Best Tips to Increase Retail Sales

There is no doubt that online selling has gained popularity over the past few months. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic emerged, it has become a trend for numerous companies. Due to the pandemic, the delivery of products has become complicated. Precautionary measures were taken in every affected country, letting the people know about the importance of online business for their survival. One of those ways is to increase retail sales.

For those who don’t know anything about a retailer or their sales, you couldn’t have come to a better page than this. Here we will give you all the details of a retail business, how you can improve it, and whether you are good enough to start your own business.

Strategies to Improve Retail Business

If you want to drive sales to your desired expectations, you must accept that there will be a downside to your respective sales as well. Whether it is due to the forces that are beyond your control or a decline in foot traffic, you must know that every retail business experiences a slump at some point. Do you want to know how you can improve your online sales? Here are the six ideas to increase sales in retail for you:

1. Try to Do More Advertisements

Just when you feel that it is maybe the time to have some relaxation on the marketing dollars, make sure you invest more in the advertisements. It is better if you increase marketing efforts during the period where it is difficult to increase retail sales as it is less competitive with lesser consumer dollars.

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You can look into newspaper advertisements, magazines, publications, and other types of marketing. One ideal way of doing this is by looking into remnant advertising. There are certain spaces in a local newspaper that are referred to as ‘holes’. You can create a branding advertisement that enables the newspaper to use it in those areas. For example, for a restaurant, you can have a headline, such as ‘Feeling hungry? We can help.” Such attractive headlines can bring a huge chunk of traffic to your store.

You must know that retail means strategies to market yourself. You must be proactive and use pop-ups on your retail business website. Let the audience know about your presence and ensure that your business gets the recognition it deserves.

2. Ensure that Your Store Appears in the Search Engine

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Nowadays, people are preferring Google search results more than ever to find the hottest retail stores and products. Therefore, you must understand that you must do everything that you can to bring your store to the Google Search Engine, which will allow you to increase retail sales. For example, if you are selling gaming consoles, you would require your nearby customers to find out about your retail store whenever they type ‘Gaming Consoles near me’.

You can ensure this by making business listings on Google, Facebook, or other platforms. When you create business listings, make sure to include as many details as possible. The details include:

  • Name, Address, and Cellphone number
  • Business hours
  • Numerous reviews
  • Visual content (recent photos, a tour of your store)

It doesn’t take a lot of time. However, if you manage to do this, it will make your listing look more attractive. Hence, it will be beneficial in driving more traffic to your retail store.

3. Hire Employees that Offer Great Customer Experiences

Your employees are the ones that are selling your retail products. Therefore, if you want to increase retail sales, you must invest highly in your employees. Make sure that the hired employees are passionate about your retail products and have a complete understanding of them. If they are passionate, they would want their customers to have the same passion as them. If they are knowledgeable, they will generate effective customer feedback.

If you want to increase online sales of your retail store, you must:

  • Hire employees that are passionate about your retail products. This will be a time-consuming process with many interviews and practicals, but it is worth the investment
  • Trust those employees to offer great customer experiences. You must teach them the importance of the customer demands, and how they can be fulfilled. You must value your customers the same way as they valued your retail store out of so many options
  • Empower your employees to interact confidently with your customers. You must hear out their demands first, and then put things on track to fulfill their demands

4. Click-and-Collect

The click-and-collect feature has been around the world of online business for years. However, it has increased in popularity since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, people are preferring this feature to increase retail sales.

If a retail business owner prefers a click-and-collect feature, it will allow him to drive traffic to his platform and increase online sales. It does not only allow people to get to your doors, but it also enables you to increase sales. According to research, 45% of the customers who have the option of in-store pickup look to purchase something else during their route to the store.

5. Prioritize Mobile Ordering

If you think about mobile ordering, you would feel that it is only associated with restaurants. However, it is not the case. Inventory-type retailers can also look into these services, and generate considerable rewards. You must look into the retail price tactics to learn more about the rewards that both sets of parties can get.

retail mobile ordering

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According to numerous retail store owners around the world, their revenue increased by 25%. Moreover, they were able to increase retail sales more with the mobile ordering option than they did without it. In the United States, the statistic has gone from 100 monthly orders to 600 monthly orders because of it.

When you are understanding the importance of retail business, you must know that you must make your retail store mobile-friendly. As most customers use their phones nowadays for shopping purposes, the significance of this point has increased even further. Therefore, if you want to reach a wider audience, mobile optimization is an ideal strategy.

6. Move Outdoors

It is not a secret that if anything in the market gains attraction, people start looking towards it. Therefore, sidewalk sales have a role to play in this regard. This is an old but effective idea to increase retail sales. Retailers have also used this strategy as an option for business-to-consumer sales. At times, it can be very slow, which will make your merchandise move out of the store.

This may make everyone feel that something is going on within your store, which will make people take note of the situation. When this situation happens, you will get those customers who chose to ignore your store before. Even though it is not the most recommended strategy, it definitely is effective in bringing a different kind of audience to your store.

How to Start Your Own Retail Business?

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If you are wondering whether you can own a retail business or have a chance to increase retail sales, the answer is yes. Today is the perfect day for you to learn about retail business, how retail business works, and how you can increase your online sales. As so many physical stores got hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, why not jump into the online business world?

Numerous customers do purchase remotely and use online shopping methodologies to get their desired retail products. Some of the best retail business websites around the world include Faceoff, Woocomerce, Facebook, etc.

Establish Your Own Retail Store with Strikingly

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If you want to know how to increase retail sales, you must trust a valuable platform to have a better understanding in this regard. Strikingly allows you to create a retail business website to get you started with your retail journey. With our amazing website builder, you can build a website that will increase online sales for your business. To improve the outlook of your website, you can add payment options, create an attractive gallery of your retail products, and even interact with your respective audience about these products.

If you want to establish your retail store today with Strikingly, make sure you check out the following five steps.

  1. Make a free account (Registration)
  2. Look for the best online store template
  3. Create your respective retail store
  4. Perform customization of your website
  5. Start selling


If you are opening any kind of business startup, you must be aware of the benefits and drawbacks that it brings. Opening a retail business is not just ideal for living a comfortable life but also finding ways to increase retail sales for your respective customers. There is nothing better than fulfilling the demands of your customers and earning a good way of life.

However, if you have an appropriate set of tools, like the Strikingly website builder, the sky's the limit for you. You must understand all the details about a retail business, its latest trends, and how you can make online retail stores. We wish you all the best with your business ventures. If you have any confusion about retail businesses, make sure that you contact our Happiness Officers via live chat.