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According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey, an estimated figure of 90 million Americans are suffering from mental health conditions, but only 30% are being treated.

Mental health problems have been a huge challenge for most people even before the pandemic. The severity of the mental health issue became worse when a sudden change happened in our lives in early 2020 when the Coronavirus disease was declared a pandemic.

Now, more than ever, our mental health matters because we need to keep our sanity in facing the most unpredictable events in our lives. One might be having difficulties coping up with the worries and fear that come along with the contagious disease and lack of resources. While we might not admit the fact that we need professional help when troubles are making noise in our heads, we have a place online where we can search for answers about the difficulties and the battles we keep fighting inside. It is where a psychiatrist website comes into the picture.

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The Importance of Having a Psychiatrist Website

Nowadays, psychiatrist websites can be easily searched online. A psychiatrist website has special features like a psychiatry blog and psychiatry newsletter that you can read while browsing the internet on your mobile phone. These are helpful articles to guide and provide answers to your questions about mental health.

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Long ago, people were hesitant to consult a psychologist or even visit a psychiatric clinic because of the stigma about mental health problems. But nowadays, we are the generation of people who are more open-minded about seeking professional help in terms of mental health issues. It’s an indication that most people are accepting the reality and importance of keeping well-balanced mental health. That is why we would like to share with you an interesting topic about the significance of having the best psychiatrist website, especially during the pandemic.

Psychiatrist Website Example, Design, and Functions

  1. Mynd Works Psychiatry

Mynd works psychiatry website

Image taken from Mynd Works Psychiatry website

Mynd Works Psychiatry is a psychiatrist website example that offers two options of consultation, telepsychiatry, and in-office treatment. Telepsychiatry is such a timely option because of the pandemic restrictions. Aside from the fact that some people are holding back to seek professional health, most of us are opting to stay at home due to the danger of Coronavirus.

This psychiatrist website has a very accommodating mental health website design. A background image of a woman looking happy and relaxed is a good indication that their services really work. A virtual phone can be found at the top left beside their office location info - Austin, Texas. They have a hero design section where clients can click on the button that says “I’m ready for results”. On the top right section, you will find the appointment button and social media icons which is an effective way to reach out. These functions as well as the alternative treatment option right at the comfort of your home makes Mynd Works Psychiatry website stand out.

  1. Psych Atlanta

Psych Atlanta website

Image taken from Psych Atlanta website

What is cool about Psych Atlanta website is their forms available for a fill-out. Once you click on each form such as refill request form, follow-up appointment request for existing clients, telemedicine consent form, prior authorization form, and even Covid-19 liability waiver, this will take you to another page where you can fill out the form. This psychiatrist website is well-equipped with functionalities and mental health design that goes along with the changes and restrictions of the current pandemic.

A clean and simple design and a great copy that says “We are here for you during this difficult time” is such an amazing and heart-warming statement for those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and even substance abuse. A psychiatrist website should have a welcoming ambiance to their visitors otherwise, there the treatment resistance and denial among other people will continue.

  1. Adaptive Neuro-Psychology

Adaptive Neuro-Psychology website

Image taken from Adaptive Neuro-Psychology website

The features and functions of Adaptive Neuro-Psychology website are very efficient and user-friendly. This psychiatrist website design has a calming effect because of the light color shades used. They also have a chat and text icon located at the bottom right part of their home page. An accessibility tool on the side is properly positioned to help viewers make adjustments to how the website appears on their screen. This function is very common among the psychiatrist website along with a virtual phone, appointment button, and blog content about mental health. Adaptive Neuro-Psychology has a well-executed design and functionality on their website with the client on top of their mind. Visitors can easily find services offered, specialty, FAQS, and even Covid-19 information can be found on this site.

During pandemic, there is significance of having the best psychiatrist website. A well-designed website makes a huge difference to encourage people to seek professional help when mental health condition is concerned.

  1. Attento Counseling

Attento Counseling website

Image taken from Attento Counseling website

Attento Counseling provides counseling services and mental health intervention for their clients. The website has a fixed side-bar where clients can request for an appointment, browse frequently asked questions, and contact section. They have a direct link to Mental Health Wellness and Emotional Learning which is a Covid-19 initiative. It is a pretty amazing design because they have a series of images on a slideshow that give a hint to its viewers about the importance of mental health condition treatment. The “Schedule an Appointment” button can be easily located.. Just one click and you can reach out for professional help. We only need one step to fight the stigma on mental health conditions, this is to seek treatment. A psychiatrist website like Attento Counseling can definitely make a difference.

  1. Recovery Now

recovery Now website

Image taken from Recovery Now website

Recovery Now website has got what it takes to have a well-designed psychiatrist website. They have helpful and informative blog content, a virtual phone, and a team section where they have the profile of licensed mental health professionals. This amazing team can help people who are suffering from mental health conditions recover easily. They also have a custom form where clients can leave a message or reach out directly. What’s cool about this website is that they have a test available below their contact section. A test that can find out if you’re a cellphone addict or a tech junkie. It’s quite interesting to have this kind of feature on a website in which people can get results after answering several questions. Plus, another very important feature is the information security on every psychiatrist website. A well-protected website gives confidence to their clients that the personal information they provided online is secured.

Tips on How You Can Create the Best Psychiatrist Website Design With Strikingly

  • Choose the best psychiatrist website template. We have multiple predesigned templates that our creative and talented users have used and improved to launch a strong brand presence for their business and personal website. We recommend that you choose a clean design with some space to breathe so that your prospective clients won’t feel intimidated by loud statements or too much clutter on your site.

Strikingly Template

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This Aqua template will give your psychiatrist website a professional look while giving your audience an engaging mental health design. Simply make a few edits, drag and drop some objects and text, and create your own site. It’s how Strikingly empowers our users.

  • Create resourceful psychiatry blog content for your audience. While it is a significant feature to add blog content about mental health awareness and treatment, you can be very careful about choosing the right words to say and encouragement to your audience. Make sure that a psychiatry blog content can help enlighten people and seek more information to understand mental conditions deeper.


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  • Send a psychiatry newsletter. With interesting content promoting your services, you can always say “hi” to your clients and keep them in the loop of the latest updates about your website.
  • Make your About section stand out. Just like one great example we have from Mindset Course, Dr. Eve Meceda has a well-written bio on this website. Strikingly has the best features and services to make your About section get the best shot.

mindset course

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  • Don’t forget to add a Contact Section. It is important to have a contact section on a psychiatrist website where people can privately reach out for help or ask questions about mental health treatment.

Contact form screenshot

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  • It’s nice to have a Live Chat Feature. Yes! Strikingly has a chatbox feature under an Audience plan that you can add on top of Pro Plan and Limited Access. It is already available for VIP plan access. The best way to get your visitors talking and sharing about what they feel is to have an interactive website. Connect with your clients easily with just a chat away.

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Strikingly understands that during these trying times, we are all undergoing such a difficult phase in our lives. There are times when we can’t seem to understand what is happening in our surroundings. We need to keep our sanity in fighting this battle against Covid-19. While it is important to keep our physical body healthy, we also need to face the reality about mental health conditions. It is true that when the mind suffers, the body cries out. If you are a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or one with mental health expertise, don’t hold back on reaching out to many people out there who are waiting for your help. Create your own psychiatrist website with us now, and make a strikingly big difference to the world.