Forum Website

If you create a forum website, there are a handful of benefits that you can attain. Apart from building an online community and maintaining user interaction, it also adds to the attraction of your website. With the right approach, you can easily expand your user base with time. Apart from that, forums provide you with external information related to your project and all the relevant interests that your target audience may be fond of. In today’s day and age, creating a forum isn’t as difficult as before.

As a website owner, you must know a few technicalities while creating your website. The difficulty of your procedure revolves around the type and size of the forum you intend to build. Moreover, it also depends upon the website builder that you have prioritized. Your website could have a variety of services for the customers to enjoy. Even though many people consider the forum builder, open-source platforms can also be considered handy alternatives.

What is a Forum?

Before you look into how to make a forum website, you must first understand what a forum actually is. It is defined as the online discussion boards that enable people with similar interests to share information and collaborate with each other. They have the objective of targeting a specific issue. For example, if you look at a forum featuring parents, they will raise issues related to childcare. The best way to attract an audience is to integrate a forum onto your Strikingly website. It can also benefit your marketing approach and build your brand image.

All successful business owners understand that everything related to website building starts from square one. By understanding how to integrate a forum as part of your website, you can bring product discussions to the floor. You can learn more about the people who can bring benefits to your brand and services. You can understand the issues they are facing while using your products or services. Adding a forum to your website is a brilliant way to increase brand awareness.

Benefits of Forum

1. Questions Easily Raised

One massive advantage of a forum website is that you can easily put your opinions and concerns to the floor. You are asking your customers to be honest with you about your services. By answering their queries consistently, you can manage your client’s expectations. However, you must address the serious complaints first and remove all the irregularities found within your site.

2. Customers Feel Valued

When you create a forum website, you give yourself a chance to value your customers. On your forum, customers will be able to give their opinions related to your website’s products and services. If you respond to their comments occasionally (even if their comments are negative), they will feel valued at your website. If you manage to resolve their queries, you can expect a high customer satisfaction score.

positive customer feedback

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If the customers are satisfied with your services, they will let you know by submitting positive feedback. You can make that feedback part of your website’s review section and attract further audiences. This will help you create a brand identity and instantly gain the trust of your customers. The more products your customers like, the more it will motivate you to create further products.

3. Online Collaboration

When you have a concept of teamwork and unity on your platform, there is no better feeling for you than that. That is exactly the case with building a forum site or including a forum section as part of your website. When you make a forum website, you ensure online collaboration. However, it is not just about the website owners helping the customers. The customers can engage and resolve queries among themselves as well. By helping others, the customers can have a sense of ownership and belonging.

By allowing online discussions, you give them the authority to share their opinions. If you allow your customers to resolve queries among themselves, it can give them a sense of purpose. As a community, you can work together in harmony. If the customers enjoy being part of your platform and engaging with others, you can use this thing to your advantage.

Best Strategies to Create a Forum Website

1. Choose a Theme

The first and the most important step while creating your forum website is to select the best theme for your platform. If you are having trouble finding the best theme for your forum site, you can look at your competitors and visualize the kind of themes they have been using. The theme of your website must coincide with the rest of your website content. Customers shouldn’t have problems identifying your website navigation elements.

strikingly website template

Image taken from Strikingly

On Strikingly, you will find some websites in which users have used themes working with the majority of website layouts. Strikingly is a forum builder that makes life easy for web developers. We provide our users with a collection of mobile-friendly website templates, which they can customize as per their website idea. Through their ideal customization skills, they will be able to create the best possible theme for their website.

2. Prioritize Communication

When it comes to a forum website, the most important factor is communication. When we talk about communication, we don’t just mean to say that the customers should have the authority to post comments related to issues. It is also about responding to those questions with full enthusiasm. You can even post questions about your services and see what the customers think about your platform.

strikingly idea forum

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Strikingly makes it easy for the customers to interact with users and other customers through the idea forum. At Strikingly, we fully understand and value the opinions and thoughts of our customers. Therefore, the customers can share their views on the idea forum related to any issues they find in our services. If necessary, they can also give suggestions, which can improve our services. Strikingly even tells the status of the ideas shared by the user in the form of “completed”, “answered”, or “planned”.

3. Promote Forum

Many web developers feel that they have done all the hard work when they make a forum website. They couldn’t be more wrong because the job is only half done. Once you are done with establishing your forum site, you must do everything to promote it substantially. Social media has become a huge influence in almost every field globally. To promote your forum site, you must use social media services. You can talk to the big YouTube influencers and use their voice to promote your website.

social media platforms

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Strikingly fully understands the usage of social media platforms in today’s period. Therefore, we enable our users to include social media platforms in the form of social media icons as part of their website. If you look at the established websites on Strikingly, you will see that the social media platforms are usually highlighted in the last section of their website.

Create Forum Site on Strikingly

If you browse the internet today, you will find many website builders that support the building of a forum or the integration of a forum as part of their website. However, Strikingly is the kind of forum website builder that connects all the dots for the developer. It is a free website builder through which you can create your website without breaking any sweat. Most importantly, you can create your web design without writing a single line of code. Once you are done with all the technicalities surrounding your website, you can start prioritizing your forum.

app store and html

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Strikingly’s HTML integrated functionality allows you to include a forum area on your website. There are many forum apps that you can test related to this purpose, such as Tribe and Maut. All you have to do is complete the registration for one of these platforms, create your forum, and paste the HTML code from that application on your Strikingly website.


Understanding how to create a forum website is not a child’s play for everyone. Despite the technological advancements in today’s period, it is a complex process requiring specific skills, knowledge, and investment. The difficulty in creating your forum site depends upon the objectives, strategies, brand awareness, and your critical project details. If you are using software to develop your forum site, you must have a complete understanding of its pros and cons.

If you are an online entrepreneur or a beginner, you must rely on Strikingly as the website platform to develop your forum site. It has innovative forum-creating options and a simple system to utilize. You don’t need any coding or development pedigree to get yourself started on this platform. It is up to you to choose the suitable functionality and the necessary objectives for your forum site. Forums are still a massive part of the social media sphere and are used to create a bond between different people. So, rely on Strikingly, create a phenomenal forum site and bring online communities together.