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If you want to become a real estate agent, you must know that it is a major decision regarding the course of your career. Whether you decide to work on the property or improve on your photography career, becoming a real estate agent involves a lot of hard work.

People enter the field of real estate from various jobs and employment statuses, and at various stages of their careers. All of them have one question in their mind when they enter this field, and that is about making a career as a real estate agent. The simple answer is, ‘it depends on various factors’. It depends on the areas in which you want to practice real estate procedures.

First, you require a state license to be eligible for real estate practices. Every state has its licensing demands and procedures, and every state’s rules and regulations have contrasts. However, there are a few requirements that are similar in all states.

How to Make a Career as a Real Estate Agent?

Considering the specifications change by rules and regulations of a particular state, we have created five steps that you must take when you pursue a real estate career.

1. Real Estate Licensing Requirements

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As we have said before, every state has a different real estate licensing requirement. If you want to have a successful career in real estate, you must have a complete understanding of your state’s real estate rules and regulations. Initially, you may struggle to understand the domains of those regulations, but you must know that you have to follow them to have a great career. Your real estate business website will display all the licensing requirements.

2. Real Estate Website

If you want to have a successful real estate career, you must establish an exquisite real estate website. For that to happen, you must look for a top-class website builder to make things easy for you. Strikingly have plenty of real estate website and template ideas for you to look into and relate with your brand.

If you have question marks over your budget, there is nothing to worry about as you can still create websites via a free real estate website builder. You can look into our subscription plans to check the options available if you don’t have a budget to create a real estate website. Simply, go through all the options available, select the template that suits your real estate business, and start creating the real estate website.

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Apart from the subscription plans, you must know that social media integration is key to the success of any professional website. When you become a real estate agent, you must manage your website properly. Strikingly enables you to connect your social media platforms with their website. Sharing social media platforms on your website will attract audiences across the globe. If you keep changing your social media pages, Strikingly has a social feed feature that enables you to connect your social stream with your real estate website, which allows your website to take notice once you post content on your social media platform.

3. Real Estate Pre Licensing Course

There are many ways that allow you to complete your pre-licensing educational requirements. Online real estate programs, Live classrooms, educational sites, live real estate schools, realty firms, and technical academies all offer real estate licensing programs. If you want to become a real estate agent, you must consider one of these options.

This is a crucial step in your real estate journey. You must ensure that you have enrolled with a school that has great credentials, provides considerable content and experts, and is focused on generating positive student outcomes. Your real estate licensing education can be complex and difficult to manage. However, you must know that it is a springboard to establishing a successful career as a real estate professional.

4. Real Estate Salesperson Exam

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When you consider the real estate salesperson exam, you must know the timing with which you undertake this exam. If you want to become a real estate agent, you must undergo the real estate exam and pass it. Make sure that you follow the state’s application form, which will allow you to be eligible for sitting for your real estate exam after you get done with your real estate classes. The professors use Google Form for their respective real estate online exams.

This procedure will be specified by states and includes a fee. Make sure that you consult with your state’s real estate regulatory authority for the completion of information. Some details may require your fingerprints or a background check. The procedure may take weeks to be completed. In many states, your application form details must be complete before you can register for your real estate exam date.

For you to become a real estate agent, you must know that your destination is just an exam away. Make sure that you do not allow the paperwork to become a roadblock in your real estate career. The next step is to pass this exam. This requires more than just the completion of your educational requirements, it takes adequate preparation. It is not a foregone conclusion that you can fail this exam on your first attempt. To pass this exam, you require additional study time. You can take exam preparation classes for this matter.

5. Real Estate Broker

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If you pass your real estate licensing exam, it doesn’t mean that you have the license yet and you are ready to pursue a real estate career. When you become a real estate agent, you must work on behalf of a real estate broker alongside your specified work. You must look for a real estate broker in the earlier part of your licensing procedure.

Once you pass the pre-licensing exam and complete all the requirements regarding your education, you and your broker will require completing the paperwork with the state. Once you get done with the terms and conditions, your license will be issued. You can conduct real estate practices under the sponsorship of your real estate broker. You must know there are many factors to determine the most suitable real estate broker for your respective business.


There are numerous benefits to being a real estate agent. Usually, people jump into the real estate bandwagon because they are dissatisfied with their ongoing careers. Or they may want unlimited freedom, which they will have when they become a real estate agent.

1. Income Potential

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One of the biggest benefits of becoming a real estate agent is that it allows an unlimited amount of income potential. As an agent or an online business owner, there is no borderline regarding your earnings. The reason is that if you are a real estate agent, your earnings are based on commissions. Strikingly enables you to create affiliate websites, which will allow you to make loads of money through commission.

For example, if a real estate agent is working on a property, he will normally run away with a 2 to 3% commission on a property’s sale price. Looking into the daily housing prices, the commission can prove to be significant. For example, if there is a house price of $2,000,000, the real estate agent can walk away with a $50,000 commission. These commissions may make your mind up to become a real estate agent. It is up to the real estate agents to determine how many clients they have to interact with, which means they know how much they will earn per year.

2. Manageable Schedule

Being a real estate agent allows you to create schedules as per your liking. When you become a real estate agent, there is no limit regarding your working hours. Whether you work for 8 hours per day or 4 hours per day, your input will not go unnoticed. The flexibility in the schedule will allow you to manage your professional life and personal life effectively. If you have children, flexibility in the schedule will allow you to spend more time with them.


If you want to become a real estate agent, do not think twice and establish your agency. You can make an agency when you feel that you have the credentials to handle the real estate deals and you are good enough to create your setup. After deciding, look for the best name of your agency, establish an office at your specified location, complete the registration process of your company, and start feeling like a boss.

Making a real estate website is one of the major aspects of pursuing a career in real estate. And this is where you can look into established platforms, such as Strikingly. Strikingly is not just like any other website-creating platform. Apart from providing templates, themes, and designs, you can also elevate your career with our extravagant membership features. Once you join them, you will have everything in your arsenal to establish and manage your real estate website. Strikingly is not just there to provide you credentials, but is also there to guide you. If you still have any confusion, you can check out our live chat box and interact with our happiness officers.