Sell Products On Instagram: 7 Powerful Tips

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Sell Products On Instagram: 7 Powerful Tips

With over a billion active users, Instagram has become a powerhouse for businesses looking to sell their products and increase brand visibility. The platform offers unique opportunities to connect with potential customers, showcase products engagingly, and drive sales like never before. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Instagram as a sales platform and provide seven powerful tips on how to sell and promote your products on Instagram effectively.

Instagram's visual nature makes it a perfect platform for selling products. With the ability to showcase high-resolution images and videos, businesses can captivate their audience and create a desire for their offerings. You can effectively communicate your brand's message and entice potential customers to purchase by leveraging the power of visual storytelling.

The Potential For Increased Brand Visibility

One of the major advantages of selling on Instagram is the potential for increased brand visibility. With millions of users scrolling through their feeds daily, there is ample opportunity to reach a wide audience and gain exposure to your products. You can significantly boost your brand's visibility, attract new customers and sell products on Instagram by strategically utilizing hashtags, engaging with followers, and collaborating with influencers.

Benefits Of Using Instagram As A Sales Platform

Using Instagram as a sales platform comes with numerous benefits:

  • It allows you to tap into a highly engaged user base that seeks new products and inspiration.
  • It seamlessly integrates with several other social media platforms, allowing you to cross-promote your content effortlessly.
  • Instagram provides valuable analytics tools that enable you to track the performance of your posts and optimize your strategy accordingly.

Now that we know why we need Instagram to sell products, let us answer the next most important question- how do you sell on Instagram?

Tip #1 On How To Sell Products On Instagram Effectively - Optimize Your Instagram Profile

How to sell products on Instagram? Incorporating these optimization strategies into your Instagram profile will help expand your brand visibility and attract potential customers to sell products on Instagram.

Use A Catchy And Descriptive Username

Having a catchy and descriptive username is crucial when selling products on Instagram. Your username is the first thing potential customers see, so it needs to be memorable and reflect your brand. Incorporate keywords related to your products or niche to increase visibility in search results. For example, if you sell handmade jewelry, a username like SparklingGems would be more effective than a generic name like User123. Remember, you want your username to stand out and attract attention from potential customers.

Craft A Compelling Bio With Relevant Keywords

Your Instagram bio is like an elevator pitch for your brand. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase what sets you apart and entice users to explore further. Include relevant keywords that elaborate your products or services naturally and engagingly. For instance, if you sell organic skincare products, mention phrases like nourishing your skin naturally or cruelty-free beauty essentials. Relevant keywords help with search optimization and give potential customers a clear idea of what you offer.

Include A Link To Your Online Store Or Website

To drive traffic and conversions, include a clickable link in your Instagram bio that directs users to your online store or website. Online store links should lead directly to where users can purchase or learn more about your products. Utilize tools like Bitly or Linktree if you have multiple links you want to share in one place.

Use High-Quality Profile And Cover Photos

Visual appeal plays a significant role in attracting potential customers on Instagram. To optimize your profile, use high-quality profiles and cover photos that accurately represent your brand identity and products. Avoid blurry or pixelated images, as they can give a negative impression. Instead, invest in professional product photography or use high-resolution images that showcase your products in the best light. Remember, the goal is to build a visually appealing profile that captures attention and encourages users to explore further.

Tips To Sell Products On Instagram - Create a website or dedicated landing page

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Tip #2 On How To Sell Products On Instagram Effectively - Create Engaging And Visually Appealing Content

Creating engaging and visually appealing content is crucial to sell products on Instagram. You can effectively showcase your offerings and entice potential customers by capturing your audience's attention with high-resolution product images and videos.

Using high-resolution product images and videos allows you to highlight the details and features of your products. High-resolution product images help customers understand what they can expect when purchasing from you. Whether showcasing the intricate design of a piece of jewelry or demonstrating the functionality of a gadget, visually appealing content can make all the difference.

Different Post Formats

In addition to high-resolution visuals, experimenting with different post formats, such as carousels and stories, can help keep your content fresh and engaging. Carousels allow you to showcase multiple products or different angles of a single product in one post. At the same time, stories provide an opportunity for behind-the-scenes glimpses or exclusive sneak peeks.

Eye-Catching Captions

To further enhance the appeal of your posts, incorporate eye-catching captions that complement your visuals. Use relevant hashtags that are popular within your target audience to increase discoverability. For example, if you sell handmade skincare products, using hashtags like #naturalbeauty or #skincareroutine can attract users interested in those topics.

Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers aligning with your brand values can boost engagement and credibility. Influencers have established followers who trust their recommendations, making them valuable partners for promoting your products. Additionally, featuring user-generated content showcases happy customers and encourages others to engage with your brand to sell products on Instagram.

Tip #3 On How To Sell Products On Instagram Effectively - Leverage Instagram Shopping Features

In today's digital age, Instagram has become a powerful platform for businesses to sell their products and promote their brand. To effectively tap into the potential to sell products on Instagram, it is crucial to leverage the various shopping features offered by the platform. Here are four key strategies to optimize your Instagram presence and boost your sales:

Set Up An Instagram Shop To Showcase Products

Setting up an Instagram Shop is a game-changer for businesses looking to sell products on Instagram on this platform. Setting up an Instagram shop shows you to create a virtual storefront where customers can browse your offerings seamlessly. You make it easier for potential buyers to find what they're looking for by organizing your products into different categories.

Tag Products In Your Posts For

Tagging products in your posts is another effective way to facilitate easy shopping on Instagram. You provide direct access for interested customers to purchase them with just a few taps by tagging specific items featured in your photos or videos. Tag products for easy shopping enhance the overall user experience and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Utilize Product Stickers In Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories offer a dynamic and engaging format that captivates users' attention. To maximize this feature, utilize product stickers to showcase specific items within your Stories. Users can directly view product details and make purchases without leaving the app when they tap on these stickers.

Encourage Customers To Share Product Tags And Reviews

Word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly powerful in driving sales, and Instagram provides an excellent platform for customers to share their experiences with your products. Encourage satisfied customers to tag your products in their posts or stories and leave reviews or testimonials about their purchase journey with you.

Tips To Sell Products On Instagram - Create a mobile-responsive site with Strikingly

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Tip #4 On How To Sell Products On Instagram Effectively - Engage And Interact With Your Audience

When selling goods on Instagram, interaction and audience engagement are essential. You can win over potential clients' trust and create a close relationship by actively replying to comments and direct messages.

  • Prompt Reply - Respond promptly when someone leaves a comment on your post or sends you a direct message. Engaging your audience shows that you value their input and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Whether it's answering product inquiries or addressing concerns, being responsive will leave a positive impression on your audience.
  • Polls - Besides responding, you can encourage engagement by conducting polls and asking questions in captions or stories. It lets you gather valuable insights about your audience's preferences and needs. Involving them in decision-making makes them feel valued and increases their likelihood of purchasing.
  • Instagram Live and IGTV - Another way to interact with your followers is by utilizing Instagram Live and IGTV. These features allow you to connect with your audience in real-time through live videos or longer-form content. You can host Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, or behind-the-scenes glimpses into your business. You create a sense of authenticity that resonates with potential customers by showcasing the human side of your brand.
  • Contests & Giveaways - Running contests or giveaways is an effective strategy for boosting engagement on Instagram. You can ask followers to like, comment, or tag friends to enter the contest or giveaway. Engagement generates excitement and expands your brand's reach as participants share the post with their followers. Offering attractive prizes for your products will further incentivize participation and increase the chances of converting participants into customers.

Tip #5 On How To Sell Products On Instagram Effectively - Develop A

Developing a consistent content strategy is crucial to sell products on Instagram.

  • Planning and scheduling regular product updates ensures your audience stays engaged and informed about your offerings. Whether it's new arrivals, limited-time promotions, or restocks, keeping your followers in the loop is essential for driving sales.
  • Maintaining a cohesive aesthetic and brand identity is another critical aspect of a successful content strategy on Instagram. You create a visually appealing feed representing your brand using consistent filters, colors, and fonts.
  • Using Instagram Insights to analyze content performance is invaluable for any business selling on Instagram. It provides valuable data about your posts' reach, engagement, and impressions.
  • Experimenting with different content themes is vital to keep followers interested and engaged with your brand. Experimenting could include showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of product development or sharing user-generated content featuring your products.

A consistent content strategy helps promote your products effectively and strengthens your overall brand presence on Instagram. With careful planning, insights, data analysis, and experimentation with different themes, you can create engaging content that drives sales while keeping followers interested.

Tips To Sell Products On Instagram - Integrate Instagram feed with website

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Tip #6 On How To Sell Products On Instagram Effectively - Collaborate And Cross-Promote With Other Brands

Collaborating and cross-promoting with other brands can be a powerful strategy to boost your sales on Instagram. Partnering with complementary businesses can help you to tap into their audience and gain exposure to potential customers interested in your products.

Partner With Complementary Businesses For Joint Promotions

Teaming up with businesses that offer products or services that complement yours can be mutually beneficial. You can create joint promotions to promote each other's products to your respective audiences.

Participate In Instagram Takeovers Or Guest Posts

Another way to collaborate with other brands is by participating in Instagram takeovers or guest posts. Participation in Instagram involves temporarily taking over another brand's Instagram account or contributing a guest post on their profile.

Mention And Tag Relevant Brands In Your Posts

When creating content for Instagram, mention and tag relevant brands that align with your products or target audience. Tag relevant brands not only shows support for those brands but also increases the chances of them reciprocating the gesture by mentioning or tagging you in return. It opens up opportunities for cross-promotion and exposes your brand to a wider audience.

Share Customer Success Stories And Testimonials

One effective way of collaborating with other brands indirectly is by sharing customer success stories and testimonials related to their products or services. You create a sense of trustworthiness among potential buyers by highlighting positive experiences that customers have had while using your product and another brand's product. All this kind of collaboration indirectly promotes both brands involved while providing social proof for the endorsed products' effectiveness.

Collaboration and cross-promotion with other brands can significantly enhance your reach and sales potential on Instagram. Participating in takeovers or guest posts, mentioning relevant brands, and sharing customer success stories can tap into new audiences and establish valuable connections within your industry.

Tips To Sell Products On Instagram - Track and analyze results through Analytics

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Tip #7 On How To Sell Products On Instagram Effectively - Use Strikingly

Strikingly is primarily a website builder platform, and it does not have a direct role in selling products on Instagram. However, Strikingly can support your efforts to sell products on Instagram by providing you with a professional website that complements your Instagram marketing strategy. Here's how Strikingly can play a role in selling products on Instagram:

  • Create a Professional Online Store. Strikingly allows you to set up an online store with ease. You can showcase your products and add product descriptions, pricing, and high-quality images to create an attractive and user-friendly online shopping experience for your customers.
  • Link in Bio. Instagram allows you to have only one clickable link in your bio section. With Strikingly, you can use this space for linking strategically by directing it to your website's homepage or a dedicated landing page for your products. This way, you can lead Instagram users directly to your online store, where they can explore and purchase your products.
  • Engaging Landing Pages. Strikingly's templates enable you to create engaging landing pages for specific product promotions or campaigns. You can design unique pages to match your Instagram posts or stories, creating a seamless experience for your audience when they visit your website.
  • Mobile Responsiveness. Strikingly ensures that your website and online store are mobile-responsive. Since many users access Instagram through their mobile devices, having a website that looks great and functions well on smartphones is crucial for providing a positive user experience.
  • Instagram Marketing Integration. While Strikingly itself does not handle the Instagram marketing aspect directly, you can use the website it helps you create as a central hub to drive traffic from your Instagram posts and stories. By utilizing Instagram's features like swipe-up links in stories (if you have the required number of followers), you can direct users to your website and product pages.
  • Growth and Analytics. Strikingly offers website analytics to help you understand your website's performance and user behavior. You can track traffic, conversions, and other relevant data to assess the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing efforts and make informed decisions.


Selling products on Instagram and supporting your Instagram store with an online store made on Strikingly can be a game-changer for your business. Also, by implementing the seven powerful tips discussed in this article, you can maximize your success on this platform. Implementing these strategies will require dedication and effort, but tracking your results will allow you to refine your approach over time. Keep an eye on metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth, website traffic, and, ultimately, sales conversions.

You can significantly increase sales for your business by effectively selling products on Instagram. The platform's massive user base provides an opportunity for greater brand visibility, allowing you to reach new customers who may not have discovered you otherwise. With consistent effort and experimentation, you can unlock the full potential of Instagram as a powerful sales platform. Are you ready to tap the potential?