Brand Voice

If you conduct branding strategies on your online business, it will likely last for a long time and generate sales. If you look at the most beloved and long-lasting organizations worldwide, you will understand what we mean. They invest heavily in creating a solid presence that helps them be recognized quickly by the entire marketing strategy. When people talk about a brand, they usually consider the brand identity. Even though they are right to think it that way, they ignore one of the most essential attributes of a brand i.e. voice or tone.

Before we look into its importance and evaluation, we need to first understand what is brand voice. It corresponds with everything from the language or the vocabulary you use to the image and personality that your marketing assets have the objective of providing. It ensures that your message or point-of-view breaks the barrier and makes its way to your potential customers. Reaching potential customers may also generate positive customer feedback and have a long-lasting impression.

Importance of Brand Voice

1. Maintains Consistency Across All Touchpoints

Imagine a brand that is active and speaks. The brand owner must communicate in the same way as he/she talks on the phone, send an email, make an entry on the website, or contact customers via live chat. The person who owns your brand must be given an overview of the vocabulary your company associates with and maintain it across all touchpoints.

strikingly live chat communication

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If you look at the strong brand voices in the digital market, they apply to all the website content created by your staff, including the messages sent by chatbots. Even though chatbots aren’t human beings, they also communicate between your brand and the customers. Therefore, you must ensure that you have the correct tone or vocabulary while communicating with the customers.

2. Creates Strong Bonds with Customers.

When we interact with other customers, we usually prefer similar personalities. When we recognize such personalities, we find it easier to create bonds. According to a study from BrandZ, bonding promotes the highest level of loyalty. If the customers feel bonded to a brand, they will find it meaningful and valuable.

positive customer reviews

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If the customers share the same values as the brand, they will happily perceive it and share positive reviews on that particular eCommerce website. Moreover, if a brand has a strong reputation, it will give customers high confidence that their products or services are high quality. Therefore, it will help in developing your brand voice that will attract wider audiences.

3. Human Factor

When you start a business, you must know that your biggest objective is to care about your audience. After all, the business is established by you for your potential customers. However, the concept of a brand is quite abstract, so it is better to make the customers understand that there are real human beings besides the brand name. If you consider the best brand voice examples worldwide, they try to “humanize” their brand image. You can follow them by going through the following strategies:

  • Display your brand from a personal perspective i.e. marketing, advertising, and consistent communication with customers
  • Don’t involve any dull responses. Instead, allow them to speak front the heart, which will give the impression that the staff on all levels are on the same page
  • Attend social/community events. This approach will increase brand awareness and show the real faces associated with your company.

4. Builds Trust

The importance of brand voice can be seen because it helps build trust within the customers. If your business doesn’t have the trust badges, you will risk losing monetary income and competitive advantage. Trust is not established by creating a beautiful website full of marketing assets. Instead, trust is established by spending huge time on long-term investment. You can build trust within your customer’s eye by the following factors:

  • Not taking actions that would contradict your words
  • Talking to your customers as a human being, rather than someone who is trying to make a sales pitch
  • Being helpful to your customers

Best Strategies to Create a Voice for Your Brand

1. Review Mission Statement

Your brand identity should reflect upon the values that you have established. If we talk about the mission statement, those values can be easily found there. If your company has a mission statement or something corresponding to it, it can act as a good starting point in figuring out how your marketing efforts can coincide with your brand values. A mission statement helps ensure that a small business succeeds across all fronts. Therefore, it makes sense that come up with a helpful or welcoming tone in their marketing efforts.

review mission statement

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

While creating your website on Strikingly, you can create a mission statement at the top of it and establish a strong brand voice that reaches out to your potential customers. It will help your customers understand what your brand is about and maintain the focus of your internal staff upon your primary objectives.

2. Audit Your Current Content

audit marketing assets

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Once you create a website on a reliable website builder, such as Strikingly, the next important thing is the assets that you include on it. As a website owner, you must make sure that your website content has a certain value and that none of those assets are unnecessary. If you already have website content or a copy that you have produced, it is the perfect time to audit your marketing assets briefly. The marketing assets on your website can be any of the following:

  • Videos
  • TV advertisements
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Radio advertisements

You must go through the consistencies in your messaging and tone across all of your social media posts, the comment section of your blog posts, and live chats. If you have difficulty developing your brand voice, you must create strategies to improve it. Your way of communication will determine how the audience regards your brand.

3. Create Questionnaires

If you have an online business, you don't need to become your own biggest critic. Sometimes, business owners cannot understand the key deficiencies within their brands, which makes it difficult for them to keep up with their competitors. Therefore, you must involve the opinion of your audience in this regard. If you already have an established audience, you can create polls to help you understand what they feel about your brand. You can include questions such as:

  • How do you see our brand?
  • Do you find our tone appropriate?
  • Is our brand sitting at the top of your recommendations?

strikingly google form

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly understands the importance of public opinion in the evolution of online businesses and strong brand voices. Through Google form, you can easily create questionnaires for your audience. The best thing about it is that it comes to the Strikingly app store without cost. Apart from that, you can also integrate a custom form to check your customer satisfaction.

4. Audience Research

If you consider the best brand voice examples worldwide, they always try to understand their audience's opinion and point-of-view. The best way of understanding your audience is to take a sample of the best customers of your eCommerce store and conduct customer research. In the customer research, make sure that you go through the following steps:

  1. Choose five of the best customers of your online store
  2. Search each of their names on Google
  3. Visualize their social network activity to help you understand
  • Interests. For example, if they like politics, bring a political element in your voice
  • Writing format. For example, if your customers write formally, make sure that your voice is more academic
  • Publications that they have read

This approach can be helpful because it will enable your voice to be familiar or similar to the targeted audience. If your voice is immediately recognized by your targeted audience, they will build a strong relationship with you right away.


If you look at the most prominent brand voice examples worldwide, they add value to the company’s personality, reputation, objectives, and mentality. Once you add the human factor to the company, it can help create a positive image of your brand from the customer’s perspective. Your brand's voice must be used regularly across all communication platforms so that the audience has a complete understanding of your brand. If you want to maintain the consistency of your brand, make sure that you create voice charts and guidelines that the employees can follow.

To maintain a positive reputation for your brand, you must rely on a high-quality website builder, such as Strikingly. Strikingly ensures that you customize your brand management strategies via several features. Once you can create a brand website on Strikingly, it will be easier to develop and maintain consistent visual branding throughout your marketing content. Moreover, we have many users who have created beautiful brand websites on Strikingly and are proud of their visual branding. If you intend to go to Strikingly right now, create a brand website, and get the best out of your brand management strategies.