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Are you looking for powerful task management tools? If so, you're in the right place. This article covers the top 10 best task management tools and what they offer. From simple to-do list apps to powerful project management, we’ll review the best task management tools to ensure your team stays organized and productive.

The article also discusses the key features of each software and how they can help you and your team manage tasks more efficiently. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, this article has the information you need to pick the right task management tools. Read on to learn more about the best task management software and how they work.

What Is Task Management Software?

This software helps individuals and organizations track, manage, and complete tasks on time. These tools typically provide features such as creating and assigning tasks, setting deadlines and priorities, tracking progress, and collaborating with team members.

They also allow integrations with other tools such as calendars, email, and document storage. The task management software's role is to improve efficiency and productivity by helping teams stay organized and on track with their work.

The 10 Best Task Management Software for Teams

Team collaboration and productivity are essential elements of any successful business. As tasks become more complex and the need for efficiency and communication grows, managers and team members need the right task management tools. They’ll help them get the job done.

Task management software is a powerful tool that helps teams to manage their tasks, collaborate, and boost their productivity. Here are the ten best task management tools that you can pick from.

1. Monday.Com is a task management tool that helps teams plan, organize, and track their work. It provides a range of features to support project management and collaboration.Some of its features include:

Kanban boards: This task manager software uses a Kanban board interface, allowing users to create visual representations of their tasks and move them through different workflow stages. This helps teams visualize the progress of their work and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Collaboration: It has various features, including the ability to leave comments, @mention team members, and assign tasks to multiple people. It also integrates with popular tools such as Slack, Google Drive, and Trello.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management and productivity software that helps teams organize and collaborate on tasks, projects, and goals. It is a central hub for teams to plan, execute, and track their work in one place.

Some features of ClickUp include task and project management, team communication, time tracking, calendar view, and integrations with other apps. It is a popular choice for remote teams and companies of all sizes.

3. Todoist

Most people are adopting the Todoist software because of its simplicity. This task management software has a simple interface with a classic design.

Todoist is especially ideal for individuals, but its additional features have expanded it to teams and small business needs. As a Todoist user, you'll have access to mobile apps, priorities, subtasks, and recurring due dates.

4. HubSpot

This task management software will improve your game. You can find the software in HubSpot's customer relationship management suite (CRM).

The software will help you to move efficiently along the sales funnel. You can compare performances to past data, set up reminders, and track everything from one place.

The software will also help you create workflows that automatically complete ongoing tasks and schedule new ones. HubSpot extensively focuses on integrations, meaning you can link it to various apps.

5. Smartsheet

The Smartsheet is another exceptional task manager with spreadsheet functionalities. Today businesses are quickly adapting to it, and it's the best tool for people comfortable with Excel.

But unlike Excel, it doesn't have complicated formulas – Smartsheet does all the complex calculations for you. This software will also allow you to customize your brand logo and create color themes for each project.

Additionally, it offers all the basic functions a task manager needs, such as scheduling project tasks, activities, subtasks, assigned resources, etc. Your team members will also get real-time notifications in case of any critical changes.

6. Forecast

This software is popular because of its ability to unite resources, projects, and finances. Forecast software automation can create budgets, estimate timeframes, and smart schedules, and populate timesheets.

Currently, the Forecast software is available in more than 40 countries. Various agencies, SMBs, consulting companies, etc., have adopted it. It features task cards that allow the audience to share files and easily comment and register hours spent on a project.

Its PMs feature controls workflow by flagging clear priorities and creating detailed task lists. You can unite all your projects with this software and highlight your projects' price, materials, and time.

7. MeisterTask

This task management tool is user intuitive and will allow you to customize tasks, projects, and views in a way that works well for the team. You'll love its robust collaborative features, such as a Kanban-style board that enables collaboration across teams.

MeisterTask 's other notable features include tags, mentioning, task scheduling, automation, and more.

8. Chanty

Chanty is another popular collaboration platform with a chat-first model, which makes it quite effective. Its chat organization allows task managers to convert messages into assignments and allocate them to appropriate people.

You can also switch to the Kanban board to improve your workflow, as it provides an easy way to manage tasks. Additionally, Chanty can easily integrate with other apps and eliminate the inconveniences of navigating between them.

9. ProofHub

ProofHub is a collaborative work management tool and an all-in-one project management app. It has all the features you'd need in task management software. ProofHub will ensure you have ultimate control of your tasks, teams, communications, and projects.

With ProofHub, all your distributed team members will stay connected and do projects effectively. It also easily integrates with other apps. However, it isn't suitable for larger teams and lacks custom notifications. Therefore, you might be disturbed by a ton of notifications.


This is an amazing and powerful task management and to-do list app. It labels items as upcoming, tomorrow, today, etc., and gives an overview of tasks you should immediately complete.

Unlike other task management tools, it has an easy-to-use calendar that highlights your events and tasks. Its calendar can also filter your workflow according to its due date or category.

Key Features of Task Management Software

There are several features to consider when selecting the best task management tools. These features include task visibility, reporting and analytics, collaboration, integrations, security, pricing, and ease of use.

Depending on your business needs, you might prioritize certain features over others. Regardless of your requirements, it is crucial to find a task management software that meets all or most of the following criteria:

1. Task Visibility

This refers to the ability to see tasks assigned to each team member. This feature allows you to keep track of each project’s status and know who is responsible for what.

Task visibility is essential for effectively managing projects, especially when multiple employees work on different tasks. With the right task manager, you can create a centralized platform where team members can view their assigned tasks.

They can also view the status of other projects in the organization and see who is responsible for what task.

2. Reporting and Analytics

Pick task management software that allows you to create automated reports and analyses. Reporting refers to generating reports and viewing statistics from the software. Analytics refers to the software's ability to track and record real-time data.

Both reporting and analytics are essential for organizations because they help to measure progress, analyze data, and identify areas for improvement. Reporting and analytics are beneficial for any business, as they can provide insights about important metrics.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration refers to working with team members in real-time on the same tasks, documents, and projects. It can also refer to the ability to have group discussions or track group goals.

Collaboration is essential for teams that must work together regularly. Collaboration tools are great for teams that work distributed or globally. This feature helps minimize misunderstandings and miscommunications by bringing team members together virtually.

4. Integrations

Integrations are critical for many businesses and organizations, allowing them to connect with other platforms.

The integration allows you to link your task management software with your CRM to transfer customer information. This feature can be helpful for teams that want to maximize the efficiency of their workflows.

5. Security

Security is essential for any organization, especially those that handle sensitive data. The task management software that you choose should have great security features.

Look for a solution that offers password protection, two-factor authentication, and other security features. You should also find a platform that offers end-to-end encryption for all communication.

6. Pricing

When choosing the best task management tools, consider the price. While you may want to select the most feature-rich platform, consider its cost.

Expensive platforms may offer more features, but several lower-cost solutions offer great functionality. Affordable software is particularly useful for startups or organizations on a tight budget.

7. Ease of Use

The ease of use refers to the simplicity of the software, regardless of the user's skill level. Look for task management software that offers a simple user interface. It should be straightforward and intuitive, even for those who lack technological skills.

Work Effectively with Strikingly

The Strikingly website builder will not only help you create a stunning website. It also has tools that can help you manage tasks effectively. The Team Manager feature is one of the best features that help businesses or companies run their operations smoothly.

With this feature, you can invite your team members and colleagues to manage their tasks. The best part is you can invite up to 10 people. Setting up the Team Manager section is so easy. Here’s how

1. Open your site editor and click "Settings."

Site Editor

Image taken from Strikingly Product

2. Click on "Team" (You can now add your teammates' names and email, upload profile pictures, and select roles for each person)

Strikingly Team section

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Some available roles include Admin, Site Admin, Store Manager, Editor, Agent, Blogger, etc. Each role has its particular level of access to your website.

Add Teammate

Image taken from Strikingly Product

After setting up everything, you can now invite them to the team. They can only access your website after accepting the invite.

Teammate role and status

Image taken from Strikingly Product


Task management software is essential for any organization, especially teams. It helps keep projects organized and allows team members to collaborate effectively.

The best task management software for teams should offer great functionality, including task visibility, reporting and analytics, collaboration, integrations, security, and ease of use.

Task management software will help you stay on top of your work and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.