Today, we’re releasing Strikingly 4, the biggest update to our editor in years. The Strikingly 4 editor has been rebuilt using the latest technology for a smoother, faster editing and viewing experience. Along with the tech upgrade, we’ve added features and functionalities so you can build a more powerful site and customizable site.

Available to all Strikingly users (Free, Limited, and Pro), here are some of the highlights in the new editor:

Template Switcher

The [Change Template] button under the Style panel allows you to try different templates without losing the work you’ve already put into your site. This means it’ll store all the data (text and media) from your page, and transfer it into a new template.


There’s no limit to how many times you can change templates, and if you prefer the initial look of your site, you can easily change it back.

Section Layout System

We’ve heard from many of you that you want more flexibility in adjusting the placement of text and media within sections – the new layout system will allow just that!


If you want to change the placement of the headers, text and media in one section, click the [Layout] button located on the top right corner of the section you’re editing. The editor will spice up your layout with each click.

Social Feed

The Social Feed Section displays your latest posts from Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter on your page. It’s a great way to keep your website updated with fresh content without any work.

You’ll see these features and many more once you update your site to the new editor. And moving your site(s) to the Strikingly 4 editor just takes two steps!


Updating Your Site Step 1: Upgrade in Your Dashboard

First, upgrade your site through the dashboard. Click on the settings gear, and then [UPDATE]. If you don’t see the [Update] option, your site is already on Strikingly 4.


If you have a site built on a retired template, you’ll see this message:


Don’t worry! We won’t make any changes to your live site. When you click [UPDATE NOW], we’ll make a copy of your site and update the copy of your site to a new template in Strikingly 4.

This is just a precautionary step that will prevent major style changes from affecting your live site. If you’re happy with how your site looks on the new template, move your domain over to the newly published site. (We’re happy to help with this step!)

If you have added custom code to your site, please email us to update your site for you to prevent any issues with the custom code conflicting with the update.

Step 2: Check Your Site and New Features

Once you’ve updated, you’ll be taken to the new editor where you can try out the new features and functionalities in Strikingly 4. You may also see minor style changes and may need to make a few adjustments before republishing your site. Your live site will not be affected at all during the migration process.


We know that migration can be confusing process but our support team is always on hand to help! Shoot a message to and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.