5 Tips For Designing Effective Shipping Labels

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5 Tips For Designing Effective Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are the main part of the logistics and shipping industry. They provide essential information about the package, including the recipient's address, the return address, and tracking information. Without a proper shipping label, packages can get lost or delayed, causing frustration and inconvenience for both the sender and the recipient. These labels include crucial information that guarantees the timely delivery of shipments to the right location. But what exactly is a shipping label, and why is it important to create an effective one?

What Is A Shipping Label?

A shipping label is a document that contains details such as the recipient's address, the return address, tracking information, and the courier's logo. Printing shipping labels has become easier than ever with technological advancements, and it's essential to create a shipping label that stands out from the crowd. It is typically affixed to a package and acts as a waybill or tracking label. A well-designed shipping label can expedite delivery and reflect positively on your brand and business.

Importance Of Shipping Label

Creating an effective shipping label is important for several reasons:

  • Accurate delivery. A shipping label contains important information such as the recipient's address, the sender's address, and the shipping method. Without a clear and accurate shipping label, your package may not reach its intended destination or be delayed in transit, causing frustration for you and your customer.
  • Professionalism. A well-designed shipping label can help to create a professional image for your business. It shows that you take your shipping and customer service seriously and can help to build trust and confidence in your brand.
  • Compliance. They may be subject to legal or regulatory requirements, depending on the type of product you're shipping and the destination. Creating an effective shipping label that complies with all relevant regulations can help to avoid potential legal issues and fines.
  • Branding. They can also serve as an opportunity to promote your brand. Including your logo or brand colors on the label can help reinforce brand recognition and make your package stand out.
  • Tracking. Some shipping labels include a tracking number that allows customers to track their package's progress in transit. It can be a valuable service that provides customers with peace of mind and helps to reduce customer service inquiries related to package delivery.

Creating an effective shipping label is essential to ensure that packages are shipped to the right destination on time. However, designing a shipping label can be challenging, especially if you need aid in figuring out where to start. That's why we've put together five tips for designing effective shipping labels to help your packages get to their destination promptly and in good condition. Also, learn how can Strikingly help ease this process of making shipping labels.

Whether you manage a small or large business, making an efficient shipping label is crucial to ensuring your products arrive at their scheduled destinations. Let's dive into the tips and best practices for designing effective shipping labels.

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Keep It Simple

When it comes to shipping labels, simplicity is key. A cluttered or confusing label can cause delays in shipping or even result in lost packages.

Why Simplicity Is Important In Shipping Label Design

Simplicity is crucial for shipping label design. Here's why:

  • Easy to Read. A simple shipping label design is easy to read and understand, making it easier for the courier and recipient to identify important details.
  • Avoids Confusion. An overly complicated label design can confuse and lead to packages being delivered to the wrong address.
  • Professional Appearance. A simple label design looks more professional and enhances your brand image.

Tips For Simplifying Label Design

To simplify your shipping label design, consider the following tips:

  • Use Clear Fonts. Choose a clear, easy-to-read font that is large enough to be read from a distance. Avoid using overly decorative fonts that can make the label difficult to read.
  • Minimal Graphics. Use graphics sparingly and only if they are necessary to convey important information.
  • Effective White Space. Effectively utilize white space to produce a tidy, uncluttered appearance highlighting crucial information.
  • Consistent Layout. Keep the layout consistent across all your shipping labels to create a professional appearance and make it easier for the courier and recipient to find important information.
  • Use Contrasting Colors. Usage of contrasting colors for the text and background makes the label easy to read.

Use Clear And Concise Language

Using clear and concise language is essential in ensuring that the recipient understands the purpose of the shipment and the necessary next steps.

Why Is Clear Language Important In Shipping Labels

Clear and concise language is essential in shipping labels for the following reasons:

  • Accurate Information. Clear language ensures that the label's information is accurate and easily understood.
  • Avoids Misunderstandings. The ambiguous or confusing language might result in miscommunication, which could delay deliveries or even result in products being delivered to the wrong address.
  • Legal Compliance. Shipping labels must comply with certain legal requirements, and using clear language helps ensure that your labels meet these requirements.

Tips For Writing Concise And Effective Label Copy

To write concise and effective label copy, consider the following tips:

  • Use Short Sentences. Keep sentences short and to the point. Avoid using complex sentence structures that cannot be easy to understand.
  • Include Only Necessary Information. Include only the information that is necessary for the label. Avoid including extraneous information that can make the label cluttered and difficult to read.
  • Use Active Voice. Use the active voice to make your label copy more direct and easier to understand.
  • Be Specific. Use specific language to describe the contents of the package, the weight, and any other important details.
  • Avoid Jargon. Avoid using technical or jargon that the receiver might not understand.

Include Important Information

A shipping label must include certain information to ensure the package is delivered correctly.

What Information Should Be Included In Shipping Labels?

When designing a shipping label, it's important to include all necessary information to ensure the package reaches its destination without any issues. The following information should be included:

  • Recipient's Name and Address. This is the most important piece of information on the label. Make sure it's accurate and complete.
  • Sender's Name and Address. Including the sender's address can be helpful in case the package needs to be returned.
  • Shipping Method. Indicate the shipping method, whether standard, priority, or overnight.
  • Tracking Number. The tracking number is essential for the sender and the recipient to track the package's progress.

Tips For Including All Necessary Information Without Overcrowding The Label

Including all the necessary information on the label is important without overcrowding it. Here are some tips for achieving that:

  • Use a clear and legible font. A clear font will ensure that all the information is easily read, even from a distance.
  • Prioritize information. Prioritize information based on its importance. For example, the recipient's name and address should be the most prominent information on the label.
  • Use abbreviations. Use abbreviations to make the information more concise. For example, use "St." instead of "Street."
  • Use symbols. Use symbols such as arrows and boxes to draw attention to important information.
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Consider Branding

A shipping label can also serve as an opportunity to promote your brand.

The Role Branding Can Play In Shipping Label Design:

Shipping labels are a functional necessity for package delivery and an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity. Consistent branding across all parts of your business, including shipping labels, can help build customer loyalty and trust. Using elements such as brand colors, logos, and taglines can make your package stand out and increase brand recognition.

Guidelines For Including Branding Consistent With The Rest Of Your Brand Identity

When incorporating branding elements into your shipping label design, it is important to ensure they are consistent with the rest of your brand identity. Here are some tips:

  • Use the same colors and fonts as your website, business cards, and other marketing materials
  • Incorporate your logo in a prominent but not overwhelming position on the label
  • Include a tagline or message that aligns with your brand values and messaging
  • Avoid overcrowding the label with too many design elements or competing visuals

Test and Iterate

Testing and iterating on your label designs can aid you in identifying and fixing any issues before they result in lost or delayed packages.

Why Testing And Iterating Is Important In Label Design

Testing and iterating on shipping label designs are essential to ensure they are effective and meet the sender and receiver's needs. Testing can help identify any issues or areas for improvement before labels are printed in bulk.

Tips For Testing And Iterating On Shipping Label Designs

Tips for testing and iterating on shipping label designs include:

  • Using A/B testing to compare different designs.
  • Gathering feedback from customers and employees.
  • Analyzing metrics such as delivery times and customer satisfaction ratings.

It's also important to consider the business's specific needs, such as the types of products being shipped and the target audience.

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How To Create A Shipping Label On Strikingly

Strikingly is a website builder that enables you to create a professional eCommerce website without any coding experience. Once you sign up for a free account, you can access all the features necessary to build a fantastic eCommerce website. In addition, we provide you with tools to help you execute and analyze your marketing strategies.

Although Strikingly is primarily focused on website building, it also offers a way to print shipping labels for your products. This feature lets you avoid manually typing shipping labels on your products before delivering them to customers. Here are the steps to create a shipping label through your Strikingly editor:

  • Access your Strikingly store manager and click "Orders."
  • Choose an order from the list and select "Print Details."
  • Choose the correct settings on your printing options screen.
  • Make sure to uncheck "Headers & Footers" in the "More Settings" option to prevent the website URL from appearing on your shipping label.
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Why Should You Make An Ecommerce Site On Strikingly?

There are several advantages to building an ecommerce site on Strikingly:

  • Ease of use. Strikingly is designed to be easy for people with little or no coding experience. The platform offers a range of templates and customization options that make it easy to create a professional-looking ecommerce site without needing technical skills.
  • Affordable pricing. Strikingly offers a variety of pricing plans, including a free plan that allows you to create a basic ecommerce site at no cost. The paid plans are also affordable, starting at just $8 per month, making it accessible for small businesses with a limited budget.
  • Mobile optimization. With more and more people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, it's essential to have a mobile-friendly ecommerce site. Strikingly ensures that all sites created on its platform are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring customers can easily navigate and purchase on your site from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Secure payment processing. Strikingly integrates with trusted payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe to ensure secure payment processing for your customers. It gives your customers peace of mind when making purchases on your site and helps to build trust in your brand.
  • Built-in ecommerce features. Strikingly offers a range of built-in ecommerce features, including product pages, shopping carts, shipping labels, and checkout forms. It makes it easy to set up and manage your online store and allows you to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about the technical details.

Building an ecommerce site on Strikingly offers a range of advantages, including ease of use, affordability, mobile optimization, secure payment processing, and built-in ecommerce features. These advantages can help small businesses to establish an online presence and start selling products quickly and easily.


Designing effective shipping labels is crucial for ensuring packages are delivered accurately and on time. You can create functional, aesthetically pleasing labels consistent with your brand identity by following the five tips given in this article.

Keeping the design simple, using clear and concise language, including important information, incorporating branding, testing, and iterating on designs can help create labels that provide a positive customer experience. It's important to remember that every detail counts and even small changes can impact a label's success. With the help of Strikingly, businesses can quickly implement these tips and create high-quality labels that represent their brand and make a lasting impression on customers.

Remember that printing shipping labels is not just a formality but an opportunity to create a positive impression on customers and partners. Using Strikingly, you can simplify the label design process and create professional-looking labels quickly. So why not try it and see how it can help you improve your shipping label designs? Start creating your shipping labels today and enjoy the benefits of the effective label design.