For the past years, businesses have made many marketing techniques to fit their target customers' expectations. They implemented a long list of tricks on how they could secure themselves a group of loyal customers who would join them for a long time. Many businesses have also leveled their efforts to make themselves appear more attractive in an online viewer’s eyes. And if there is one effective strategy that plays a vital role in enriching online businesses, it is making an attractive website design.

Learning how to make a beautiful website design has been making noise for years. Businesses have spent a lot of time and effort understanding how to make your website attractive just to make them more likable. Some even managed to top their selected ecommerce niche by mastering the different importance of a beautiful website. If you are someone who also seeks the same goal, then you just happen to be in the right place.


Importance of An Attractive Website

It may not seem like it, but there are tons of reasons why you should learn how to make an attractive website design. Here at Strikingly, we don’t want you to worry about finding the best ways to make a beautiful website. Listed below are our top two crucial points of an attractive website design you should know about.

1. Customer Impression

As cliché as it may sound, the first impression lasts. When you are in business, making a striking impression must get a client. This is one known importance of an attractive website that can either help you or fail you. Online visitors go on different websites just to look for businesses that they think can satisfy their needs and wants. You may not notice it, but customers can immediately switch from your business to another once they may not find a beautiful website that is considered worth trying.


As someone who wants to get an instant “WOW” from online viewers, it is your responsibility to master how to make your website attractive. When you create an attractive website design, you are more likely to convert potential clients to loyal ones. Your attractive website design can make them develop an instant curiosity about you and your business and, eventually, encourage them to continue transacting with you.

2. Establishes Brand

Entering the business world means learning to create your name. With the wide environment present in the digital environment, you have to ensure that you are making a difference from all your competitors. You must establish a brand that isn’t just any other simple business but a business that develops trust from your customers. A business that establishes trust in its customers can make conversions more possible. By learning how to make an attractive website, you can easily set up a business website that can help you introduce your brand even to those who are just simply visiting your attractive website.

Another importance of an attractive website is that you can easily design a beautiful website where your online audience can get everything they need to transact with you. You can freely create posts and implement your marketing strategy on that attractive website making you more likable in your target market. By mastering the art of how to make your website attractive, getting recognized in the world of e-commerce will just be a piece of cake for you.


How to Make an Attractive Website Design

Now that we’re done understanding the different importance of an attractive website, let’s now get to another important factor you should know about. We listed down below a few helpful tips and tricks on how you can make your website attractive without getting too stressed.

1. Easy Navigation

The first and crucial part of making an attractive website design is its navigation. Navigation plays an essential role in making your whole website easy to access for your online viewers. Learning how to make an attractive website design means ensuring that your beautiful website has easy-to-use navigation, is simple, and has a good quality design. Many customers find an attractive website based on how beginner-friendly a website is. The call-to-actions must be placed in areas where they can easily find them. To help yourself create a beautiful website with functional navigation, ensure that your website design has consistency. You wouldn’t want to confuse your online viewers on which part of your homepage they are currently at, right?

2. Consider Color Psychology

Another essential factor you need to consider when learning how to make your website attractive is the correct use of color psychology. Making a beautiful website is greatly affected by the type of color scheme and templates you are using for your website. When making your attractive website design, it is essential to pay attention to your color scheme and its relevance to your brand. Pick the right colors that best suit your perception of your brand. Don’t just randomly go for colors that do not help showcase your brand’s key characteristics. How you choose your color scheme for your attractive website design plays a huge role in how your audience will look at your brand. By selecting the correct color scheme, you are not just making a beautiful website but, most importantly, imprinting your brand’s uniqueness on your audience’s minds.

3. Content

If there is one main reason why audiences visit your attractive website, it’s the content. An attractive website is important for businesses because it helps them send their company’s message to their target market. Through content, audiences can see what a business can do for them. By reading each blog post, promotions, watching video snippets, reading advertisements, and many other more, audiences can interpret what the business is trying to tell them. As someone who wants to master how to make an attractive website, writing informative content is a must. Before making your posts, ensure they are essential and relevant to your business. Write contents that are striking enough that once an online viewer sees it, they’ll immediately be drawn to you. You can give them advice, share your knowledge, do tutorials, etc.

4. Mobile-Friendly

One of the most famous tips for making your website attractive is its mobile-friendliness. We can’t deny that mobile phones have become a necessity in our daily lives. We tend to spend hours just using our smartphones. Since the pandemic started, most people have done their tasks by using mobile phones, ordering food, buying items they want, watching their favorite series, attending meetings, and doing business. As a business seeking more audience, paying attention to this idea is very helpful. Before you make a beautiful website, ensure that it is mobile-friendly and can be easily navigated by people who use other devices like mobile tablets. By doing this, you are not just making it easier for your clients to transact with you whenever they want to. You are also letting yourself get a wider reach through the existence of social media. Implementing your marketing strategies will never be impossible with social media being easily accessible through mobile phones.

5. Keep It Simple

Creating an attractive website means practicing simplicity. One common mistake people make in designing a beautiful website is making things a little bit too much. Yes, aesthetics is vital to grab attention from your online visitors immediately, but it does not mean you have to overdo it. Once your attractive website design becomes too much for an audience’s eyes, they will be more likely to get bored and just leave your beautiful website immediately because they can’t understand a single thing. You sure wouldn’t want that, right?

When making an attractive website design, it is crucial to keep things organized and in line with your principles. Avoid adding unnecessary elements which can just confuse your online viewers. Plan your layout and pick the right templates, fonts, and colors. As much as possible, only include relevant topics. Keep things straightforward and don’t complicate things.


Make a Beautiful Website with Us!

Achieving an attractive website does not happen overnight. You have to learn a lot of ideas before getting that attractive website design you’ve been wanting. But, with the right website building partner like us here in Strikingly, that’ll never be a problem. Aside from our awesome, jaw-dropping collection of designer templates, our platform is also filled with outstanding e-commerce and SEO tools you can use to grow and manage your website. Newbie? No problem! Our website features a drag and drop function, making website building more fun for you. With us here in Strikingly, you don’t need to have pro skills just to start your attractive website. All you need is to sort out your ideas, start a free website with us, set it all up, and you’re good to go. Sounds fun, right?


Joining the digital world as an entrepreneur will require you to be creative. With tons of business-minded people entering the same niche as yours, uniqueness is a must. Whatever kind of niche you choose to indulge in, competition is tough and something you can never get away from. In the world of e-commerce, you do not just exist to sell your products—instead, you exist to make yourself stand out.

If you want to know more about the beauty of making an attractive website, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.