Using Lightbox Photography

Are you a product photographer who wants to update your images? Are you ready to take your photography to the next level and provide your clients with high-quality, crisp product shots? Then you must employ the Lightbox photography technique. You understand the significance of producing visually appealing deliverables as a product photographer. Your images must be visually appealing, entice your client's customers, and effectively generate sales. If you want to change the way you capture product images, you should try Lightbox photography. Since you're probably wondering, what exactly is Lightbox photography? How does it function? Where can I purchase a Lightbox? We're here to break it down for you and provide you with all the information you need to create inspired Lightbox imagery.

Strikingly has a large number of online sellers and photographers. We thought it would be best to provide our users with cool ideas for taking their careers and business to the next level. We enjoy sharing insights and techniques to assist you in developing a website that can compete in the digital world. Investing in high-quality product images as a business owner or product photographer can help you get more sales and potential clients.

After all, these are the primary reasons for creating your own website. We'd like to share with you the best lightbox on the market to give you an idea of the features you'll need to create studio-quality shots. Let's look at how Lightbox photography can help you improve your product images.

What is LightBox Photography?

lightbox photography

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To begin, Lightbox photography is essentially a mini studio designed specifically for small product images. These small studios are made up of boxes of various sizes, with each side covered in a white backdrop material and fully illuminated by constant light. Lightbox photography is a technique used to capture higher-quality products, food, and still-life shots. The Lightbox's design includes a lighting source within the platform that provides complete coverage of the object. As a result, the photographer is able to capture every single detail and element of the product.

Benefits of Using a Light Box?

lightbox photography

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Photographers understand the value of being able to produce high-quality images. If you are a freelance photographer looking to impress your clients with best-in-class product images, a lightbox is essential for high-quality deliverables. Many people who have learned how to use lightbox recognize the amazing effects and high quality it can provide to simple images.

When you use a lightbox for your products, you not only give the impression of professionalism in all your work, but you also assure your clients of the highest quality product images. Your career will undoubtedly benefit from lightbox photography. If you're wondering why you should use a lightbox for your products, the answer is simple: why not?

How Should a Lightbox be Used?

A lightbox, when viewed as a mini studio, appears to be a real studio scaled down to a white well-lit box. If you're wondering how to use lightbox, it's quite simple and straightforward in a few steps.

  • Make sure your product is in the center of the box
  • Determine the best angle for photographing the product (overhead, flat-lay, eye level, angled perspective)
  • Note how close or far you are to the lightbox
  • Capture full-product images, different sides, an up-close or detailed shot that highlights the product quality, actual specs, brand name, and so on
  • Once you've found the perfect frame, take as many photos as you can

5 Photography Lightbox Systems for Your Images

 lightbox photography

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As you can see, Lightbox photography makes it simple to produce high-quality images. If you want to use a Lightbox for your next product shoot, here are our top 5 Lightbox systems that you can buy right now:

1. Amazon Basic Portable Lightbox Photo Studio


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Amazon Basics Lightbox Photo Studio is small and effective. This kit fits a variety of product sizes, measuring 25′′ x 30′′ x 25′′. It includes a power supply, a user manual, and a removable bright white backdrop. The lighting is LED and has a daylight-balanced resolution of 5600K. It also has a front three-door system, which allows you to maximize image angles while minimizing outside reflections.

2. Pulu’s Mini Photo Studio


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Puluz's mini photo studio box is a portable and simple to use Lightbox set. It includes a light tent kit, a white folding lighting softbox with 20 LED lights, and six product display backdrops.

It includes features such as:

  • High brightness
  • Multi-angle shooting
  • Quick setup
  • USB power supply

Furthermore, it is reasonably priced for any photographer.

3. Table Top Photography Studio Limostudio

lightbox photography

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A 24′′ tabletop photography studio, the LimoStudio Lightbox kit.

It includes a photo tent, two double-head light sets, and a mini camera stand. Furthermore, the entire kit is foldable and compact for on-the-go shooting and easy storage.

4. Lightbox for ESDDI Photo Studio


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The ESDDI is a studio Lightbox measuring 20 inches in diameter. It includes an adjustable brightness setting, a portable folding hook, and a loop for professional lightbox photography. It also comes with a lighting kit, 120 LED lights, and four different color backdrops. You can also choose how you want to frame your product with its flexible shooting angles. The Lightbox's professional silver film reflective fabric will evenly diffuse light, allowing you to capture images without vignetting.

5. LED Lightbox Emart


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Emart's LED Lightbox measures 14" x 16". It includes a portable photo studio box as well as a professional lightbox setup. It also comes with four photo box backdrops in four different colors: white, black, blue, and grey.

It also includes a tripod stand that works with a smartphone. It has carrying handles so you can take it with you and shoot wherever you want.

How to Make a Light Box for Product Photography:

A pre-made lightbox can cost anywhere from $20 to $4,000, or you can make one yourself at home for (almost) nothing! The best part is that you won't need an expensive digital camera to accomplish this. Even if you're just using your phone's camera, a lightbox can help you take better product photos. This $3.70 DIY lightbox took 10 minutes to build. You will need the following materials:

  • a cardboard box
  • packing tape
  • a box cutter
  • white tissue paper
  • white poster board

To make your own photo lightbox, simply follow these steps:

A. Remove Your Lightbox

Cut the top flaps of the box with the box cutter. Following that, cut out three sides of the box, leaving a 1-inch border on each side. You don't have to worry about making it perfect—as you can see, mine is haphazard and free-hand.

B.Tissue Paper Should be Cut and Taped

Cut the tissue paper to roughly the size of the box's sides (leaving edges that can be taped down). Then, covering each hole with tissue paper, tape it to the outside of the box. The tissue paper will act as a light diffuser for your lightbox photography, softening incoming light and eliminating harsh shadows.

C. Drape the Poster Board to Create a White Backdrop

Cut the poster board to fit the box's width. Make sure the poster board is long enough to extend beyond the box. Tape the top of the poster board to the back of the box, then let it drape down and out to create an "infinity" white background without corners. Tape the bottom of the poster board to the bottom of the box to keep it from curling upwards. Your lightbox is finished!

You can now photograph your products by placing them inside the lightbox. Place the lightbox in a naturally well-lit area near a large window. If you don't have enough natural light, place a desk lamp above the lightbox. We didn't use any additional lighting in this example because we found a corner of our office with plenty of natural light.


lightbox photography

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It's difficult to dismiss the importance of using a lightbox photography technique now that you've discovered how effective it is in capturing the best product images for your online business. Just like when you decide to create your own photography website. You are concerned about the template design of your personal website because it is where you will showcase your excellent work. Quality is such an important part of building your brand online, whether you're a photographer, an online seller, or simply an individual who wants to show off what you've got. While you're trying to improve your product images with lightbox photography, don't forget to make the right decision about who will build your website.

Strikingly helps many talented users, including the best photographers, illustrators, artists, chefs, social advocates, e-commerce business owners, interior designers, and ordinary people, by providing the best services and tools for running their websites. This article has learned about the amazing effects and features that lightbox photography can bring to your product images. Like the fantastic features and techniques, we can share with you once you visit our signup page.