With consumers spending most of their time on the web these days, it only seems logical for small businesses to start building their online presence. And if budget is an issue, the best business website builder can help you get your site up in no time and with minimal investment involved. With a good site builder, you can focus on creating content that will generate revenue for your business.


Basic components of a website builder

A free business website builder gets you started with all the essentials to create a professional looking website - web host, website template for your content and a custom domain. With this basic foundation, you get some level of freedom to create a site that reflects your brand and your company’s image. The technical details of building your online space have been covered - and may even help manage pay stubs integrated into it. The rest of the content work will be up to you. You can add different design elements - fonts, colors, logos and images - to make your website stand out.

The right choice of online business website builder affects your site’s potential for success. As one of the best free business website builder, Strikingly offers freemium accounts - even free account users can access an expansive range of templates and customization options. This lowers the barrier to entry for startups and small businesses that may not have sufficient budgets for digital marketing and website building.

What you should work on

Having seen a great variety of websites built on Strikingly’s platform, we found that many businesses tend to overlook certain areas of website building that could potentially propel their online presence to greater heights. These are items that you should take note of when working on your website.


1. Contact information

Even with an information-rich business website, your customers might still have a few more questions they want to ask you. Give them a few options for contacting you. With your Strikingly website, you can add a live chat feature that enables you to answer their questions in real time. You might also want to add a Contact Us section on your site where users can directly send their messages or find out where you are located if you have a physical office.

2. SEO

Search engine optimization may sound like a fancy marketing term but it has the ability to build your brand’s online visibility effectively. Creating search optimized content is essential for business websites. With most online experiences starting with a search engine, you want to be able to capture users who are actively looking for your products and services through these channels.

You start by identifying the keywords that your audience uses to search for you and your products and use these words in your site content. Naming your pages correctly, adding alt tags on your images and writing optimized website titles and descriptions through Strikingly’s SEO tool can do wonders in getting your website to rank on relevant search results.

3. Call to action

Visitors should know what to do on your website after going through your content. Don’t forget to add a strong call to action to your site. Tell them clearly what you want them to do - buy your product, contact you for details, visit your office, etc. Don’t leave them guessing what it is your website was built for.

4. A URL that is easy to remember

With a free business website builder like Strikingly, you usually get started with a custom site name. Make sure that this website address is easy to remember because it will be part of your company branding. Most businesses use their company name as their domain name especially if they have already built a strong following for their services. If you’re starting out, choose an optimized name based on your target keywords.