly come to your blog website don’t come because they are your mates. It is because they expect something innovative whenever they target your blog section. If they are regular viewers of your blog site, they would have an idea about the number of blogs you publish daily or weekly. When you schedule your blog post, you make life easy for yourself and your target audience.

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If the audience understands that you are publishing your blogs as per the expected schedule, you will only see an increase in your customer base. The more viewers come to your blog section, the higher your conversion rate will be. Strikingly provides its users with built-in analytics, which allows them to check out the number of viewers or customers coming to their website. Moreover, they will check the customer behavior through their appearance on your website.

2) Social Media Presence

When you schedule your blog posts, you will add to your credibility as a blogger, which will show by the increased number of followers you will have on social media. If you have to talk about something new in the market, you can create hype about your blog, keeping your audience on the edge of their seats.

Creating and following an appropriate blogging schedule will give you an impression of being disciplined. If you have established a blog website on Strikingly, you can integrate your social media platforms as social media icons. These social media icons can work as a network to send your viewers to the specified social media platform.

Schedule Posts on Strikingly

Strikingly is a free website builder that doesn’t just help you establish a quality blog website and paves the way for you to schedule your blog posts. You can accommodate all your blog posts on your Strikingly website by creating an effective blogging schedule. Strikingly provides a feature to its users by managing all their blogs by creating an effective schedule for their blogs. If you want to know how about the steps regarding the scheduling of blogs, make sure that you consider the following steps:

  1. Complete your registration on Strikingly after coming to our landing page
  2. Click on “Add New Section” on the Strikingly website editor
  3. Add a “Simple Blog” section to get to the scheduling part

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  1. Manage your blogs properly
  2. Add new blog or edit your blog drafts

schedule for later
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  1. When you are trying to publish your blog, click on “Schedule for Later”


As bloggers, the aim to schedule blog posts isn’t the first thing that comes to our minds. We always think about writing our hearts out and entertaining the audience through our command of the language and grammar. We hope that our target audience takes valuable information from our blogs. However, there are days in our working lives when we become stressed out and don’t work as per the schedule.

By relying on an effective website builder on Strikingly, you can create a healthy blog website and schedule your blog posts effectively. If you are experiencing any problems while developing your blog site, you can let our Happiness Officers know about your queries. By scheduling your blogs, you can achieve peace of mind and maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of the public.