2019 11 17 membership EN 1

We're super excited for our initial release of Site Memberships! Allow registrations on your site, and create members-only pages. This is a huge update and lets you do so much more with your Strikingly site.

Tie Membership to Store Products

We're releasing Site Memberships to select users now (Pro users & up). Please contact us at support@strikingly.com to get early access & add membership to your site.

2019 11 17 members products EN

Create Members-Only Pages

You can attach a membership to an existing product in your Simple Store, so that a customer who buys a specific product automatically gets a membership login. This is a super-simple way to sell your digital content.

2019 11 17 member pages en

Set specific pages to be members-only, which means your visitor must log in to see it. Use these pages to deliver special content to members. You can even restrict these pages to only customers who bought specific products.