When your business depends highly on your website, it’s important to stay on top of your site’s performance at all times. After spending countless hours developing site content and implementing different digital marketing strategies, you want to make sure that your efforts are delivering the results that you expect. You might also want to know how your competitor websites are doing so you can create strategies on how to get ahead. A website traffic tracker can give you the information you need to understand your site’s performance and make improvements to your strategy as necessary.

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Strikingly has an integrated web stat tracker that gives you an overview of your site’s traffic and where it is coming from - e.g. social media, direct traffic, search engines, etc. However, if you want more granular data or information on other websites, there are other website trackers you can use in conjunction with our Analytics dashboard.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the most popular and powerful website views tracker that you can use with your Strikingly website. It’s also completely free. All you need to do is create a Google Analytics account, submit your website and get verified as a website owner. You need to add the GA tracking code to your website so that Google Analytics can start extracting traffic data from your website.

Google Analytics gives you a more detailed report of your website’s performance - from site traffic data to tracking sales revenue from various sources. You can also connect your GA account to your social media pages for a more consolidated look of your entire web presence, as well as connect to Search Console and Google Adwords to measure the effectiveness of your paid and organic search marketing efforts.


SEMRush has a free version that is good for “eavesdropping” on competitor websites. It gives you a rough estimation of how much traffic your competitor sites are getting along with the keywords they are using. It also shows you performing websites according to your keyword search. SEMRush also has tools for social media tracking so you can also track your social media pages relative to your competitors on this tool. Overall, it’s a good tool for keyword research and competitor analysis. You do have to sign up for the paid version for an extended access.

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Originally, UberSuggest by SEO expert Neil Patel offered tools for keyword research. Recently, the site has extended its tools to include domain overview tools to help you look up your competitor websites to gain insight into their digital marketing strategy, the type of keywords they are ranking for and what kind of content they have on their site. Web stat tracker data from this tool helps you tweak your own marketing strategy and adopt new ways of improving your web presence.

Learn more about which pages are ranking for your targeted keywords. This should give you insight on what kind of content would rank well on Google and other popular search engines. If you’re in the process of developing a blog, UberSuggest is also good for brainstorming content ideas.


SimilarWeb is another website traffic tracker that lets you monitor how your competitors are doing. It gives you data on a site’s bounce rate, traffic and average time users spend on-site. Its free package gives you a list of 50 websites per category so if you want to do market research or feasibility studies on who your website could be competing against, SimilarWeb can get you started.

You don’t have to spend so much to run your own research. There are so many web stats tracker tools that you can use to help you create winning digital marketing strategies for your brand.