most inspirational podcasts to listen today

Motivation doesn't come to you from birth. It is a grooming behavior that can be difficult to master at times. Maintaining motivation is crucial to keep us moving and staying committed to our tasks and duties. For example, you may need the motivation to increase your work productivity, start a new project or even build a new website. Hence, where do you have to go if you are hesitant and need a boost? You can start doing motivational podcasts with a positive message to keep yourself going.

Inspirational podcasts are not only free of cost and easily identifiable, and encouraging and motivational. They can help us remind ourselves that despite our profession and ability to work as machines, we are all human beings. Doubts, loss of concentration, and crises will always be there in this unpredictable life. However, what makes your life success is the ability to transform these challenges into opportunities. Sometimes, all we need is a source of inspiration and optimism to feel better and move forward.

Top Motivational Podcasts to Listen to Today

1) Where There's Smoke

"Where There's Smoke" is one of the best free motivational podcasts in the world. Brett Gajda and Nick Jaworski host this business podcast. They aim to explore current events, pop culture, and personal experiences.

Every episode of their inspirational podcasts is released on Tuesdays, and they last around half an hour. Here are some of the aspects covered by "Where There's Smoke":

  • Gratitude
  • Willpower
  • Determination
  • Service
  • Criticism
  • Stress

Experts share their storylines in each episode, and their messages usually vibrate positively.

Brett is responsible for removing unnecessary content from the videos, such as fluff and sales pitches. Hence, these podcast episodes become encouraging for visitors. Most episodes of this podcast provide practical advice that you can use daily, while others offer ideas that make you ponder.

2) Worklife With Adam Grant

"Worklife with Adam Grant" is one of the top motivational podcasts for your professional career. You can make the most of your professional work by following these podcasts. These podcasts aim to ensure that your working productivity is maintained. For example, it gives you an insight into how to build a more inclusive workplace and identifies reasons for a potential productivity conflict.

Since Adam Grant hosts it, its episodes have featured interviews with anthropologist Jane Goodall, actor Dax Shepard, and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda respectively. Four episodes of this podcast have aired so far, with each episode getting close to a million viewers. According to Buzzfeed, Worklife with Adam Grant is one of the podcasts to gain inspiration for your work. The average length of each episode is between 30 minutes to an hour.

3) The Anxious Achiever

"The Anxious Achiever" is among the best inspirational podcasts because it helps connect work and mental health. The average length of their episodes is between 30 to 45 minutes. Each episode of these motivational podcasts features interviews with industry leaders who talk about their emotional difficulties concerning work. "The Anxious Achiever" usually discusses the following aspects:

  • Social anxiety at work
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Importance of Therapy

4) 529 Podcast

529 podcast logo

Image taken from YouTube

If you own a freelance business, 529 podcast is one of the inspirational podcasts for you to consider. This podcast is one of the top motivational podcasts for those who want to work in their respective field. For example, it motivates you to start your career as an online content writer or explore the benefits of being a full-time photographer. It also helps you to explore different ways to make your freelance career work. For example, it can help you to complete your tasks in the least possible time. It was founded by a freelance photographer, Benjamin Lee, and has an episode averaging around 50 to 90 minutes.

5) The Knowledge Project

"The Knowledge Project" is an inspirational podcast that helps you unlock your potential by giving relevant information. It includes interviews with industry leaders and experts who share advice about taking advantage of opportunities and mastering problem-solving. Shane Parrish hosts "The Knowledge Project." He owns Farnam Street, a blog encouraging readers to upgrade their careers.

6) Inspire Nation

"Inspire Nation" is a top podcast by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee. These inspirational podcasts aim to make viewers healthier, more successful, and more optimistic. A new episode is released almost every day, and every episode varies between 60 to 90 minutes. These podcasts feature motivational speakers, medical experts, athletes, and average folks. The messages in these inspirational podcasts combine personal experiences and practical tips for overcoming challenges and living healthier lives.

7) The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, a former professional athlete, hosts this inspirational podcast. These podcasts aim to inspire, encourage, and help individuals achieve success in multiple aspects of their lives.

This podcast features high-profile guests from numerous backgrounds sharing personal tales, tips, and strategies to improve your life. Here are some of the aspects discussed in these podcasts:

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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the influence of podcasts has increased massively. As we have seen a high employment rate across so many countries in the past two years, people are using different sources of motivation to pick themselves. Hosting podcasts has become a common approach. It takes effort and commitment to improve yourself more than you are now. In that case, we need as much help and inspiration from others as we can get. Hosting inspirational podcasts can help you to improve your life.

The correct use of words in the podcasts will motivate people to follow their aspirations. When you go through these motivational podcasts, you may identify crucial information from specialists that are not making you reach your life goals. Therefore, listen to the top motivational podcasts today and take your life to another level.