Anyone ever thinking of creating a website would probably have heard of the website builder WordPress. It's a really famous platform and one that's been around for quite a while. WordPress began as a simple website for blogging and has developed into a complex platform that enables users to build fully functioning personal and business websites alike.

In the meantime, there's Strikingly - a relatively younger website builder that packs quite a punch in terms of site design and development features. If you are looking into building an interactive and mobile-friendly website to house your brand or portfolio online, it is another choice you can explore. Fresh from Silicon Valley, Strikingly finds its stride by offering its customers a free, robust, and advanced features packed website builder.

Both platforms have the same end goal - enable users to build a website. But you’re probably wondering which one is the right choice for you. We battled them out so you didn’t have to - WordPress vs Strikingly. Find out which is better in this WordPress vs Strikingly post!

In this WordPress vs Strikingly blog, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of both, while also keeping an unbiased perspective as to which you should pick. After all, we value your time, money, and choices here in Strikingly. We want you to have the best website there is, so we work hard in improving upon our features and bringing updates to match the tech giants’ services. Though we are still relatively new in the game, we work hard every day to bring you a website builder that is free but advanced. Anyways, let’s get started comparing!

WordPress vs. Strikingly: the ever popular website builder compared to the new kid in the block

To begin our WordPress vs Strikingly blog, we have to start with the giant first. It is without a doubt that WordPress has already made a name for themselves. To understand WordPress and its services, we have to look closely at the exact specifics first. There are two versions of WordPress: WordPress.com - the hosting website that is popular for creating blog sites - and WordPress.org itself. The former takes care of the hosting and putting your material and content on the web is all you need to do. For the purposes of this post, we will look at how WordPress.com compares to Strikingly. We will analyze its contrasts with the Strikingly, as the title WordPress vs Strikingly suggests.

WordPress vs. Strikingly: setting up and customizing your website


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Both WordPress and Strikingly pledge to allow users with little to no coding needed to create websites. The configuration for WordPress.com is very straightforward. It begins with a question about the type of website you are making, asks for a domain name, and then takes you to the editor of the site where you can add your content. There is no need to pick a template because the design of the platform has been determined for you already.

Though, there are also things that are unclear from the start. Like how users may add elements or customize their pages is also not obvious. In terms of building a fully-functional website rather than a simple blog, there is a steep learning curve. WordPress may also seem overwhelming at times especially when your dashboard is full of stuff that you would not understand at first glance.

And then we have Strikingly. The setup begins with choosing the website template. There are sets of templates on the platform that were built to accommodate various styles of websites. To get an idea of how your site could look, you can preview each design in real time. The actual site design begins after you have chosen a template. The parts also are carved out and all you have to do is compose and add visuals to the copy. Depending on the website functionality you need, you can also add more sections - for example, an e-commerce section, forum, forms, and galleries.

While WordPress is very much polished because of its reputation and its caliber of functions, newbies and beginners may still find it difficult to commit to the service. Its oversaturated set of features and dashboard makes it hard to find the thing you want to do. Strikingly on the other hand, also has a lot of features but does its best to make it easy for customers to find what they want. Strikingly aims in services at beginners who have zero coding experience to have a website that is functional, beautiful, and interactive.

In conclusion, we would still recommend beginners and experts alike to use Strikingly as we give our users options to play with their website in any way they like without being too intrusive or “in the face” of the user. So, if the question for set up and customization is WordPress vs Strikingly, then we would pick Strikingly.

But we’re just starting with this battle of WordPress vs Strikingly, and there are more areas to look at. Let’s observe the other aspects of these builders!

WordPress vs Strikingly: in terms of pricing and eCommerce Assistant


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The website builder of both Strikingly and WordPress provides a low entry fee - you can get a free account from these platforms. However, for premium plans, the facilities provided are greatly distinct. WordPress.com provides 4 levels of payment for company accounts, ranging from US $4 a month to US $25 a month. eCommerce support is available for the eCommerce tier only, so if you want to try your hand at selling your goods online through WordPress, you will need to upgrade your free account to a premium eCommerce tier account.

Meanwhile, if you're a one-product company or business, Strikingly allows you to dip your toes into the eCommerce environment at a comparatively lower cost, even on free accounts by giving you access to Simple Shop. Almost all web templates on the platform are available to you, plus reliable customer service through chat with Happiness Officers and through its growing knowledge base. Paid accounts start from US$8 a month for restricted accounts, to $49 per month for the VIP tier if you're looking to scale up.

Overall, especially if you are a small business owner who wants to start building an online presence with minimal financial risk, Strikingly offers you better value for money. So again, if your question is “Is Strikingly or WordPress better” in terms of pricing, then we’ll have to give it to Strikingly.

Strikingly is yet another beginner friendly option here, even in pricing. As we have said earlier, we are relatively new in the website building scene so we don’t want to overcharge our customers with unreasonable prices. We want to scale up and improve while constantly giving free services and pricing options that are completely aligned with the features we offer. There are more areas to cover in this WordPress vs Strikingly blog, so let’s hop on to the next area to compare these website builders.

WordPress vs Strikingly: User Friendliness

Like we have mentioned earlier, Strikingly vs WordPress in terms of user friendliness is easy to compare and explain. WordPress is oversaturated with features that when it comes to the average consumer, they would find it rather unpleasing that their dashboard is full of stuff that they won’t understand or don’t need in the first place. While WordPress excels in giving its users numerous ways to optimize their site, it also becomes its weakness.

Strikingly, on the other hand, ensures that the user will never be dumbfounded with choices or options. Do keep in mind that we still offer a robust feature set for our website builder, but we also keep user friendliness in mind. We don’t want to scare away potential users from our site. We want them to stay, so with that, we keep things as simple as possible. So simple in fact that even a beginner can build a fully-functional and usable website in minutes.

WordPress provides better site building capabilities, but only its small percentage of users who understand what plug ins are, or what “website health” percentages are going to enjoy it.

WordPress or Strikingly: The Verdict


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For Strikingly vs. WordPress dilemma, we conclude that while both platforms serve a particular set of users, Strikingly wins as a formidable site builder for beginners and start-up companies in the battle of WordPress or Strikingly. For individuals who want to build unique websites without breaking the bank, it offers a better suite of features and customization options.

Though WordPress offers site building capabilities that bloggers and freelancers may enjoy, they may still struggle to try to understand the basics and the professional features of the service.

With that said, we would like to invite you in trying out Strikingly, the advanced website builder that caters to everyone, not just pros! Completely for free too! Like we said earlier, Strikingly is completely free of charge to use with optional premium services to up your website building game. We also offer tons of themes and templates, and our 24/7 Happiness Officers are happy to help. Build your website now with Strikingly!