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It is easy to understand what digital goods are in simple terms. There are types of products that you either buy or sell in digital form but cannot sense or touch. The only thing you can do is see it and enjoy its services. The tradition of selling digital products has become a massive trend in the last decade. Even though it cannot be considered a direct replacement for physical goods, it provides the same level of customer satisfaction.

If you look at the digital trends today, you will see that digital downloads carry certain benefits that physical goods don’t. If you are an online entrepreneur, you must know a thousand ways to earn money online. One of those ways is by selling digital trending products through your websites or social media platforms. After all, there is no financial risk involved in it.

What is a Digital Product?

As we have explained above, digital products or goods are classified as goods that you create and sell like any form of merchandise. Unlike the physical goods, you cannot sense or touch them. This is where the website owner must be alert and show quality images to ensure that the customers are satisfied. They will not convince their customers by showing blurry pictures or pictures with a poor background texture.

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If you want to increase your online sales in the current market, you must know what are digital goods. They can be a fantastic collection to sell because they can’t ruin your online business. You don’t need to worry about the deadstock because you have a digital reservoir taking care of it. On Strikingly, you can easily create your online store and make a category of digital products as part of your store. However, you mustn’t jumble up your digital and physical goods together. This will create confusion within your customer’s minds.

Best Types of Digital Goods

1. Images

As discussed in the previous point, the importance of website images has a huge influence on your customer behavior and online sales. How about making images as part of the collection of your digital goods on the website? Many website owners tend to look at images as one of the best types of digital products. They use images as part of their blogging section. They also use their photographic skills to amaze the audience. It is not just about selling these products online. It is also about letting the world know about your talent.

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Strikingly is one of the best website builders when it comes to helping users with their talent. You can easily create a personal website in which you can include a blog section, a gallery section, or simply your testimonial section to showcase all your work to the public. However, it is important that you remain selective with your displayed content and not show all your works to them. Just make sure that you display your best tasks and make your audience happy.

2. Online Courses

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the biggest financial casualties have happened in the educational sector. However, you don’t need to worry as you have other alternatives to help you in teaching purposes. How about making your online courses one of the digital products to sell? Surely, your students won’t mind it at all. You can create your educational website today on Strikingly and display these digital goods to the audience.

It is important to help your students more than ever, especially during the pandemic. No longer should it be necessary for them to attend their schools and universities in any condition. You can make their lives easy by selling online courses to your students. However, if you have just become an online tutor, you can attract traffic through this strategy and find the best students in your region paying attention to you.

Why Sell Digital Goods?

Before we look at the strategies and the most common selling digital goods in the market, we must understand why we should sell digital products. The biggest reason for selling these products is the low-cost margin. If we compare these goods to physical products, they are much cheaper to build, promote, distribute, and sell. In today’s day and age, it is important to save marketing expenses and digital downloads and products do exactly that.

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As there are low overhead costs for digital product categories, you can expect an ideal profit margin. If your website related to these products becomes a success, likely, you may not even need human labor in the future. If we speak of low costs today, Strikingly is the best fit for your financial requirements. You can create a low-cost eCommerce website and make digital downloads as part of your website. You can go through our website templates and customize the best one according to your business requirements. Once you are done, you can publish it, and Strikingly will make it accessible to the audience within two days.

How to Sell Digital Products?

1. Brainstorming

No matter what your niche idea is, it all starts with brainstorming. Similarly, you can brainstorm about the website on which you can sell digital products online. Selling digital goods is not just about delivering certain products to your audience. It is also representing them properly as part of your website. You can think about all the different marketing techniques you would need to promote those products.

If you are a beginner, you must understand that all the good ideas will not come to you at once. There may come a time when you have to hire certain people within your technical staff and help you with the recent marketing trends. However, you must hire trustworthy people as part of your staff.

2. Implement Innovative Marketing Strategies

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The next part of digital goods is the implementation of marketing strategies. Ensure that your technical staff goes through all the trending and relevant strategies and keeps you aware of its benefits. For example, if you have just started creating a customer base on your website, you can offer discounts to your customers on their first purchase. Similarly, you can have the approach of “buy one and get one free” to bring further attraction to your products.

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Strikingly is a website builder that enables you to implement all the relevant strategies to promote your eCommerce products. When you provide information related to the products you are selling, you will be given an option of selecting the product type i.e. physical, service, or digital download. If you have digital products, you can click on that option and start filling up the rest of the fields as part of your product information.

Best Digital Goods to Sell Online

1. Software Platform

It is not a surprise that the software industry is growing and has become one of the biggest trends in the eCommerce world. How about converting your established software products into digital products and selling them online? New players in the industry come out and stay within the trends while the others go. Nevertheless, software platforms are open to every niche idea, and it connects some of the biggest fields across the digital sector.

If you are a professional coder and make IT programs, you can put a PDF copy of the source code of your IT program alongside its executable file. Similarly, if you want to display demos of your created final year projects that you have made in your university, you can follow the same practice. If you are not good at IT, you can hire a few IT people to get better ideas.

2. Audio and Music

Are there more common digital goods in the market than audio and music? Videos, regardless of whether it is a voice-over or customized audio, it is a brilliant idea to deliver product or service information online. Videos can be informative, entertaining, or simply motivational. Who knows that you may see a surge in your conversion rate through motivational talks? Everything is possible in digital marketing, and innovative ideas are certainly bringing that unpredictable nature.


Digital goods have been one of the big talking points in the digital industry. No longer people are relying on physical goods to increase their online sales. More importantly, they don’t even rely on physical stores to make their mark in the eCommerce world. They feel that by creating the perfect website for their business idea, they can sell their products within a couple of clicks. However, they must have all the related marketing strategies at their disposal.

Online products have brought a lot of opportunities to customers and online entrepreneurs. These products are classified as flexible products and something that a wide range of markets can enjoy. Once you completely understand this term, you can come to Strikingly. Complete the registration process, establish a world-class website and sell your digital products.